WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/15) – All Titles Defended, Heyman Gets Unlikely Help, Bryan Wins In ‘Controversial’ Fashion?

Bill Pritchard

Rob Van Dam asks Ricardo if he is feeling alright after Smackdown, and Ricardo says his arm hurts but he'll feel better after RVD wins the World Heavyweight Championship. RVD asks him to teach him a few Spanish phrases, then he asks if there is anything to call Alberto Del Rio. Ricardo says 'no tiene cajones' and RVD laughs, and he says he knows what that means, so maybe Ricardo can tell him what World Heavyweight Championship translates to. Ricardo says that's universal, and it's 'R-V-D', then they chant his name as we cut to AJ Lee walking backstage. AJ finds Alicia, Aksana and Layla, and she says she hopes they are ready to show everyone what a real Diva is. Aksana and Alicia say she had some good points, but they aren't with her tonight and they walk away. AJ screams and says she is the division, then she asks if Layla is her friend, and Layla says she is, but she runs off and says she needs to check on the other two.

Divas Championship
Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella vs AJ Lee (c)

All three contenders surround AJ and chase her around the ring, and all three whip her into the barricade before rolling her in the ring and daring her to get up. Brie clotheslines her back outside and knocks Nattie and Naomi down, then she kicks each of them near the ropes before Naomi hits a dropkick. Naomi goes for a suplex but Brie holds the ropes, so Naomi takes her down with a hurricanrana while AJ tries to roll Nattie up from behind. Nattie shoves her and Naomi drops them both with the Rear View, then she heads up top but Brie cuts her off and Nattie puts Brie on her shoulders. Naomi goes for a crossbody but misses, then she tries to springboard at Brie but AJ slams her into the apron while Brie tries to roll Nattie up. Nattie comes back with a suplex and a scoop slam, then she clotheslines Naomi and slams Brie onto Naomi before putting both of them in a double Sharpshooter. AJ comes back in and kicks her in the back of the head, then she runs at her and applies the Black Widow, getting Nattie to tap out to retain.

Winner – AJ Lee

World Heavyweight Championship
Rob Van Dam (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Alberto Del Rio (c)

Alberto knocks RVD down and taunts the crowd, then RVD pops up and kicks him in the face before whipping him and connecting with a spin kick. RVD whips him to the opposite corner and monkey flips him before hitting a standing moonsault, then Alberto goes for a leg lariat but RVD knocks him outside. RVD hits a springboard moonsault from the apron, then he kicks him into the barricade and suplexes him on top of it. He goes to the apron and legdrops Alberto, then he tries to suplex him into the ring but Alberto knees him in the face and knocks him onto the floor. Alberto hits a suicide dive and throws him into the barricade, then he rolls him inside and applies a side headlock, but RVD breaks it with some elbows. RVD goes for a rollup but Alberto kicks out and suplexes him, then he kicks him in the back and taunts RVD before choking him on the ropes. Alberto kicks RVD in the back of the head and gets a near fall, then he applies a headlock but RVD makes it to his feet so Alberto headbutts him a few times. (Cont'd…)

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