WZ Time Warp: 2013 WWE Survivor Series Results (11/24) – A Sole Survivor Remains, Who Is The Face Of WWE?

Bill Pritchard

wwe survivor series

WWE Survivor Series Results
By Bill Pritchard for WrestleZone.com
November 24th 2013

Kofi Kingston vs The Miz

Kofi goes for a quick rollup but Miz reverses it, then they trade a few more pin attempts until Miz monkey flips Kofi out of the corner. Kofi lands on his feet but Miz knocks him down and goes for a Figure Four, but Kofi kicks him in the face and sends him outside after a clothesline. He takes Miz to the floor after a suicide dive, then we see Kofi get Miz back inside and apply a headlock before hitting a crossbody. Kofi connects with some mounted punches before Miz throws him on the apron, then he kicks him in the face and drags him in to make a pin attempt. Miz knees him in the back and kicks him in the face, then he applies a side headlock and knees Kofi when he tries to escape.

Miz whips him into the ropes and goes for a rollup, but Kofi double stomps him in the chest and follows up with some dropkicks and a flying forearm. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and sets up for Trouble In Paradise, but Miz ducks and goes for a clothesline, only to have Kofi roll him up for two. Kofi goes for S.O.S. but Miz blocks it, then he swings at Kofi again but Kofi ducks and hits S.O.S. for another near fall. Kofi tries to splash Miz but he comes up empty, then Miz goes for a Figure Four but Kofi kicks him back and hits a crossbody off the ropes for two. Kofi kicks him in the chest a few times and measures for another, but Miz ducks and hooks the legs to win it with a rollup.

Winner – The Miz

Traditional Survivor Series Match
Rey Mysterio, The Usos & Rhodes Dynasty vs Real Americans & The Shield

Ambrose whips Cody and knocks him down, then he stomps him in the corner and yells at the ref for breaking it up, and Cody rolls Ambrose up to eliminate him. Ambrose flips out and continues to scream at the ref, then Goldust and Cody punch him and knock him outside, with the Usos taking Rollins and Reigns outside too. The Usos turn and clothesline the Real Americans outside, then they hit tandem splashes on the floor before Cody suplexes Rollins inside. Goldust tags in and uppercuts Rollins, then he whips him across the ring and clotheslines him, then applies a headlock as Cesaro blindtags himself in. Goldust throws Cesaro into the ropes so Swagger tags in, then he hits Goldust from behind and knees him in the corner. (Cont’d…)

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