Impact Wrestling Results (8/22) – Bully’s Surprise, Main Event Mafia vs Aces & Eights, Loser Leaves TNA

Bill Pritchard

James Storm & Gunner vs Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Storm slams Kaz into the corner as the bell rings, then Gunner helps whip him into the ring and they hit an atomic drop and clothesline combination. We get back from a break to see Roode chop Gunner in the corner, then Gunner fires back with some right hands but Roode drops him with an elbow. Kaz tags in and hits a spinning heel kick for two, then he hits a snapmare before Roode comes back in and hits a suplex and kneedrop for two. Kaz comes back in with a legdrop for two, then he taunts Gunner and piefaces him but Gunner comes back with a backbreaker before making the tag. Storm lays into Roode with some right hands and an atomic drop, then he hiptosses him and hits a powerslam before dropping Kaz with an enziguiri on the apron. Storm heads up top and hits an elbow drop for two, but Kaz breaks it up and gets thrown outside by Gunner while Storm hits Closing Time. He goes for Last Call but Roode grabs the ref, then Kaz tries to hit Storm from behind but the ref stops him, and Roode low blows Storm behind the ref's back and rolls him up.

Winners – Bobby Roode & Kazarian

Austin Aries says last week it was Sting, and this week it's Bobby Roode asking him for help, but he's getting a mixed reaction. He says they might have cost him points in the Bound For Glory Series, but on the other hand, it's good to take advantage of the numbers game. Aries says he's not sure what he'll do because it's a lot to think about, but everyone will have his answer before the night is over.

Sonjay Dutt vs Manik

Manik charges the ring and hiptosses Dutt, then he puts him in a standing octopus submission before applying an armbar. Dutt hits the ropes and hiptosses Manik, then he goes for a thrust kick but Manik ducks, so he hits a standing moonsault instead. Dutt puts him in a straight jacket choke, then whips him into the ropes but Manik holds the ropes and sends Dutt outside. Manik dives on him and rolls him back in, then he hits a springboard dropkick and sets up a double underhook slam. Dutt blocks it so Manik powerbombs him, but Dutt comes back with an exploder suplex and springboard splash. Dutt goes up top but Manik avoids a moonsault, then he avoids a strike and kicks Dutt before hitting a double chicken wing gutbuster for the win.

Winner – Manik

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