WWE RAW Results (5/27) – The Shield Defend Their Titles, Heyman Speaks For Punk, Axel vs Cena

Bill Pritchard

Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Big E Langston (w/ AJ Lee)

Alberto goes right after Langston and kicks him out of the ring, then he hits a suicide dive but Langston shakes it off and throws him into the steps. Langston rolls him in and gets a near fall, then he puts Alberto in a bearhug and hits a few backbreakers for another near fall. Langston charges Alberto in the corner but no one is home, and Langston hits the post shoulder first before Alberto hits a Backstabber off the ropes. Alberto superkicks him and gets a near fall, then he goes back after him but Langston slams him on the mat and pulls down the straps. Alberto jumps down on his arm as AJ takes the turnbuckle pads off, then the ref gets her away from the apron as Alberto applies the Cross Armbreaker. Langston powers out and tries to attack, but Alberto shoves him facefirst into the exposed turnbuckle and rolls him up for the win.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

Kane is shown watching Daniel Bryan pacing around the locker room, then he screams at Bryan and tells him to stop obsessing over the weak link talk. He says Bryan is the only one who feels this way, and they need to work as a team if they want to regain the tag team titles tonight. Bryan thinks Kane is saying he'll screw up again, then Kane denies it and they argue about it until Bret Hart appears and says they are a great team. Bret says they are a great team, then Bryan asks if people called him weak because he was the smaller member in the Hart Foundation. Bret says being tough isn't about his size and he'll be fine, then Kane asks why his opinion didn't get through to him, and Bryan says it's because Bret is the best there is, was and ever will be.

United States Championship
Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose (c)

Kofi tries to steal a pin before armdragging Ambrose, then Ambrose punches him in the corner a few times before Kofi kicks him in the ribs. Kofi hits a spin kick and leapfrogs Ambrose, then he goes for Trouble In Paradise but Ambrose ducks and rolls outside. He takes his time getting in so Kofi feigns a suicide dive, then Ambrose talks trash as we go to a break. We get back to see Kofi float out of a scoop slam and slingshot Ambrose in the corner. Kofi kicks him in the face and chops him a few times, then he connects with a dropkick and a springboard cross body for two. Kofi goes for a Boom Drop but Ambrose avoids it, then Kofi rolls him up and they trade pin attempts before Ambrose hits the ropes and Kofi drops him with the S.O.S. Ambrose rolls outside so Kofi brings him back in, then he hits a springboard clothesline for another near fall before Ambrose tries to escape again. Ambrose sweeps Kofi's legs and slams him on the ring steps, then he sends Kofi in the ring and hits the headlock driver for the win.

Winner – Dean Ambrose

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