WWE Smackdown Results (11/8) – Punk Calls Out The Wyatts, Bryan vs Harper, Cena vs Ryback

Bill Pritchard

3MB vs R-Truth & The Usos

Jey goes for a quick rollup on Slater, then he kicks him in the face and tags Jimmy, who chops Slater and plays to the crowd. Slater applies a headlock and tags Jinder, and he knees Jimmy in the face before punching him in the head a few times. Jinder knees him and gets a near fall, then he and Slater suplex Jimmy off the ropes and Drew follows with a stomp to the chest. Drew punches him a few times and he and Jinder hold Jimmy in the air, and Slater assists with a neckbreaker while Drew taunts the crowd. Slater applies a side headlock and goes for a scoop slam, but Jimmy floats over and counters with a spinning enziguiri. Jinder runs across the ring and knocks Jey off the apron, but Jimmy takes him down and tags Truth, who takes Jinder out with a leaping side kick. He hits a suplex jawbreaker for two but Slater breaks it up, then the Usos clear the ring and hit tandem suicide dives on the floor. Truth ducks a clothesline by Jinder, then he connects with What's Up off the ropes for the win.

Winners – R-Truth & The Usos

The Funkadactyls vs AJ Lee & Tamina Snuka

Tamina throws Cameron in the corner but Cameron throws a few elbows, then Cameron goes for a bulldog but Tamina blocks it. Naomi gets hot tag and they try to take Tamina out, but she blocks their attack so they knock her outside. Tamina knocks Naomi down and throws her jacket at her, then she kicks Naomi in the face and slams her head into the turnbuckles. AJ applies a front facelock and grapevines it, then Naomi backdrops her and tries to make a tag. AJ pulls her leg so Naomi kicks her back, then Cameron knocks AJ down and follows with a crossbody for two. Cameron goes for a corner splash but AJ dives away, then Tamina whips Cameron into the ropes but Cameron counters with a bulldog for two. She heads up top and goes for a hurricanrana, but Tamina blocks it and powerbombs her for a near fall. Naomi breaks it up and Tamina kicks both Cameron and Naomi in the face, then she headbutts Cameron a few times and tags AJ, who makes her tap out to the Black Widow.

Winners – AJ Lee & Tamina

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says he's a world class Mexican athlete, and that makes him better than all of these Gringo fans. He says he should still be champion but it was stolen, and they cheer for John Cena because they have no brains. Alberto says they should see Cena for the thief that he is, and he tries to make excuses for losing at Hell In A Cell. Alberto says he was sick and had injuries, and he had to beg to compete, because he is full of Mexican pride. He says he will get his rematch and have something to tell all of the Gringos, and that is 'the champ is here'. Cena meets him in the ring and says they haven't done anything for Alberto since he is sick, so he tells Michael Cole to get him an Edible Arrangement and a sympathy card. (Cont'd…)

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