WWE Money In The Bank Results (7/14) – RVD Returns, Cena vs Henry, Who Won The WHC/WWE Briefcases?

Bill Pritchard

Divas Championship
Kaitlyn (w/ Layla) vs AJ Lee (w/ Big E Langston)

Kaitlyn kicks AJ a few times and throws her outside, but AJ throws Kaitlyn into the ringpost and works on her arm in a brace (injured on Smackdown). AJ rolls her in and puts her in a keylock, then she bridges up on it and mocks Kaitlyn by rubbing her face on Kaitlyn's cheek and smiling. Kaitlyn looks to be fading but she makes it to her feet and slams AJ in the corner, and AJ holds on but Kaitlyn spins her and hits a backbreaker. Kaitlyn hits AJ and drops her with a shoulder tackle, then she connects with an inverted DDT for two before clotheslining her for another near fall. She picks AJ up but AJ spins and jumps down on her arm, then she heads up top and sets up a moonsault but Kaitlyn shoves her outside. Langston catches her and rolls her back in, then AJ tries to steal a rollup but Kaitlyn kicks out and spears her. Kaitlyn goes towards AJ but AJ kicks her in the face, then she spins around and puts Kaitlyn in the Black Widow, finally getting her to tap out.

Winner – AJ Lee

Chris Jericho vs Ryback

Ryback shoves Jericho in the corner and punches him in the head, then Jericho comes back with some chops in the corner so Ryback rolls outside. He takes his time getting in the ring and Jericho dropkicks him through the ropes, then he rolls him in and hits a top rope forearm and a dropkick. Jericho punches him a few times and whips him across the ring, but Ryback fires right back out of the corner and drops him with a clothesline. Ryback stomps him and tries to scoop slam him but Jericho floats over, then he kicks Ryback's injured leg so Ryback goes to the apron. Jericho follows him and goes for a springboard kick, but Ryback sees it coming and knocks him down before he puts Jericho in a side headlock.

Jericho makes it to his feet so Ryback scoop slams him and splashes him from the middle rope, then Jericho fights back with some chops but Ryback knees him in the ribs. Jericho rolls to the apron so Ryback clotheslines him to the floor, and Jericho lands in between the commentary tables so Ryback rolls him in and steps on his head. Ryback takes him down with a biel throw, then Jericho comes back with some forearm strikes and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Jericho goes for Walls of Jericho but Ryback kicks him away, then Jericho kicks him in the head and hits a shoulder block before Ryback throws him on the apron. Jericho lands on his feet and goes up top, but Ryback catches him and throws him across the ring before taking him down with a Meathook. (Cont'd…)

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