Another 9/27 WWE Live Event Report from Denver, Footage of Ryback Visiting Mumbai

Nick Paglino

Another 9/27 WWE Live Event Report from Denver

Thanks to Tommy Smith for sending in the following report from Denver:

Shield cuts a promo about how they had there backs against the wall on raw. Triple threat tag champ match announced as well as Zack Ryder v Ambrose for us championship. Ambrose does a Walken impression "I got a fever for Ryder's head bouncing off the mat" Haha!

2k promo. Big pop 4 warrior

Roberts out for the start.

Fandango out next, no summer. The "Fandongoing" craze is OVER. Time for a face turn? He faces Santino, typical dancing schtick. Santino gets some laughs. Lots of dango offense. Crowd w/ some santino chants. Dango hits his slam finisher then goes for the leg drop but santino rolls from corner to corner 2 avoid him as Dango chases him in turn. Santino eventually hits cobra for the 3.

Fans choice diva match. Natalya first followed by Brie. Match or dance off. Big shock it's a dance. And Brie attacks Natalya now it's a match. This was actually much better than the first match but still had the crowd snoozing. Finally Nat wins w/ the shooter.

Us championship: Ryder out first, decent pop. Ambrose out next, alone. He's being cheered like a face. Really good back n forth. Ryder hits the broski after Ambrose moves outside. More action b4 Ryder goes for ruff and gets reversed to a power bomb. Ambrose hits his finisher and gets the pin for the win.

Next up is Show. HUGE pop!! And he faces cesaro. Swagger w/ him. No zeb. Typical display of strength from show and some strategy hugging between the americans every time Cesaro leaves the ring. Pretty funny. Cesaro finally w/ offense. Big heat from the crowd. Swagger gets in a cheap shot. Eventually Show hits the choke slam for the 3. Maddox comes out and tells show he has to face swagger now. Really, another show match? Swagger reverses a choke slam and targets the leg. Lots of rest holds. And Show gets up only for swagger to continue on the leg. Two swagger drops, no 3. A really cool choke slam reversed to a roll up into the patriot lock. And show gets out and hits him w/ the ko punch off the ropes for the win. Maddox back again to inform show he will b ringside for main event. Haven't they been doing this 4 a few weeks? Come on its 2013 and we all have internet.


I'm a smoker so I didn't check the merch. I ain't paying venue prices for that.

Back from intermission it's the tag title match. Tons of Funk out first. Kofi to a decent pop. Miz next to form a team w/ Kofi or something. Miz w/ a larger than normal pop. And the shield come out from club level and continue to b cheered like faces. These guys r over in the mile high. Rollins acts like he's giving his necklace to the crowd and just hangs it on the turnbuckle, well played heel move. Teamwork from kofi n brodus keep the shield out of touch. Shield eventually take control and isolate. Good finish w/ kofi hitting his elbow move on both tensai n reigns and then Miz w finale and a few other finisher moves by the others b4 Rollins ends up pinning Miz.

Here's axel doing his same bs about not defending his belt due to the by laws. Who cares we get punk! And here he comes w/ the biggest pop….yet. Kendos out. As usual. It's a battle. I like axel in the ring and honestly he cut a pretty decent promo. Give him time, please!

He hits a great, I mean GREAT drop kick! Follows w/ a chair. Brutal. Axel in control 4 awhile til punk finally hits him w/ a kendo then axel reverses his throw into a cornered chair. Back to axel hitting punk w/ several kendo shots. Punk goes for gts, axel reverses to one of his moves. Eventually Punk reverses and beats on axel on the top rope and hits a superplex. Punk gets kendo crazy!!! He then hits the high knee w/ a kendo. Punk locks in the vice w/ an assist from the kendo. Gts time but axe floats over n hits a few kendo shots. Axel goes for his new finisher which appears to b the same thing as Ambrose when he sets it in. Punk reverses to gts and gets the 3. Punk celebrates w/ the kendo to an absolutely adoring crowd.

I can't wait to c how over Bryan is!!

Here's Maddox  w/ a chair for show. This is tired. I know they think they can string this along for a few months but come on. Daniel is out, he is just so over, it's freaking insane. Orton getting heat at first, the ladies love him though so much that eventually it's a face reaction. Ridiculous. Here we go. Back n forth til we go outside and orton rams db into the stairs, twice. We get a near count out. Another near count and some offense from bryan. Orton comes back w/ a big superplex. Near fall w/ more offense from orton b4 db hits back. DB is so over! Even though there aren't more than 6k people here n it's loud as a Nuggets game in the 4th quarter when Bryan has control of the match. Back to Orton's offense until eventually Bryan reverses RKO and hits the running knee for the 3. The Shield comes in to attack. Miz and kofi come out for the save. The crowd wants punk to come out but we all know that ain't gonna happen. Show, of course, makes the save after shield dispatches the others. He goes for the double choke and sends Rollins to Miz for the Skull crushing finale and sends reigns towards Kofi for trouble. The faces leave on top. Enjoyable as always.

Footage of Ryback in Mumbai

Thanks to Oscar Barretto for sending this in:

The following video features footage of Ryback, who is currently visiting Mumbai to do promotional work for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game:

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