Monday Night Raw Results: Punk vs. Foley, Diva Fired, Cena/AJ & More

Mike Killam

(2) Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

The two lock up in the center of the ring, and Barrett forces Orton into the the corner for the rope break. They circle each other and lock up again, and Barrett sends Orton off the ropes only to eat a standing dropkick from the Viper. The head to the outside and Orton bounces his opponent's skull of the ring steps, before throwing him off the Spanish announce table (yes, the Spanish announce table is set up for Raw). Back in the ring, Orton is stomping away on Barrett's limbs. Barrett tries to mount a few punches, but Orton crotces him on the top rope and clotheslines him right down to the floor as well head to commercial. 

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Wade Barrett has Orton locked in a side armbar and is applying the pressure. Orton makes it to his feet and fires back with headbutts. Barrett breaks the hold and Orton goes off the ropes, but runs right into the kitchen sink knee lift. Barrett goes back to the injured shoulder, briefly locking in the side armbar, but breaking it to stomp away on Orton's "injured" arm. Barrett hangs Orton up in the ropes, and goes to work with rights and lefts. Barrett nails a big boot right to the Viper's skull, and goes right back into the side armbar. Orton breaks the hold and fires off with a quick powerslam! Barrett tires to roll to the outside, but Orton catches him and lands the Hangman's DDT off the second rope. Orton looks to be injured still, from the effects of del Rio's cross armbreaker, but he coils anyway. Orton goes for the RKO, but Barrett  turns it into the Winds of Change. 1…2…but Orton kicks out. Barrett lifts Orton up and removes his elbow pad for his finisher, but out of nowhere Orton lands the RKO for the pinfall victory. 

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage AJ Lee is sitting in an office, and is confronted by Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says the board of directors has given her power to sign AJ back as a WWE Diva again, but clearly she can't work under her power. AJ appologizes and says she just wants to compete again. Vickie says "great", but asks her what she considers her biggest weakness. AJ says she can be too emotionally about her job, and Vickie calls her "crazy". Vickie says she has to give her one reason to hire her back by the end of the night, tonight. 

Commercial Break 

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