WWE Elimination Chamber Results (2/17) – The Shield Looks For Justice, Punk vs Rock II, The Winner Of The Elimination Chamber Match Is…

Bill Pritchard

Alberto tries to kick Show in the head but Show blocks it, then he picks him up and chokeslams him for two before calling for a knockout punch. Alberto rolls out of the way but Show pulls him back in by his hair, then he calls for another chokeslam but Alberto tries to counter with a rollup. Show blocks that but Alberto DDT's him for a two count, then he hits a step up enziguiri in the corner for another close pin attempt. Alberto puts Show right back in the Cross Armbreaker in the middle of the ring, and Show fights to get to the ropes before rolling over and slamming Alberto on the mat. Show calls for a Knockout Punch and knocks Ricardo off the apron, then Show picks up the bucket but Alberto hits an enziguiri and kicks it into Show's head. Alberto staggers Show with another kick, then he hits another enziguiri before finally getting him to tap out to the Cross Armbreaker.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio

United States Championship
The Miz vs Antonio Cesaro (c)

Miz connects with a few right-handed jabs in the corner, then Cesaro kicks his injured shoulder and throws him on the apron. Miz slides under the ropes and tries to steal a pin, then he kicks Cesaro in the head and runs towards the corner. Cesaro hits his shoulder before connecting with a shoulder breaker, then he stomps Miz's arm anad puts him in a hammerlock. Miz fights out and hits a kneelift, then Cesaro slams his arm on the mat and repeatedly punches him in the shoulder. Cesaro lifts Miz over his head before armdragging him, then he applies an armbar variation and goes for a pin. Cesaro stomps Miz's arm again before slamming it on the apron, then he throws Miz in the corner but Miz fires back with a big boot and a corner clothesline.

Miz heads up top and goes for a double axe handle smash, but Cesaro avoids it and counters with an elevated armbar submission. He pulls back but Miz tries to roll him up, then Miz knocks him out of the ring and follows him before going for a diving crossbody from the apron. Cesaro catches him and tries to throw him into the ringpost, but Miz floats over and slams Cesaro's knee into the steps before rolling him in. Miz attacks Cesaro's knee and goes for the Figure Four, then Cesaro blocks it but Miz dropkicks him before repeatedly stomping his knee. Miz goes for the Figure Four again but Cesaro blocks it, then he tries to attack again but Cesaro sweeps his legs and Miz accidentally knees Cesaro in the groin. The ref calls for a disqualification for the unintentional strike, then Miz gets pissed at what happened and kicks Cesaro in the crotch and throws his title at him.

Winner (by disqualification) Antonio Cesaro

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