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The following is the 8/25 ROH television report. The results come from Dave Musgrave and F4WOnline.com:

8/25/2012 ROH TV Report

The show opens with footage of Rhino and Truth Martini confronting Jim Cornette last week and Cornette making a match between Rhino and Eddie Edwards with the winner being granted a shot at the ROH World Title on September 15 in Chicago

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness introduce this week’s show from the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. They preview tonight’s main event of a six-man mayhem match with a shot at the ROH TV Title on September 15. Kelly then introduces the first match in the ROH Tag Team Title tournament.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander come to the ring followed by their opponents The Young Bucks who refuse to shake the hands of Coleman and Alexander. Matt Jackson shoves Alexander in the face to start and gets shoved in return. Matt charges and gets leg-tripped followed by a flying head-scissors from Alexander who gets whipped into the ropes but counters a sunset flip. Alexander tags Coleman and suplexes Matt as Coleman vaults in with a senton but gets Matt’s knees in his back. Matt tags Nick who works over Coleman with kicks. Coleman whips Nick into the ropes and hits him with a dropkick. Matt comes in and they attempt a double-team but Alexander makes the save, tossing Nick to the outside and giving Matt a dropkick. Coleman and Nick are in the ring and end up in the corner. Coleman hits a rolling series of three Northern Lights Suplexes and Nick kicks out of a pin attempt. Nick reverses and Irish Whip but eats an elbow. Coleman goes for a moonsault but Matt knocks his legs out from under him and Nick works him over with a wristlock and an elbow. The match goes to commercial break and upon return Nick drops Coleman across his knee as Matt hits a neckbreaker. Nick gets a near-fall and then rakes his knee across Coleman’s face and rakes his back. Matt tags in and taunts Alexander while Nick chokes Coleman. Matt does backflips toward the corner and rakes Coleman’s back before playing air guitar. He runs his shoulder into Coleman’s stomach repeatedly in the corner and then hits a Jackhammer. Matt runs Coleman’s head into Nick’s boot and then snapmares him into a prone position whiel Nick vaults in with a somersault. Nick taunts Alexander who runs in and the Bucks double-team Coleman while the referee is distracted. Coleman fights back with elbows and punches but Matt rakes his eyes. Coleman kicks Matt in the face and avoids a charging Nick. He jiumps over Matt in the corner and goes to tag Alexander but Nick pulls him out of the way preventing the tag. Matt spears Coleman setting him for a combination of Matt’s moonsault and Nick’s springboard Swanton. They continue to double-team but Coleman fights back and dropkicks Matt while hitting a Tornado DDT on Nick and then gets the tag. Alexander hits clotheslines and elbows on Matt and then hits a back-kick followed by a dropkick. Nick comes in and takes an enzuiguiri from Alexander who then hits a running dropkick on Matt in the corner. Alexander knocks Nick out of the ring with a forearm and avoids interference from Matt to hit a tope con giro on Nick outside. He then hits a springboard flying clothesline on Matt followed by a face-buster and a legdrop from Coleman. Matt kicks out of a pin attempt and Coleman sets Matt up on the turnbuckle and attempts a no-hands hurracanrana that is blocked. Nick hits a face-buster on Alexander followed by Matt’s neck-breaker for a near-fall. Matt gives Alexander a buckle-bomb into a head-kick from Nick. Coleman comes back in and saves Alexander, knocking Matt out of the ring and hitting an enzuiguri onto Nick on the top rope. Coleman hits a no-hands hurracanrana followed by a top rope splash from Alexander for the pinfall allowing Coleman and Alexander to advance to the second round. Kelly says it is an upset and the biggest win of their career. Veda Scott interviews them in the ring and Coleman says they came here about a year ago as nobodies but Baltimore, Maryland has made them somebodies. Coleman says that when they come back for fan appreciation after the finals they want to do so as ROH tag team champions and Alexander says Amen.

