11/8 TNA Impact Wrestling Results – Aces & Eights Take Out Sting, 6-Man Tag & More

Mike Killam

(2) ODB vs. Tara & Jesse 

ODB is destroying both Tara and Jesse in this handicap match. She takes them both down with clotheslines, before bodyslamming Jesse, and then bodyslamming Tara right on top of him. She throws Jesse into the corner and hits a big splash, sending him down to the mat. Tara runs at her, but gets a drop-toehold, going headfirst into her boyfriends "small package", if you know what I mean. ODB rolls up the Knockouts Champion for the victory. 

Winner: ODB

After the match, the heels double team ODB with Tara hitting the Widow's Peak. Jesse takes ODB's flask and dumps the "whisky" (which was bright red, by the way) all over her as the two make out. 

Commercial Break

ODB is backstage yelling at EY on the phone. She says the TMZ couple of douchebags crossed the line this time. She says EY better be at Turning Point this Sunday, or else. 

TNA airs a Gut Check promo, with Taz, Prichard and Al Snow. Taz says that he didn't get to watch the segment on TV last week, because they still don't have power, but he did once he got to the building tonight. He says the decision is a no-brainer, but questions why a guy who has been around for so long hasn't already made a name for himself. 

(3) Sting & Kurt Angle vs. DOC & Devon

Sting and Angle make their way to the ring, and we get an announce team shift as we head to our hour one commercial break. 

Commercial Break 

Apparently TNA is referring to Luke Gallows as "DOC", which is short for (Director of Chaos). He and Devon make their way to the ring, but the faces rush them on the ramp. They split up with Sting taking DOC and Kurt Angle going after Devon. Sting finally rolls Doc back into the ring and the match is underway. Devon pulls himself up to the apron and Sting takes a shot at him, before getting attacked from behind by Doc. Devon gets the tag and punches away at the Icon's ribs, as Sting falls to the mat. Devon pulls Sting to the center of the ring, but only gets a two-count, and tags back in Doc. 

Doc drops several elbows on Sting, and locks in a rear chin lock. He throws his opponent off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Devon back in now, and he levels Kurt Angle on the apron, and takes Sting back into his corner as the heels continue the pressure. Devon lands a jumping splash, but Angle runs back in to break up the count. Doc gets the tag and literally stands on Sting's head while Devon stomps away at him. Devon gets the quick tag again and lands a flying shoulder block, for two. Doc back in again, but gets caught by the clothesline from Sting! 

Both men get the hot tag, and Angle explodes out of the corner with clotheslines to everyone. He hits release German suplexes on both Devon and Doc, before planting Devon with the Angle Slam! He goes for the pin, but Doc is in to break it up. Sting hits the ring again and locks Doc in the Scorpion Deathlock. Devon grabs Sting's baseball bat and attacks Sting to force the DQ. 

Winner (via DQ): Sting and Kurt Angle

After the match Bully Ray hits the ring and takes down Devon with a clothesline. He grabs a table from under the ring, and sets it up. The Eights hit the ring though, and Bully chases Devon to the back. The big guy from Aces & Eights hits Sting over the head with a hammer, and puts him through the table. The take out Angle as the big man strikes Sting repeatedly with the hammer, trying to break his hands and ribs. The TNA locker room empties and they chase off the Eights while EMT's check on the Icon, who is motionless in the ring. 

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