WWE Smackdown Results (7/19) – Eight Man Tag Match, Bryan/AJ On The Peep Show, Rey Mysterio’s In-Ring Return

Bill Pritchard

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Hunico, Camacho & Prime Time Playas (w/ AW)
vs Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Primo & Epico (w/ Rosa Mendes)

Hunico locks up with Epico and sweeps his legs, but Epico comes back with an armbar and backs him into the corner. Hunico hits a shoulder block and runs the ropes, then he counters a monkey flip with a sidewalk slam. Primo tags in and gets a near fall after a springboard dive, then Camacho makes the tag and backs him into the corner. Camacho rams his shoulder into Primo, then he stomps him and whips him across the ring. Primo avoids a clothesline and tries to steal a rollup, then Truth blindtags in and drops Camacho with a right hand. He dances around and hits a jumping legdrop for a near fall, then Camacho powers him into the corner but Truth knocks him back.

A quick brawl erupts but ends as AW’s team is thrown out of the ring, then they regroup as we go to a commercial. When we return, Kofi is in control of Camacho, then he hits a Boom Drop and calls for Trouble In Paradise. Hunico grabs his leg to distract him and Camacho hits a spinebuster, then he stomps him in the corner and tags out. Hunico connects with a springboard senton for a near fall, then he tags Titus and he works him over in the corner before bodyslamming him. Titus slams him back on the mat for a near fall, then he puts him in an abdominal stretch and punches Kofi in the kidneys.

Young comes in and tries to attack but Kofi kicks him in the head and pulls the ropes down to sending a charging Titus out to the floor. Primo gets the hot tag and hits a springboard elbow and a legdrop, then he does a back handspring and attacks Young in the corner.  Young whips him across the ring but Primo rebounds with a corkscrew dive, then Hunico and Camacho both break up a pin attempt. Truth and Kofi clear the ring and Primo knocks Young back down, but AW distracts him while Titus shoves him off the top rope and Young hits a leaping gutbuster for the win.

Winners – Hunico, Epico & Prime Time Players

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