TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/19) – Bully At Odds With The Aces, AJ Calls Dixie Out, Her Unexpected Response

Bill Pritchard

Main Event Mafia vs EGO

Daniels attacks Joe from behind but Joe punches him in the corner, then he kicks him in the back before Daniels rolls outside and tries to regroup. Kaz ends up tagging in so Joe chops him in the corner, then he whips him across the ring and Magnus punches Kaz as he gets in. Joe backsplashes him on the way out and Magnus follows with a forearm shot, then he hits an uppercut and allows Sting to hit a dropkick in the corner. Sting follows Kaz outside and whips him into the steps, then he rolls him back in and kicks him before whipping him and hitting an atomic drop. Sting backs up and avoids some interference by Roode and Daniels, and he throws some elbows but Daniels ends up tripping him and Kaz hits him from behind. We get back from a break to see Roode hold Sting so Kaz can punch him, then they distract the ref and attack Sting in the corner before Daniels applies a headlock.

Sting tries to fight out but Daniels kicks him and tags out, then Kaz applies a front facelock but Sting pushes him to his corner and reaches for a tag. Roode jumps in the way as Magnus tags in, but the ref waives it off as he didn't see it so Roode tags in and punches Sting and hits a suplex. Sting comes back with strikes to Kaz and Daniels, then he dives for a tag and Magnus hits Roode with some clotheslines and a scoop slam driver for two. Daniels breaks it up so Joe headbutts him and throws him out of the way, then Sting hits some clotheslines but Roode drops him with a DDT. Joe snapmares him into an elbow by Magnus, then Daniels attacks again but Joe throws Kaz outside and hits a suicide dive. Daniels goes to dive on him but Sting clotheslines him and splashes him, then he puts him in the Scorpion Deathlock but Roode distracts him. Roode tries to hit Sting with a baseball bat but Magnus shields him and gets hit instead, then Roode rolls up Magnus and gets the win.

Winners – EGO

AJ Styles comes out and says he fought to put TNA on the map, but Dixie Carter's daddy swooped in and bought her the company without any effort. He says Dixie took away the uniqueness of TNA, and she traded it in for quick fixes and big contracts, so it pisses him off that guys like Alex Shelley and Jay Lethal aren't there. AJ says the biggest mistake is staring her in the face, and he has a chance at the title but he doesn't have a contract. He says despite what the internet says, he's not signed, and he is going to win the title for all of the fans and he'll make Dixie pay for it. Dixie walks out and AJ tells her to say something, and she says AJ is telling the truth if he was able to come out here and do this in such a public way. She says she has a responsibilty to the fans and the company, but she owes AJ an apology, then she tells him she's sorry she let him think he was bigger than he is. Dixie tells him he is a marketing gimmick that she created, and he's been so average lately that they should call him the 'Marginal One.' She says she's glad she got to come on her show and respond to his crap, and he's lucky she let him in her house because he'd still be in a trailer. Dixie screams that the show is over, then she cuts AJ's mic off and has the crew shut the lights off, and the fans boo her as we go to black.

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