TNA Genesis PPV Results (1/13) – Did Jeff Hardy Beat the Odds to Retain the World Title?

Mike Killam

(3) Kenny King vs. Christian York

The two of them trade Japanese arm drags, and both go for a dropkick at the same time. The idea is that they're so close in ability, neither can get an advantage. King slaps his opponent in the face, but York throws him off the Irish whip and slaps him right in the jaw in response. York connects with a mule kick, and takes down King with a standing dropkick, but can't pick up the three. 

York gets thrown to the outside, but he dodges a corkscrew senton over the top, hitting his opponent with a headscissors takedown to the floor. Back in the ring King offers his hand in respect, but attempts to catch York off guard with a kick, only to get caught. The two brawl into the corner, with King getting the better of the exchange. He spends a little too much time basking in his own glory, and York takes advantage with a nice vertical suplex. A clothesline connects followed by a big forearm chop and a modified Russian legsweep. Quick knee to the jaw takes down King, but somehow he kicks out at two. 

York gets the double stomp off the top rope, but King kicks out again. Kenny comes back with a fantastic kick out of nowhere, and hits the Royal Flush, but York kicks out. King sends his opponent to the corner, but York comes off the top with a big top turnbuckle crossbody! King rolls it through and makes the pin, but the ref sees his legs on the rope. The two trade pin attempts, and eventually York counters a roll-up with his own and just manages to steal the win. 

Winner: Christian York

After the match, Kenny King hits York with the Coronation (torture rack DDT) that lays him out cold. Rob Van Dam then makes his way out, and the X-Division championship match is on right away. 

(4) X-Division Championship Match
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Christian York

Van Dam keeps telling York, who is barely making it to his feet, that he doesn't have to fight this match tonight. York refuses to quit, and slaps the champ across the face to force him to fight. The ref rings the bell and Van Dam hits York with Rolling Thunder. He locks him in a surfboard stretch, but York refuses to submit. RVD transitions the hold into a pin attempt; York kicks out. The Champion tells his challenger to stay down for his own good. Van Dam drops the leg on the apron, right on York's neck.

RVD sends his opponent to the corner off the Irish whip, but runs into a big boot in the corner. York connects with a huge top rope missle dropkick, but it doesn't put away the champ. Van Dam gets his own kick off the top rope, but York rolls under and rolls up RVD! 1…2…no, the champ kicks out! RVD goes up top for the Frog Splash, but York again dodges out of the way and tries for another quick roll-up; two-count. Van Dam crotches York on the top rope and hits him with a kick off the top turnbuckle. Five Star Frogsplash  connects, and this one is over. 

Winner and still champion: Rob Van Dam

After the match, X-Division Champion RVD picks up York to his feet and gives him a round of applause. Nice move of respect from the champ. 

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