TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/18) – Destination X Returns, Three X Division Qualifiers, Did Bully Ray Retain the Title?

Bill Pritchard

Roode hits a clothesline from the apron as we cut to a break, then we come back to see Aries hit the ropes but Roode drops him with a spinebuster. Roode takes Aries up top and sets up a superplex, but Aries punches him a few times and boxes his ears before knocking him down and hitting a 450 splash. Roode kicks out and Aries is visibly pissed, then he picks him up and they trade punches until Aries whips him into the ropes. Roode holds on and backdrops Aries, but Aries hits him and springs back in, then he knocks Roode onto the stage and tackles him into the staircase. Aries rolls him back in and hits a missile dropkick, then he connects with the IED but Roode counters a Brainbuster so Aries goes for a rollup.

Roode kicks out and puts him in the Crossface, then Aries rolls back and they trade some pin attempts before Aries hits a DDT. Aries pulls himself up and runs to the other corner, but Roode kicks him in the stomach and hits the ropes, with Aries blocking a spear and attempting another Brainbuster. Roode counters and slams him down, then he goes for a fisherman's suplex but Aries counters and hits him with a forearm. Roode puts him in a fireman's carry slam but Aries repeatedly elbows him in the head, then he lifts him up and hits a Brainbuster for the win. Roode gets up as Aries leaves and flips out, throwing chairs and ring equipment around before punching himself in the face and leaving.

Winner – Austin Aries

X Division Qualifier
Homicide vs Petey Williams vs Sonjay Dutt

Williams tries to kick both men and gets thrown in the corner, then Homicide hits Dutt but he throws them both outside and hits a slingshot crossbody. They get back in the ring and Williams catches Homicide with a drop toe hold, then he whips Dutt into the ropes but he knocks Williams back outside. Dutt takes Homicide out with a hurricanrana, then Williams springboards in and splashes into him before putting Dutt in a leglock. Homicide heads up top and spalshes onto Williams to break it up, then they all slug it out before Homicide splahes them both and drops Williams with a hiptoss. He hits Dutt with a swinging cutter, then he takes Dutt up top but Dutt shoves him back, only to have Williams crotch him on the ropes. Homicide sets up a Gringo Killer but Williams goes for a Canadian Destroyer, then they fight in the corner before Homicide hits Dutt with a Gringo Killer for two. Dutt slams Homicide down after throwing Williams out of the ring, then he hits a moonsault double foot stomp for the win.

Winner – Sonjay Dutt

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