WWE Smackdown Results (11/1) – Shield vs Usos, Cena Stands Up For ‘Real Americans’, Teams With Rhodes Dynasty

Bill Pritchard

Natalya & The Bella Twins vs AJ Lee, Tamina & Alicia Fox

Alicia knocks Nikki down and taunts her, then she throws her in the corner but Nikki bulldogs her and Brie hits a clothesline off of a quick tag. Alicia applies a side headlock and hits the ropes, then Brie hiptosses her but Tamina blindtags in and clotheslines her before dropping an elbow. Tamina slams her head into the turnbuckles and tags AJ, who applies a front facelock, but Brie throws her back and tags Nattie in. Nattie kicks AJ and whips her, then she knocks Tamina off the apron and takes AJ to the mat and makes her tap to the Sharpshooter.

Winners – Natalya & The Bella Twins

John Cena, Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow & Real Americans (w/ Zeb Colter)

Cody puts Cesaro in a side headlock and takes him down with a shoulder block, then he hiptosses Cesaro and applies a headlock while he tags his brother. Goldust knees Cesaro and whips him into the ropes, then Cody tags in and knees Cesaro before everyone jumps in the ring and starts to brawl. Cena and the Rhodeses clear the ring as we go to a break, then we get back to see Sandow target Cena's injured arm with an armbar. Sandow drops down on his arm and tags Cesaro, then they trade punches before Cena connects with a hurricanrana and reaches for a tag. Goldust gets in and clotheslines Swagger, then he hits an atomic drop and throws Swagger into Cesaro in the corner. Goldust hits a bulldog and throws him outside, then Goldust knocks Sandow down on the floor before rolling Swagger back in. Swagger knocks him down and tags out, then Cesaro knocks Goldust outside and Swagger drops him with a running clothesline on the floor. Goldust makes a comeback after several quick tags by his opponents, and he gets a tag to Cena but the ref waves it off because he was distracted in the corner.

Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb followed by a Cesaro double stomp, then Sandow gets in and whips him but Goldust knocks him down with a springboard elbow. Goldust fights to his corner and powerslams Sandow, then finally tags Cody back in, who catches Sandow with a moonsault for two. Cody hangs him on the ropes and kicks him, then he sets up Cross Rhodes but Sandow snapmares him and shoves him back. Cesaro blindtags in as Cody hits Cross Rhodes, then he gets Cody in the Giant Swing as Cena spears Swagger on the floor. Sandow and Goldust fight each other before Sandow clotheslines him outside, then Cody tags Cena in and he hits a sitout side slam and a Five Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Cesaro counters with a gutwrench slam, then he tries to get Cena with the Giant Swing but Cena counters with a STF attempt. Cesaro uppercuts him as Sandow drops Cody with You're Welcome, then Swagger powerslams Goldust and puts Cena in the Patriot Lock, but Cena kicks him back and hits an AA for the win.

Winners – John Cena, Goldust & Cody Rhodes

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