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The following press release has been issued:

Official write up for Balls/New Jack Face Off Volume 14 No Title Necessary

Face off volume 14….New Jack/Balls NO TITLE NECESSARY

This is as real as it gets outside of the pro wrestling rings. Every once in a while you have two very strong personalities that just don't like each other. Someone might start something and usually it ends up in a fist fight inside the locker room which is the case we have had here between New Jack and Balls Mahoney in Philly at the ECW reunion show in June of 2012.

The only thing about this feud is it never ended the night they fought. It was left unfinished, until the night RFVIDEO brought them together for one of the most unforgettable DVD's of all time and you can watch it unfold like never before, as we have 3 cameras and wireless mics and lighting all over the place picking up all the action.

This DVD starts out with both men pulling up to the undisclosed location at the time and our camera crew was there to meet them and get their thoughts on what was about to happen. We followed them as they both entered into separate doors to the venue to be met by a real life police officer who conducted full body searches.

From there we kept them separated until it was time to have them FACE to FACE!!!

What happened over the course of the DVD will never be recaptured again….there were no scripts, there were no angles this was all 100% real life and it blows away any reality show I have seen to date.

We had everyone involved sign waivers, as no matter what our cameras captured, we wanted to be able to release the footage without and legal ramifications in case it went crazy. This was done in a great location where NOBODY could stop it or kick us out of the venue if things went crazy. Everything would be documented for you the wrestling fan.

You are going to want to order two copies of this DVD because you will ware out your first copy from watching it so much….RF VIDEO promises you and guarantees this DVD will live up to all the hype. If there is one DVD you must own it's this one right here. As a bonus we are adding some matches between the two and there will be some other bonus footage on the DVD as well!!!!

Face Off 14 Balls and New Jack No Title Necessary just upped the anty in our reality series and after you view it, you will see why!!!!!!!!

When I first came up with the Face Off DVD idea, I always wanted it to stick out more than just our shoot interviews. I thought it would be special by pairing up unique wrestling personalities together and pretty much just giving them the floor. Our first one ever was with Raven and the HTM and we have had 13 others before we shot what we did on Monday night with Balls and New Jack.

Well this Face Off is unlike the other 13 titles that we have released. There was to be NO script. We took two men who are known to be insane, crazy and hot headed and who have real life issues outside of the ring together. This was to make for a toxic mix and I knew if I wanted to do anything with the two, I would honestly be risking that something could go horribly wrong. I was playing with fire and a open bottle of dripping gasoline on Monday night.

What we captured will NEVER ever be topped and that is a fact. To those of you who think this was a work or fake, I dare you to get the DVD and tell me that after you watch it. You are 110% wrong and I just wanted to give you a inside look on how this all went down. Like I have said in my other posts, I will put my companies reputation on the line here and say NOTHING about this was planned, rehearsed or anything else. Yes this is Pro Wrestling but when we shot this DVD, we thought outside the bubble and we had to make this as legit as possible.

The history is well documented before we even conducted our shoots with New Jack and Balls earlier this year. The heat started down in Florida and New Jack started his rants about Balls on his Facebook wall which lead to us doing a interview about other subjects and eventually Jack ripped Balls apart on our DVD with him Menace to Sobriety. In response Balls called us, we did not call him and wanted to give his side of the stories which he did on his Balls 2012 interview. During that interview Balls dropped the N bomb which led to a real life fist fight backstage at the ECW reunion show in June right here in Philly. That fight was as real as it got in which Jack pulled a machete on Balls after landing tons of blows to his face. Balls did not fight back because his kid and GF was there with him. Many people were in the room when this all went down. If you get the DVD of the show that night I am sure you can see Balls face had bruises on it.

A few days passed and that is when one night at like 2:30 AM I started to think what if I could get those two together to sit down and talk it out. So I called New Jack because he never sleeps, and gave him the idea. All I heard was laughing on the other end of the phone as he said that there was no way that Balls would agree to it. I told Jack that money talks and to give me a few days. I called Balls up and it took him a few days to get back to me. The first thing that Balls asked me was "how much is the pay day." I told him how much he would get and he than told me he needed to talk it over with his wife. He also went on to tell me that he didn't fight back that night because of his family and that if there was ever a next time that it would not be the same.

