Another, More Detailed Fan Report From WWE’s Melbourne Event


WWE WORLD TOUR – Melbourne, Australia 26/7/2013 

– By Roger Sidhom

Near Capacity house for tonight's first show on the annual tour down under!

Miz vs Antonio Cesaro

An entertaining opening match, where the Miz was surprisingly over with the crowd, Cesaro was getting a lot of heat by continuing to proclaiming "We the People" which was responded in the classic "You are a wanker" chant. Lots of power moves by Cesaro, which was countered by speed from the Miz, Cesaro hit the uppercut for the 2 count. Miz blocks the a gut buster and turns it into a figure 4 which was reversed then reversed back when Antonio tapped! Great opening bout!

Aksana Vs Natalya

Aksana starts with some less than PG stretching….  Also whatever enthusiasm there was in the crowd was sucked out quickly… Nattie was carrying the match from start to finish as Aksana's lack of wrestling skill was evident. A "you can't wrestle" chant started towards Aksana. finally Natalia puts the crowd and Aksana out of their misery by winning with the Sharpshooter!

Ryback backstage segment where he spouts out a bunch of stereotypical Australian sayings… Not a bad promo, to be honest, he needs to do more of them pre-taped!

Jinder Mahal of Australia's favourite musical act 3MB Vs his "Brother in-law" The Great Khali

This match fails before it starts for 2 reasons, 1) no other members of 3MB or 2) no Natalia are at ringside! 

This match has consisted of 5 chops, the worlds slowest big boot to the corner which Jinder was able to avoid, slight offence from the funny one in 3MB…. Then I heard something I'd never thought I'd hear….. A WE WANT SLATER chant! Finally another chop (the same one that opened  the match) ended it! And to prolong the pain 3 unfortunate kids were punished by their parents and the WWE by having to get in the ring and kind of dance with Khali…

WWE Championship Tables Match

Ryback Vs John Cena

Crazy Pop for John Cena! Surprised at the placement of the match, but it seems for once the WWE Championship match is not the Main Event. Decent Power Vs Power match, where the Table was introduced early with lots of close misses. Cena tosses Ryback to the outside where Ryback fakes a sore leg, only to bait Cena and toss him into the steel steps. The steps make their way into the ring and the tossing the steps into the table spot happened twice! 5 moves of doom end at 4 as Ryback reverses the AA and follows with the Meat hook close line. Cena eventually gets the win after reversing shell shock and finally puts Ryback through the table with the AA.

Even at the Live Show we can't get away from a plug for the WWE APP thank you Justin Roberts… Cena and Ryback autographs were also plugged as the show took it's intermission.

Triple threat match for the IC title

Heath Slater (alone) Vs Zack Ryder Vs Curtis Axel (without Paul Haymen)

Heels working together early, but Zack gets the upper hand with 2 back body drops to the outside and a nice flying cross body block over the top rope. The Axel / Slater alliance didn't last as they got into each others face. Awesome suplex – power bomb combo by the 3 men. Ryder also hit a double broski boot, Ryder hit the rough Ryder to Slater, but Axel stole the pin to retain in what was a solid match. After the match Curtis went to nail Zack with the title, but he ducked and delivered the rough Ryder….. just to make sure the good guy walks out of the match on top.

A Fans Choice Match for the US Championship

Daniel Byran Vs Dean Ambrose

Choices A submission match or a Melbourne Street Fight

Thankfully it wasn't a choice over the APP but by crowd participation and with lead by  Bryan we chose a street fight (I wonder why he wouldn't have wanted the submission match?)

Bryan was crazy over as every move, every punch was followed by the chant of YES! 

Great back and forth match, until Ambrose introduced the Kendo Stick into the match….. Bryan ducks a wicked swing and follows with a flying knee off the apron. 

The action makes its way up the ramp with Bryan reversing a suplex. He rolls Ambrose back into the ring only to be nailed by the kendo stick while attempting a top rope double axe handle. Ambrose brings in a chair and a second kendo stick, then disappears under the ring only to appear the other side. He makes good use of the chair nailing Bryan in the back. He placed the chair into the corner.

Back and forth until Bryan ends up with a Half Boston Crab, Ambrose drags them to the outside but Daniel holds onto the move.

The Action gets back into the ring when Bryan sidesteps his charging opponent into the chair that was placed….. A flurry of strikes by Daniel Bryan followed by a chorus of Yes chants followed by a two count! 

Ambrose is amazing as the heel but Daniel Bryan has the crowd eating out of his hands…. They both reach for a kendo stick and duel…. With Ambrose coming out on top. 

Bryan gets the Yes lock on when the rest of the Shield come out and attack. Out comes Kane and Cena to save the day…. Who needs Teddy Long as Cena turns it into a Six man tag team. match!

Shield Vs Cena and Team Hell No

Rollings  starts off against……. DANIEL BRYAN…. He is a Machine!!!! Ambrose looks dead on his feet and Bryan is still going….. Finally he tags Cena as Rollings tags in Reigns. 

After a little while, Bryan is back in, loud we want Kane chants. Finally Kane gets in and cleans house. Ends up with Kane delivering the Choke slam to Reins, Cena with an AA to Rollings, while Bryan takes out Ambrose with a flying head butt to the floor. 

The night belonged to Daniel Bryan as the whole Arena ended with a massive YES! Chant!!!

For some unknown reason to end the night we left to fandango's music.

it was a lacklustre show with only the exploits of the hottest thing going right now in Daniel Bryan making it worth our while….

As noted last year, until the WWE brings a RAW and Smackdown! Taping to Australia the house shows are just revenue raising….. The Merchandise is over priced ($50 for a tee shirt) the tickets are too expensive ranging from $35 for nose bleed seats to $450 for ringside…. The WWE fans in Australia are being bled dry!

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