After a commercial break Kevin Kelly is in the ring with Charlie Haas and advises that they were expecting the ROH television debut of QT Marshall but Haas demanded interview time. Haas demands that Jim Cornette come to the ring as he has something to say about the tag team tournament. Cornette comes to the ring and says that he’s known Haas for fifteen years but he is sick and tired of people highjacking the show. Haas says that if he says anything that isn’t true Cornette can interrupt him but to otherwise listen. Haas says that the All-Night Express has destroyed the ROH tag team division and pissed all over the legacy of Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and all of the tag teams behind them. Haas says that he beat Rhett Titus within an inch of his life but because he tripped over the ropes Titus was able to score a 1-2-3 that was a fluke. Haas says that he and Shelton Benjamin came out and confronted the Express and demanded a rematch and Shelton wrapped a chair around Kenny King’s head and King tucked tail and ran. Cornette says that he suspended King for excessive violence. Haas says that Cornette put the tag team tournament together but should have had Rhett Titus vs Charlie Haas with the winner getting the tag titles. Cornette says he’s not going to do that. Titus’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Titus says that if anyone has a right to be mad it’s him. Titus says that Haas may have beaten him within an inch of his life but it was Titus who pinned him to win the titles. Haas says it was a fluke, everyone knows it including Titus’s five-year-old son who was in the front row crying. Haas says if he had his way he’d kick his ass right now. Cornette says they both have the right to pick a partner and Haas says he doesn’t want a partner, he wants Shelton back. Titus says he’s faced adversity before and he’ll face it again. Titus says he’ll find himself a partner and win back the ROH tag team title. Haas says good luck with that and says that he has a partner for him who is the best tag team technician in the world who may show him something about wrestling. Haas says it is himself and dares Titus to pick him as his partner. Haas says they can make their way through the tournament, make their way to the finals and win the titles and then face each other for the titles when Haas will kick his ass. The fans start chanting for Rhett and Cornette says he’s not going to allow this to go on. Titus says he doesn’t like Haas but he likes his idea. Titus says that they’re going to win the tournament and afterward he’s going to kick Haas’s ass. Haas asks to clarify that they’re going to be partners and Titus says that he is going to team with him but he woudn’t say they’re partners.

After a commercial break Tadarius Thomas comes to the ring followed by his opponent GT Marshall who takes the microphone and says that he is God’s Gift to Professional Wrestling. The “Tale Of The Tape” shows that Thomas is 31 and Marshall is 26. Thomas goes to shake hands but Marshall slaps his hand away. Marshall goes for a kick but Thomas spins around and hits him with an elbow. Thomas hits a spinning kick to Marshall’s head and attempts a spinning legdrop but Marshall gets out of the way. Thomas does hit a spinning superkick but Marshall takes him into the corner. Thomas gets to the top rope and hangs back with a cross armbreaker on Marshall that gets broken up due to being in the ropes. They’re back in the ring and the referee holds Thomas back and Marshall hits him in the face with a running boot and then stomps on him in the corner. Marshall gives Thomas a bodyslam followed by an elbow-drop. Marshall then steps on Thomas’ throat and kicks him in the head. Thomas fights back with a forearm and cartwheels out of a snapmare from Marshall and hits an elbow. Marshall takes out Thomas with a clothesline followed by a vertical suplex. Kelly and McGuinness are hyping Thomas as a practitioner of the martial art Capoeira from Brazil as seen in the movie Bloodsport. Thomas kicks out of a pin attempt and Marshall applies a chinlock. Thomas fights back with punches but takes a dropkick from Marshall who then lays in with punches in the corner. Thomas starts hitting backfists and gets whipped into the corner where he flips up and kicks Marshall in the head. Thomas then starts punching Marshall and hits a series of kicks followed by a back elbow in the corner. Thomas leaps over Marshall in the corner. They criss-cross and Thomas hits a flying clothesline. On their feet and they both go for a chokeslam but Thomas fights out and hits a series of spin-kicks before getting dropped throat-first on the top ropes. Marshall then hits an Alabama Slam for the pinfall.

After a commercial break on “Inside Ring Of Honor” Kelly reviews last week’s anything-goes match between Rhino and Eddie Edwards for the ROH title shot in Chicago. Footage is shown of Rhino hitting Edwards with a gore into the table and Kelly says that Edwards was hospitalized with cracked ribs and a cracked sternum and on doctors’ orders will be out of action through September. Kelly says that ROH Champion Kevin Steen has said he’ll be ready for Rhino. Steen is interviewed with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs. Steen says that in 1999 Corino discovered somebody and introduced him to ECW and it was Rhino and Corino says “You’re right champ.” Steen says that in 2004 Corino discovered Steen in Quebec City and Corino says “You’re right champ.” They make fun of the fans yelling “Gore! Gore! Gore!” at Rhino and Steen says that in Chicago the fans will be yelling “Oh my God! We need help for Rhino! Call the cops! Oh no, Rhino’s Dead! Dead!”

