WWE Smackdown Results (10/19) – Miz vs Orton, Teddy Finds Dirt On Eve, Barrett vs Sheamus Lumberjack Match

Bill Pritchard

*The conclusion of this match courtesy of WrestlingNewsSource
Dropkick by Ziggler. Show with the big chest chop misses. Back splash in the corner but Bryan moves out of the way. Chokeslam by Show, countered by Bryan into a DDT. Ziggler tags in and hits a neckbreaker. Series of elbow drops by Ziggler. Punch by Show by Bryan and Show with a claw grip on Bryan’s midsection. Side slam by Show. Ziggler back in and Bryan fighting out of the corner and Bryan crawls over and gets the tag. Kane with the clothesline from the top rope. Series of clotheslines in the corner looking for a side slam. Ziggler counters going for the Famouser but misses. Kane connects with the big boot and he gets the side slam. Kane setting up for the chokeslam. Bryan tags himself in and a clothesline to Ziggler setting up for the dropkick in the corner. Bryan going to the top and Show catches him by the throat but Kane breaks the hold knocking Show off the apron as Bryan gets the No Lock on Ziggler forcing the submission.

Winners – Team Hell No

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Antonio Cesaro vs Ted DiBiase

Ted knocks Cesaro down with a dropkick and tries to roll him up, then he runs towards the ropes but Cesaro backdrops him outside and throws him into the apron. Cesaro rolls him in and gets a near fall, then he hits a gutwrench slam and follows it with an inverted front facelock on the mat. Ted breaks the hold and knees him in the face, then he hits a sitout powerbomb and kicks Cesaro before heading up top. Cesaro uppercuts him on the way down, then he picks him up and hits the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner – Antonio Cesaro

Heath Slater (w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) vs Brodus Clay

Slater avoids a corner splash and he punches Brodus, but Brodus comes back with some strikes of his own and follows it with a snap suplex and an elbow drop. Slater comes back with a quick dropkick, then he puts Brodus in a front facelock but Brodus throws him across the ring then hits a few clotheslines and an exploder suplex. Brodus sets up for a big splash but Drew distracts him, so Brodus knocks him off the apron. Jinder jumps up on the other side so Brodus jumps at him, but Slater chop blocks his knees then he hits a DDT for the upset win.

Winner – Heath Slater

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