WWE Hell In A Cell Results (10/27) – Cena Returns, Punk Exacts Revenge, Who Wins WWE Title?

Bill Pritchard

United States Championship
Big E Langston vs Dean Ambrose (c)

Ambrose taunts Langston and slaps him, but Langston clotheslines him and whips him across the ring before tackling him in the corner. Langston hits a backbreaker but Ambrose catches him with an elbow, then he shoves Langston in the corner and chops him before Langston knees him in the face. Langston knees him again and backdrops him for a near fall, then he applies a bearhug but Ambrose rakes his eyes. Ambrose runs at him but Langston throws him over the ropes, and Ambrose grabs at his knee but Langston goes outside and tries to pick him up. Ambrose throws him headfirst into the apron and stomps him in the ring, then he attempts a suplex but Langston blocks it. He tries to reverse it but Ambrose throws him into the ringpost, then Ambrose chokes him with his boot and headbutts him.

Ambrose hits a dropkick off the ropes for a near fall, then he applies a sleeperhold but Langston slams him into the turnbuckles and breaks free. Ambrose reapplies the hold but Langston slams him back in the corner, then he hits a few clotheslines and a backdrop before hitting a clothesline for two. Langston misses a running splash but comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex, then he hits a successful running splash before setting up for the Big Ending. Ambrose floats over and rolls outside, then he tries to leave but Langston runs after him and throws him back in the ring.Ambrose kicks Langston as he is getting back in, then he connects with a swinging DDT for another close fall. Ambrose tries to tackle Langston in the corner but he misses and hits the ringpost, then Langston spears him off the apron and the ref counts Ambrose out. Ambrose grabs his title and tries to leave, but Langston throws him in the ring and hits the Big Ending before raising the championship

Winner (by countout) – Big E Langston

Hell In A Cell
Ryback & Paul Heyman vs CM Punk

Both Punk and Ryback make their entrances and wait for Heyman, who comes out on top of some electric scaffolding and has himself raised onto the cell. He says he is Satan and will watch Ryback destory Punk, then he walks on top of the cell as Ryback throws Punk into the cage wall. Ryback takes a kendo stick that Punk tried to use and hits him with it, then he rolls him inside and hits him in the back with the kendo stick. He chokes Punk with the kendo stick and elbows him, then he whips him and steps on the back of his head and taunts him. Ryback applies a waistlock but Punk knocks him outside and connects with a double axe handle smash, then he goes for a table but Ryback throws him into the steps.  (Cont'd…)

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