WWE Smackdown Results (7/12) – Christian vs Bryan, AJ/Kaitlyn Contract Signing, Sheamus vs Orton

Bill Pritchard

Axel whips him across the ring but Jericho avoids a corner splash, then he heads up top and hits a flying cross body for two. Jericho bulldogs Axel and sets up a Lionsault, but Axel rolls away and DDT’s Jericho before punching him and setting up a scoop slam. Jericho floats over and goes for Walls again, but Axel tries to roll him up before Jericho comes back with an enziguiri for two. Jericho punches him a few times and whips him, then Axel reverses it but Jericho holds the ropes and backdrops Axel outside. Jericho tries to follow with a baseball slide kick, but Axel moves and clotheslines him before rolling him inside. Jericho pops up and hits a Codebreaker on the apron, then Axel falls to the floor and gets counted out as Heyman pleads with him to get up.

Winner (by countout) – Chris Jericho

Ryback vs The Miz

Ryback shoves Miz into the corner and tries to hit him, then Miz ducks a few strikes and pulls the ropes down, sending Ryback outside. Miz kicks him on the floor and rolls him in, then he climbs the turnbuckles but Ryback catches him and slams him down. Ryback hits a legdrop and punches him in the back, then he tackles him in the corner and whips him into the opposite one. Ryback steps on his head and tries to scoop slam him, but Miz floats over and chopblocks his knee. Miz tries to attack but Ryback catches him with a quick clothesline, then he slams Miz’s head on the mat and bodyslams him.

Miz avoids a splash and hits him in the stomach, then he hits Ryback a few times and dropkicks his knee. Miz hits a kneelift and a corner clothesline, then he heads up top and connects with a double axe handle smash. He goes for a Figure Four but Ryback kicks him away, then Miz kicks Ryback’s knee and ties it in the ropes. Miz slams Ryback on his knee and Ryback grabs it, then he yells and tells the ref he felt something pop. The ref asks if he can continue and helps Ryback up, then Miz asks what’s going on and Ryback surprises him with a Meathook and Shell Shocked for the win.

Winner – Ryback

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