I told New Jack that Balls had to think of it and Jack said just give him the date and place and he would be there. Finally Balls called me back and told me that he really needed the money, and his wife was really against the idea. She did not want him to do this but he told her he was going to go thru with it anyway. I wanted this to be a safe environment so I figured I would get some actual police to be involved. I know many local police from the gym that I go to so I asked a few if they wanted to earn some extra money on the side and they told me they had to clear it with their office.

I informed Balls that I would hire real life cops to be at the scene when we conducted this interview and he really liked that idea. He did not trust New Jack at all. He said that there would actually be no way he would do this interview if Jack was not searched all the way and he said he wanted NOBODY allowed into the venue.

The next thing was trying to figure out where to do this at. There was no way I was filming this at my office for obvious reasons. I did not need a all out brawl go take place and my office to get destroyed. Renting out a hotel room would have lasted 5 minutes before we were thrown out due what I knew could happen. THANK GOD I DID NOT DO THAT WHICH YOU WILL SEE WHY WHEN YOU GET THE DVD!!!!

So I called CZW owner DJ Hyde and I asked him if I could rent his school out. I hated the idea to do it there because its a "wrestling" atmosphere and maybe it would lend to the idea it was a work, but trust me that was not my intention. His school is the perfect spot because its out in the open, he owns it and NOBODY could hear you scream or fight and we would not have to worry about getting shut down if it got out of hand. That was the only reason we picked his school and to be honest I like DJ a lot as a person as he is one of those guys who are good for the business and I wanted to give him a pay day to help him out as DJ has done us a lot of favors.

So now it was time to pick a date. New Jack had a indy show down in Florida and Balls had a lot to do over the summer with his kid. For most of July we just went back and fourth with the idea and near the end of July I basically gave up. I started to think that this would be to much work and a huge risk. I toyed with the idea of doing it on IPPV but I thought it would be a horrible idea for a few reasons. My first reason would be what if it went bad and ended in 5 minutes like a UFC fight. I did not want to do our very first IPPV and have to refund everyone. I also did not want to do a IPPV because I honestly thought about the legal ramifications of the public watching an assault take place and that there would be maybe 1000 witnesses.

When the month of August started I reached out to Balls and I just got the vibe that he did not want to really do the DVD. He would take a while to return my calls and I could tell when we did talk he was really nervous about being anywhere around New Jack. He did not trust him and he had valid points. Balls even tried to text Jack to make sure Jack would not do anything but we all thought of what happened to Vic Grimes on that XPW show when Jack threw him from the scaffold.

I would talk to Balls like 3 times a week around the 2nd week of August and he told me if Jack did anything to him he would fight back and end the interview and still want his pay day. I agreed to his demands and I told Jack that if he were to do anything at all to Balls I would not pay him. Honeslty I thought that would stop Jack but than again Jack would care more about doing something to get his name out there more than a pay day. He would not be face to face with Balls for the first time and if he were to do something to him, it would make his reputation more infamous.

I also put in our deal that no matter what would happen both men could not stop me from showing the footage nor hold me or my company responsible. If I was going to invest in this shoot, I wanted to be able to show the footage and also have zero risk with lawsuits. They both agreed to that.

So last week I talked to everyone once again and we all agreed that Monday would work best for us.

Well on Sunday night I got a few calls from both guys, and I knew from talking to New Jack that he was ready to hand Balls his ass and was just looking for the moment to do it. I also told Balls the same thing and Balls told me if Jack did anything again like he did in Philly he would not just sit there this time and we would have a incident on our hands.

On Monday we headed down to the set where we were filming all of this and Jack called me from the bar and told me when we were ready to call him. I could tell he had been drinking which was not going to be good for Balls. Balls also called me that night and said he would be a hour late which I thought would upset New Jack even more.

We shot this like no other DVD before with 3 cameras, wireless miss and lighting. We had New Jack text me before he got to the venue so we could film his arrival. I won't even say what happened when he showed up.

Balls arrived about 20 minutes later than Jack and we had cameras ready as he pulled in the lot as well. We had cameras on mics on everyone as soon as they got there and you will see a lot of behind the scenes footage before the two actual came Face to Face.

What we captured on video was simply amazing and by far the most tense situation I have ever been around. At one point I ran out of the set and everyone was shaken up really bad. I will not ruin the DVD and what transpired but I promise you that NOTHING was staged once again and you will all get your moneys worth. You should order two copies from us because you will probably wear your first one out from watching it so much.

We will keep you posted on the release date for this title. Face Off 14 Balls/New Jack No Title Needed will be on sale soon. The DVD will be available for purchase at and

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