TNA Bound for Glory Results (10/14) – New Champions, Aces & Eights Member Revealed, Storm Gets Vengeance & More!

Mike Killam

If Ryan Wins, He Gets a TNA Contract
Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

Fans start a small "we want head" chant as the bell rings. Al Snow does something odd for pro wrestling, and stars in an ametuer wrestling position, giving Ryan the chance to take the first advantage. Ryan tries to lock up from behind, but Snow quickly counters out and slaps Ryan in the back of the head, humiliating him. Snow goes back to the mat again, and once again Joey Ryan fails to win the lock-up. Joey gets frustrated and backs snow into the corner, but eats a big slap to the face from the veteran trainer Al Snow. 

Ryan finally get an advantage and takes down Snow with a standing suplex. He of course takes some time to taunt in the corner, petting his creepy chest hair. Ryan does not let up though, and continues the pressure on Snow in the corner. Taz says that Ryan must have been improving, but that he wrestled "like a slug" on Gut Check. Snow finally makes a comeback, and scoops up his opponent for the body slam, but instead brings him down right on his neck. 

The crowd starts in with a "we want head" chant, and Taz makes a comment on the crowd being "horny". Snow grabs the head from under the ring, but the referee takes it away much to the frustration of the crowd. Joey Ryan attacks from behind, and pretends to make out with the head. Snow goes crazy on him and catches him int he ring apron, firing back with rights and lefts. Out of nowhere, Matt Morgan levels Al Snow with a Carbon Footprint, and rolls him back into the ring so Ryan can pick up the victory. 

Winner: Joey Ryan

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Daniels & Kazarian (c) vs. Kurt Angle & AJ STyles vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero

Daniels and Kazarian leave the ring as soon as the match starts, and allow AJ STyles and Chavo Guerrero to start things off. Styles puts Chavo in a headlock and brings him over to the corner, before tagging in Kurt Angle. Angle tags back in Styles, who quickly falls to a headlock takedown from Chavo, before he tags in Hernandez. Hernandez bodyslams Choav on top of AJ Styles, but only picks up a two-count. Kazarian finally gets back to the apron and tags himself back in, and the Champions are in this match for the first time. 

Styles gets Angle back in the match, and fires with big rights and lefts until tagging in Chavo Guerrero, who stomps the proverbial mudhole in Kazarian in the corner. The quick-tags are flying around like crazy now, with nobody staying in the match more than a few moments. It ends up with Styles and Daniels facing off, and Kazarian causing enough distraction for Daniels to take him down from behind. Another quick tag to Kazarian, who continues the double team beatdown on Styles as the fans chant "Appletini". The Champs with a leapfrog/clothesline/armdrag combo, and Kazarian locks in a half nelson as the crowd gets behind Styles. AJ powers out of the hold eventually, and plants Kaz with the Pele! Hot tags to Angle and Daniels! 

Angle clotheslines everyone around the ring, and german suplexes Daniels out of the ring. Angle tries for his triple germans on Kazarian, but Daniels breaks them up and sunset flips over Angle, only to get caught in the ankle lock! Kaz back to his feet to break it up, but Angle hits two more german suplexes! Chavo runs back in to break up a pin, but gets yet ANOTHER german suplex from Angle for his trouble. Angle is on fire until Daniels plants him with a DDT in the center of the ring. Styles tries to come to the aid of his partner, but gets the signature STO from one half of the Champions. Nobody is sure who the legal men in the ring are… 

All hell is breaking loose, and Hernandez leaps over the ropes to the outside, taking out the Champions. Hernandez back on the apron, but Kazarian springboards over the rope and hits a crazy hurricanrana-esk move to the outside on Supermex, but lands hard on his own shoulder. "Holy shit" chants are everywhere! AJ Styles sees nearly everyone huddled together, and goes up top, flying to the outside with a beautiful Swanton, to a new chorus of "TNA!" chants.

Finally back in the ring, Kurt Angle hits a big Angle Slam on Chavo, but the tag Champs break up the pinfall and go to work on Styles, who I believe is the legal man. Maybe. It's hard to tell; bodies are flying everywhere. Styles eventually counters Daniels, hitting the inverted DDT, but Hernandez tags himself in and gets the Border Toss on Daniels. Chavo Guerrero hits the Frog Splash, and Supermex gets the pin for the three-count. 

Winner, and NEW CHAMPIONS: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

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