Kelly says that on September 15 in Chicago the semi-finals and finals of the tag team tournament will take place. Kelly says that next week Charlie Haas and Rhett Titus will take on the Guardians of Truth with Truth Martini who is interviewed. Martini says that the Book of Truth says that hate is a counter-productive emotion. Martini says it is no secret that Haas and Titus hate each other but the Guardians of Truth show honor, truth and loyalty to each other. Martini tells Haas and Titus to learn to love each other because otherwise it will be their downfall.

Kelly says that there is an open spot in the other first round match next week against the Bravado Brothers. Kelly says that in two weeks the other first round match-up will see Jay and Mark Briscoe face Blk-Out of Black Jeez and Ruckus. The Briscoes are interviewed and Jay says that they could care less about ANX and don’t give a damn about Haas and Benjamin and all people need to know is the Briscoes are in the tournament. Jay says that the Briscoes are kind of like the Michael Phelps of ROH. Mark asks Jay if he remembers the time they went to Michael Phelps’ house and he had that big ol’ long glass- Jay cuts him off and says he can’t say that on television. Jay says they’re going to ride this all the way to Chicago. Mark then starts yelling and the interview ends.

After a commercial break the participants are in the ring for the six-man mayhem match including TJ Perkins, Tomasso Ciampa, Jay Lethal, Mike Mondo, Roderick Strong and Mike Bennett. The winner of the match will face ROH TV Champion Adam Cole at Death Before Dishonor on September 15. All six men start brawling to begin and the camera follows Lethal and Ciampa on the outside while Perkins and Strong face off in the ring. Perkins ducks a clothelines and then hits a spinning head-scissors. Perkins gfets whipped into the ropes and cathcs himself. Bennett comes in and gets leg-tripped by Perkins who starts to apply a leg-lock but gets chopped by Strong. Perkins gets up with the leg-lock on Bennett and hits an overhead belly-to-belly on Strong who gets out of the ring. Bennet whips Perkins into the corner and hits a clothesline followed by a neckbreaker. Perkins rolls out and Lethal comes in and exchanges punches. Lethal gets out of the way of a charging Bennett and then hits a second rope dropkick to knock him off the apron. Ciampa hits Lethal from behind and they criss-cross with Lethal hitting a hiptoss. Lethal hits him a chop and then ducks a clothesline. Lethal goes for a handspring but gets cut off by a dropkick from Ciampa. Mondo comes in and backslides Ciampa and then hits a series of roll-ups on him before driving his face into the mat. Mondo takes out guys on the apron with clotheslines and then exchanges punches with Ciampa. Mondo ends up on the apron where Ciampa charges him but Mondo hits a rolling neckbreaker on Ciampa on the floor. Strong rolsl Mondo into the ring and hits him with chops. Mondo reveres an Irish whip but Roderick hits him with an enzuiguiri in the corner. Strong picks him up on his shoulders but Mondo rolls off only to get hit with a spinning elbow. Lethal comes in but takes a knee to the race. Mondo throws Strong onto the cangas and then kicks his head. Bennett comes in and hits a spinebuster but Perkins comes in and stretches Bennett. Ciampa kicks Perkins in the head and gets superkicked by Lethal. Strong attempts a spinning elbow on Lethal but gets hit with the Lethal Combination. Lethal goes to the top rope but Ciampa throws him to the ousdie. Perkins kicks Ciampa who then kicks Perkins in the head. Perkins picks up Ciampa and this a detonation kick. Strong comes in and they exchange attempts at offense until Strong drops Perkins across his knees. Bennett then comes in and exchanges punches with Strong but gets kicked in the face. Bennett hits a spear and the pin gets broken up by Mondo who starts punching Bennett. Mondo gets taken to the mat and Bennett mounts him and hits punches. Mondo gets up and hits a double-arm DDT for the pinfall and the win, earning the title shot in Chicago against champion Adam Cole.

The show was a lot of fun this week. It was obvious by the amount of times I had to stop to catch up that the opening tag was quite busy but I don’t think it went too far, at least not within the ROH style. The match between Marshall and Thomas was a lot of fun and although I am fine with Marshall getting a push I do think Thomas could end up being a hot act for them with his flashy offensive that plays really well on t.v. I actually think he and Marshall could do well as long-term opponents for each other if they are both with ROH for a period of time. The main event was ok and I do think Mondo against Cole is a good match for the ippv.

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