WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/15) – All Titles Defended, Heyman Gets Unlikely Help, Bryan Wins In ‘Controversial’ Fashion?

Bill Pritchard

Alberto suplexes him and RVD rolls to the apron, but Alberto hits an enziguiri that sends RVD to the floor and sets up for a suicide dive. RVD dives out of the way and throws Alberto back in the ring, hitting a few clotheslines for a near fall before Alberto whips him into the corner. RVD kicks him in the head and hits a thrust kick for two, then he stomps Alberto near the ropes and hits a slingshot legdrop before heading up top. He hits a thrust kick and goes for Rolling Thunder, but Alberto counters with a Backstabber for two and rams his shoulder into RVD's ribs. Alberto sets him up on the top turnbuckle but RVD elbows him several times, then he knocks Alberto down and connects with a somersault dive for a two count. RVD picks him up and they trade some punches, and RVD hits the ropes but Alberto hits a backbreaker and stomps him before calling for the Cross Armbreaker.

Alberto picks him up but RVD kicks him in the face, then he sweeps his legs and gets a near fall before hitting a front slam and split-legged moonsault. RVD gets another near fall before Alberto jumps down on his arm, then he superkicks RVD and gets a near fall before kicking him in the stomach. Alberto gets frustrated and heads up top, but RVD hits a heel kick on the way down and he follows with a spinning legdrop and heads up top. RVD sets up for a Five Star but Alberto gets his knees up, then he rolls over and applies the Cross Armbreaker, but RVD pulls himself to the ropes. The ref calls for a break but Alberto refuses, then he counts to five with the hold still applied and Alberto is disqualified. Alberto attacks RVD after the bell and stomps him, then he gets a chair but Ricardo dives in and takes it from him and RVD kicks him in the stomach. RVD hits a DDT and Ricardo tells him to set him in the corner, then RVD heads up top and hits a Van Terminator as Alberto is checked on at ringside.

Winner (by disqualification) – Rob Van Dam

Curtis Axel is shown gloating backstage but Paul Heyman isn't laughing, and he says Axel should think about what happens if they lose tonight. He says Axel loses all he has to offer if he loses, and Axel made an enemy out of Triple H but he can fix it if he is still here tomorrow. Heyman says he's still here if CM Punk is kept away from him, and Axel asks if Heyman believes in him. Heyman says he always has believed in him, but tonight he needs him to believe in himself and they will get the job done.

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