WWE Night Of Champions Results (9/15) – All Titles Defended, Heyman Gets Unlikely Help, Bryan Wins In ‘Controversial’ Fashion?

Bill Pritchard

Heyman asks him to cancel the match, and HHH says he makes a few good points but he already saw Heyman try to weasel out of this a few times. He says Heyman doesn't have to tag in if he doesn't want to, and he won't need to fight if Axel gets things done, and Heyman should believe in him. HHH asks Heyman if he believes in Axel, and Heyman asks if he doesn't have any honor, but Axel asks HHH why he is making it personal. Axel says he remembers becoming a Heyman guy and beating HHH the same night, then HHH says he's glad he remembers that, but he shouldn't poke the bear. HHH says tonight is about title matches, so Axel will defend his title against the first guy he finds backstage, and that match is up next!

Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel (c) (w/ Paul Heyman)

Kofi reverses a headlock and takes Axel down, then Kofi applies a waistlock but Axel reverses it and reapplies a headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle. Kofi gets up and hits the ropes, but Axel rolls outside and regroups before punching Kofi in the corner until the ref calls for a break. Kofi comes back with some kicks to the thighs, then Axel rolls outside again but Kofi tries to suplex him back in, only to have Axel float over. Axel turns but Kofi kicks him in the head, then Kofi whips him into the ropes and leapfrogs him, but Axel dropkicks him before throwing him outside. Axel whips Kofi towards the steps but Kofi leaps onto the ringpost, then he springboards back and hits a crossbody and rolls Axel inside. Kofi tries to go back up top but Axel sweeps his legs, then he puts him in tree of woe position and hits him a few times before tackling him in the corner. Axel elbows Kofi in the back of the head a few times, then he applies a headlock but Kofi tries to break it, so Axel suplexes him and gets a near fall.

Axel puts him in a chinlock but Kofi makes to his feet, so Axel hits a clothesline and stomps him before taking him down with a snapmare for two. He applies a headlock but Kofi breaks it with some punches, then Kofi ducks a clothesline and counters with a tornado DDT and some chops. Kofi kicks him and connects with a springboard crossbody for two, then he hits a Boom Drop and psyches the crowd up while setting up Trouble In Paradise. Axel ducks it and spears him in the corner, then he rams him with his shoulder a few times until the ref pulls him out of the corner. Axel runs back at him but Kofi kicks him in the head, then he springboards in from the apron but Axel hits a midair dropkick that scores a two count. Axel goes for a suplex but Kofi floats over and sweeps his legs for a near fall, then Axel repeatedly punches him and counters an S.O.S. attempt. Axel goes for a neckbreaker but Kofi counters with a successful S.O.S. for two, then he repeatedly kicks Axel and whips him across the ring. Axel reverses it and gets him in an electric chair drop position, then Axel snaps his head off the ropes and hits a hangman's facebuster for the win.

Winner – Curtis Axel

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