WZ Time Warp: 2013 WWE Survivor Series Results (11/24) – A Sole Survivor Remains, Who Is The Face Of WWE?

Bill Pritchard

Swagger kicks Goldust and Cesaro makes a quick cover, then he slingshots Goldust into Swagger, who catches him and slams him on the mat for a near fall. Swagger clotheslines him and hits a Swagger Bomb, then Cesaro hits a double stomp for a near fall before applying a headlock. Goldust breaks it and hits a DDT for two, then Cesaro prevents him from making a tag and throws him across the ring with a gutwrench slam. Goldust pops up and elbows Swagger and The Shield, then he hits Cesaro with a forearm before he goes for a tag. Swagger tries to stop him but Goldust kicks him in the face, then Rey gets the hot tag and knocks Swagger down with a seated senton. Rey blocks a Patriot Lock attempt and hits a 619, then Jey gets the tag and connects with a superkick and a top rope splash for the next elimination.

Cesaro gets in and uppercuts Jey for a near fall, then he puts him in the Giant Swing before Jimmy jumps in and Cesaro gets him with the Giant Swing. Cody runs in and leapfrogs Cesaro, then he rolls him up for a quick elimination before he puts Reigns in an armbar. Jimmy holds him in the corner while Jey hits a running forearm, then he hits the ropes but Reigns drops him with a quick elbow and tags out. Rollins applies a side headlock and punches Jey in the back, but Jey backdrops him and Jimmy sends Reigns into the ropes and hits a Samoan drop. Jimmy splashes Reigns and gets a near fall, then he heads up top but Reigns crotches him on the ropes and tries to superplex him. Jimmy headbutts him and goes for a splash, but Reigns gets his knees up and follows with a spear for the next elimination.

Cody comes in and hits a missile dropkick, then he whips Rollins into the corner and follows with an uppercut and a moonsault for two. Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Rollins goes for a powerbomb, then Cody counters that and an inverted DDT with a Cross Rhodes attempt. Reigns blindtags in during the transition and spears Cody, getting the elimination before Jey whips Reigns headfirst into the barricade. He rolls him back in and heads up top, but Reigns makes the tag and Rollins runs in and stomps the back of Jey’s head for another elimination. Rollins kicks Rey a few times before Rey kicks him back, then he heads up top but Rollins kicks him in the stomach and makes a tag. Reigns throws Rey on the floor and the ref makes a count, then Rey climbs back in and Reigns goes for a spear. (Cont’d…)  


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