10-5 Raw World Tour Event Results: Everett, WA

Josh Isenberg

AJ LeeThe show started off with AJ coming out and then was interrupted by CM Punk.  CM Punk said that since Cena was not there and was injured he wins by forfiet.  Punk starts skipping around the ring.  As he goes to leave, AJ announces that Punk will face the Big Show.  Punk is upset with this.  He then goes to leave again and she annouces that it will be in a steel cage match. 
Justin Roberts then annouces that if anyone would like a refund they have to do it before the 2nd match. 

Layla vs Kaitlyn vs Eve for the Divas Title

Really good match to start off the night.  Eve got the win after Layla kicked Kaitlyn in the side of the head then got the pin.
Xavier Woods vs Tensai

At first was thinking this was just going to be just a straight squash match.  But we were wrong, Woods put on a decent match getting it pretty good in on Tensai.  Tensai did however get the win.  The crowd gave Woods a decent pop after the match.

Team Hell No vs R Truth and Kofi w/ Little Jimmy for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Daniel Bryan really interacted with the crowd through the whole match.  Before the match Daniel Bryan argued with the  crowd while we were saying YES and he kept saying NO.  This was a back and forth match.  Kane had Truth in their corner stomping away. Bryan then would tag himself in and continued to stomp away at Truth.  This would continue on with with each other tagging themselves in.  Kane at one point was holding on to Kofi as Bryan came off the top rope and Kofi moved out of the way he hit Kane.  They argued for a bit.  Crowd was chatting Hug it Out.  Kane was willing to, but Bryan was not.  Kofi and R Truth then hug it out.  Then Kane comes over and hugs R Truth as Kofi is wondering was going on.  Then Kane hugs Kofi as Truth watches on.  Then the 3, Kofi, Truth and Kane hug in a 3 way.  After that the 3 try to invite Bryan to hug them in a 4 way.  Bryan runs to attack them but all 3 move out of the way.  Kane and Bryan argue a bit more.  Kane picks up the win as he choke slams Kofi.  After the match Kane has both the belts, as Bryan tries to get his belt, Kane wants a hug.  Bryan is still reluctant to give him one.  Bryan goes to leave the ring as he is crying and Kane brings him back to give him the belt and they finally hug it out.  Bryan then snags both belts and runs off.  Kane chases after him.

Brodus Clay vs Daimen Sandow

This was an ok match.  Sandow got his spots in the match.  There was even a spot as Sandow went to leave but Funketts stopped him from leaving and back him up back to ring.  Brodus would win the match with a splash.  Then kids came into the ring to dance. 

Santino vs Dean Ambrose

This was a decent match.  It was great to see Ambrose,  if only they finally moved him up to some TV time, this guy will be a star.  It was a disgrace that he lost to Santino.  Santino got the win after hitting him with the cobra finally although he miss a couple times.  He was trying to hit Ambrose with the cobra while he was a sleeper hold Ambrose would dodge some of the shots. 

Antonio Ceasaro vs Zack Ryder for the US Title in a Lumberjack match

Ceasaro spoke to the crowd as he got lots of heat.  Ryder then makes his way to the ring. At this point was wondering what type of match they were going to have, cause they had never announced it.  AJ then comes out to the ramp and announces the results of the poll.  Which is a lumberjack match.  The lumberjacks were Brodus, Santino, Woods, Kofi, Ambrose, Sandow, and Tensai. As Sandow comes back out he has his ribs taped up.  This was a fast paced match.  A couple times Ceasaro was out of the ring and Brodus and Santio would throw him back in the ring.   At one point Ryder was out of the ring and the heels were attacking him and the rest of the lumberjacks were all going at.  The lumberjacks fought their way back to the locker room.  Sandow ended up being the last lumberjack to be at ringside.  As Ceasaro would pick up the win on Ryder.

  Big Show vs CM Punk for the WWE title in a cage match

Crowd was really over for Big Show.  Match went back and forth.  Big Show had tried to escape the cage by the door.  As then Punk jumps over him to escape.  Almost makes it out but Show drags him back in.  Punk would hit a couple of Macho Man axe handles on Show.  At one point it looks like Punk was going to hit a Macho Man like elbow but then he decides to escape the cage by going over the top.  Show stops him and brings him back.  As they are on the top rope Punk chops him and and he falls down.  Then Show was able to bring Punk down as well.  Show then crawls his way to the door as he is about half way out.  Punk is exiting out of the cage from the other side.  As he drops dow to the floor before Show can exit the cage fully to pick up the win.  Punk then gets the mic and says he is the Best in the World.  He says he has beat John Cena, he has beat the Big Show. And that their is no one that can beat him.  At this point was thinking they were going to have Ryback come but never did.  Big Show and Punk then battle a bit more  on the outside before Show knocked out Punk with a punch.  Show then leaves.  Punk is out cold as they try to revive him, but there is no luck.  So they wonder how to get Punk to back.  They then grab a rolling box and put him on it.  As they try to take him back they can't exit on either side of the ramp so they try to push the cart up the ramp.  They get half way up and it ends up rolling back down the ramp and Punk goes flying off.  They pick him back up and put him on the cart.  This time they are able to make up the ramp. 
Once again Justin Roberts thanks everyone for coming out and hopes to see us again in the near future.
Best POPS-
Big Show (by far)
Brodus Clay
Most HEAT-
CM Punk (by far)
Daniel Bryan

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