WWE Smackdown Results (10/4) – Los Matadores’ Friday Debut, Alberto vs Ziggler, Big Show Gets A ‘Fair’ Fight

Bill Pritchard

Aksana vs Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)

Brie sweeps Aksana's legs and goes for a near fall, then she hits a dropkick and knees her outside of the ring. Brie brings her back in but Aksana kicks her in the head, then she gets a near fall before applying a chinlock and slamming her head on the mat. Aksana taunts her and goes for a cover, then she taunts her again but Brie fights back so Aksana tackles her in the corner. Brie hits her back a few times and heads up top, then she connects with a facebuster off the ropes for the win. AJ Lee comes out with Tamina after the bell, and she says Brie makes her feel inspired so she has a surprise. AJ says Randy Orton beat the hell out of her fiance on Monday, and she is going to beat her badly enough Sunday that she can retire. She says Brie and Bryan will have a baby, but it will be so ugly because of it's goat face that the doctor will slap Brie in the face.

Winner – Brie Bella

Big E Langston vs Kofi Kingston

Langston tackles Kofi and splashes him, then he throws him in the corner but Kofi kicks him in the head and goes up top. Kofi dives at him but Langston catches him, only to have Kofi shift his weight and counter with a rollup for the win. The Wyatt Family comes out so Kofi gets ready to fight, but the lights come up a bit to reveal Bray on one side, and Rowan and Harper on the other. Bray preaches about this Sunday being the first of many to fall, then he tells them to follow the buzzards and cackles as the feed cuts out.

Winner – Kofi Kingston

4-on-1 Handicap Match
Randy Orton & The Shield vs Big Show

Big Show scoop slams Ambrose and headbutts him, then Rollins tags in and tries to gain position but Show throws him in the corner and punches him. Show steps on his throat and tosses him across the ring, then Reigns gives it a try but Show shoulder tackles him and follows with a headbutt. Orton gets the tag and kicks Show a few times, but Show slams him in the corner and chops him a few times before elbowing Ambrose on the apron. Orton uses the opportunity to tag Rollins, and he knees Show off the ropes and kicks him in the face for a near fall before tagging out. Reigns hits Show a few times before Orton gets back in, then he hits a kneedrop for a near fall before Show comes back with a chokeslam attempt. Orton counters with a DDT for a two count, then Reigns tags in and applies a headlock but Show counters with a backdrop and a clothesline.

Show connects with a corner backsplash and a spear, then he calls for a chokeslam but The Shield and Orton run in and attack him. Show fights them off and hits them a few times, then he punches a chair out of the way and catches Rollins off of the top rope. He tries to chokeslam him but Orton hits him with the chair, then The Shield lifts him up and Orton RKO's him, then he puts Show head in a chair but The Usos run out to make the save. The Shield fights with them on the floor, then Orton measures up for a chair shot but Daniel Bryan runs out and breaks it up. He kicks Orton a few times and puts him in a YES Lock, but Ambrose breaks it up so Orton can get away, only Bryan kicks him and knees him in the head before taunting Orton on the ramp.

Result – No Contest






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