Detailed Report from 8/24 Raw House Show; Barrett Wrestles, Punk/Cena & More

Mike Killam

WWE RawA big thanks to Wrestlezone reader Jacob Smith, who was on hand for last night's WWE Raw house show event in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and sent in the following results:

WWE returns to the Show-Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for the first time since 2009. This was the first house show in this location in which they'd used the house show stage and lighting. The arena was roughly 75% After the National Anthem had concluded, Tensai's entrance music hit and Justin Roberts announced a match for one fall. Tyson Kidd was introduced as his opponent. Tensai dominated the majority of the match until Kidd hit a few spots in which he jumped from the apron to the outside connecting with Tensai. Later on in the match, while Tensai was focused on yelling at the crowd, Kidd snuck up and rolled Tensai up for a 3 count.

Kidd defeats Tensai via pin fall

Kidd made his way toward the back as Tensai remained in the ring with a scowl on his face as he requested the mic from Justin Roberts. Tensai proceeded to call Kidd's victory lucky and challenged any other wrestler in the back to another match. This resulted in Big E. Langston to come out and Roberts announced this as another one fall match. The crowd was not very happy to have Tensai wrestle two matches as Tensai's heat was significantly greater during this bout. Langston was able to get the crowd on his side. Tensai and Langston both traded momentum. Langston eventually picked Tensai up like a military press which resulted in Tensai falling on top of him. Langston seemingly took the most damage from this move, but still went for the cover getting the three count.

Langston defeats Tensai via pin fall

The next began following a few promotions of tout and the WWE app. David Otunga entered the ring and did his usual muscle poses, receiving heat in return from the crowd. Alex Riley made his way to the ring as his opponent. This match featured Otunga looking quite strong against Riley. Otunga smothered most of Riley offense and taunted him often, at one point grabbing his chin, yelling in his face and then slapping him. Riley eventually got his break and connected with his spinebuster. This match dragged on longer than needed and Justin Roberts and the ref, Charles Robinson, didn't appear to be on the same with the time. This miscommunication resulted in the match coming to abrupt end with Riley getting a three count after a weak flying clothesline off the top rope.

Alex Riley defeats Otunga via pin fall

Following this match, the crowd was urged to vote for the stipulation in the tag team championship match that was taking place later in the show; street fight or 2/3 falls. After this promotion, Aksana made her entranced and the match was announced as a Divas Championship match. Layla's entrance followed Aksana's. The highlight of this match was when Aksana who was frustrated with getting beat around by Layla got on all floor and covered her head from the abuse. The resulted in Layla spanking Aksana.

Layla defends against Aksana via pin fall

Prime Time Players appear on one of the small screens and trash talk the town of the event and promise they'll leave this awful town as tag champions. R-Truth's music hits and makes his rapping entrance, followed by Kofi, and then PTP. The match was announced to be a street fight. R-Truth began yelling "What's Up" followed by the crowd chanting it as well. Titus tried getting the crowd to repeat after him like R-Truth but only received heat. The two started the match for their teams. The match played out as a typical tag match with PTP dominating R-Truth, secluding him from the hot tag, Kofi. The match eventually broke down after PTP were sent to the outside by the teamwork of Kofi and R-Truth. But as R-Truth climbed down the apron to attack Darrin, he was hit with a kendo stick by Titus O'Neil who'd recovered it from under the ring. Later Young and Truth were the legal men when Titus tossed the kendo stick into the ring to Young. R-Truth intercepted the pass and took a swing at Young, who ducked and stole the kendo stick back. He whacked Truth twice more. He then hit his gut buster finisher and covered for a three count. The bell rang and the PTP were announced as new tag champions. AJ Lee's music then hit and came out announcing that the PTP had cheated because Truth's foot was on the apron but Titus had knocked it off from the outside, therefore the match would be restarted. As soon as the bell rang again, Kofi hit Titus with the Trouble in Paradise and Truth hit his finisher on Young, obtaining the three count.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defend against the Prime Time Players via pin fall

After this was a fifteen minute intermission. When the show began again, Wade Barrett's music hit. He came to the ring and cut a promo about how he spent his previous six months going back to his roots of fighting. He proclaimed he was the toughest man in the WWE. Curt Hawkins' music hit and the match was scheduled for one fall. Hawkins is now apparently face without Reks. Barrett controlled the match up looking very strong. He hit the Winds of Change for the pin fall.

Wade Barrett defeats Curt Hawkins via pin fall

The next match was slated as a US Championship match. Cesaro's opponent was Ryder. Ryder and Cesaro both looked good in this match up. Ryder hit his usual signature moves, minus the Rough Rider. Aksana was ringside arguing with the crowd and at times tending to Cesaro. Cesaro eventually hit his finisher for the pin fall.

Cesaro defends against Ryder via pin fall

After a merchandise advertisement segment by Roberts, he announced Cena, Punk and Show for the main event in an extreme rules triple threat for the WWE Championship. The crowd was very more pro Cena than it was anti Cena and there was never the usual "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks." The crowd was equally in favor for Punk. The match began with Show dominating, hitting his "Shhh" chest chops and later a double suplex. He was then taken out of action for a few minutes after Cena hit him with steel steps. Cena slid back into the ring as he and Punk stared down one another. This caught a rouse from the crowd. The two then got into a punching duel. Finally Cena was able to score offense on Punk but his pin fall was broken up by Show. Show through Cena through the ropes as he sold there for awhile. In the mean time, Punk and Show fought one another. Punk hit Show with four straight running knees in the corner but the bulldog to follow was unsuccessful. Show pushed Punk into the turnbuckle and when he turned around, he was hit with a chokeslam by Show. This pin fall was broken up by Cena. Cena then had his turn with Show hitting some signature moves including the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Following this move, Cena set up to hit an AA on Show, but had his legs taken out by Punk. Cena rolled out of the ring and Punk hit his top rope elbow drop. Later on, with Punk laying low outside by the apron, Cena hit Big Show with an AA. Punk quickly slipped in and hit Cena with the WWE championship and covered Show for the 3 count.

Punk defends against John Cena, Big Show via pin fall

Cena laid in the ring selling as Punk celebrated. He proceeded to grab the mic and claim what a respect worthy performance he'd just displayed. At this point, Punk lost the majority of the crowd drawing pretty good heat. Cena staggered to his feet. Punk, talking into the mic, said he'd do the respectful thing and shake Cena's hand. Cena was tentative about accepting this offer and went to the crowd for advice. Cena then yanked Punk's hand and then hit him with the AA, made a victory lap around the ring and then left to the back. Punk slowly made his way to the back as well. This was the end of the show.

Biggest Pops:
Cena, Punk, Ryder, Kofi and R-Truth.

Most heat:
Big Show, Tensai, Barrett, Otunga, Cesaro, and Punk when he began speaking to the crowd at the end.

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