OVW Saturday Night Special Results (7/7) – TNA Gut Check Contestant Wins Title, Abyss Makes An Appearance

Bill Pritchard

6. Mohamad Ali Vaez w/Josette Bynum beat Flash Flanagan to win the OVW TV title

This was a pivotal point of the show. Mohamad Ali Vaez is, or he was, one of Bynum's "Family" members, but in a twist a few weeks ago, Danny Davis picked Vaez to represent the OVW side in the TV title match to mess with Bynum. It was a brilliant move because Vaez is in absolute love with the OVW TV title, even more than he loves the "Family", which became evident tonight. Bynum wanted Vaez to just lay down and lose here, because if he did, it was over, and Jo-VW would have won the series, and had total control of OVW. Vaez was originally supposed to face Raul Lamotta here, because Danny Davis instead picked Vaez after Vaez and Lamotta were the last two left in a battle royal to determine the last two for the TV title tonight, but that went away thanks to the weak booking here lately, and Bynum refused to pick Lamotta. Somehow, she ended up with Flash Flanagan as her pick tonight, which was never explained. Flash is completely bald right now. The crowd was very loud here, chanting a lot of Ali, and even more chants of "8 8 8 8", because Vaez was going for his 8th time of winning the OVW TV title here, even though it's only actually the 6th time in reality. This was the first title Ken Wayne held up here several weeks ago, following a Vaez vs Jamin Olivencia match with a controversial finish, which Vaez won, but Wayne then immediately ordered the TV title held up. Vaez did not look happy at the thought of just laying down and losing to Flanagan for the sake of "The Family", but he finally slowly did, after a few minutes of being ordered to do so by Josette Bynum. But Vaez then kicked out before the three count, and the match was on, much to the disgust of Bynum. The match went back and forth for a bit. Flash gave Vaez the snake eyes on the top turnbuckle. Vaez went up top, which is somewhat rare for him, but Bynum shoved him off. But Vaez then hit his running neckbreaker finisher to beat Flanagan, and win the OVW for the 8th time, even though it's not actually 8, to a huge pop, and a babyface turn for Vaez. I don't know if he's ever been a babyface before, but the crowd was behind him all the way here. Vaez even shook hands with Dean Hill after the match, and there's been bad blood there for years, since Hill lost his trademark handlebar mustache to the Insurgency. Vaez did still leave thru the heel side though.

OVW 3 Jo-VW 3

7. "Smooth" Johnny Spade won a 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match to win the OVW Heavyweight title

And so it all came down to this main event to decide who was going to control OVW, Danny Davis or Josette Bynum. Elvis Pridemore again did a crackerjack job strapping the cage together, seemingly effortlessly standing on top of the ringposts to do it. This is a large cage they have here. Danny Davis and Ken Wayne were both on the floor watching this one, and Josette Bynum and Prince Bolin were at ringside. Rob Terry was the OVW Heavyweight champion, cheating to beat Johnny Spade to win it, but was stripped of the title by Ken Wayne a few weeks ago. Danny Davis thanked the crowd for their years of support before the match if his side didn't win, but said with the crowds help, they could win this, and then called Josette Bynum a "B!tch" yet again, so the crowd chanted that at her. Bynum was wearing the classic "Nightmare" like star shaped makeup around her eye. Chris Sharpe was the ref here, and he was recently a heel ref here for Bynum, but now seems to have gone back to being a normal ref again, with no explanation either way. The first guys in the ring were Michael Hayes vs BS 2.0 member Joe Coleman. Hayes with an MMA like submission sleeper on Coleman early. Hayes then hit a diamond cutter to beat Coleman pretty quickly. In next for Jo-VW was another BS 2.0 member, Jack Black. Hayes hit a diamond cutter on Black to beat him quickly as well. Bynum was yelling at, and even swinging at, Prince Bolin on the floor for the poor performances by his men in this gauntlet match thus far. Bolin had no answers for her. In next was yet another BS 2.0 member, Rocco Bellagio. Hayes hit a codebreaker on Bellagio, but his fake leg got knocked off in the process. Bellagio hit Hayes on the jaw with his own fake leg, but Hayes kicked out. Hayes went for yet another diamond cutter, but Bellagio slipped out of it, and hit a chokeslam to beat and eliminate Hayes. In next for Danny Davis' side was James "Moose" Thomas, who used to be a tag partner of Bellagio when he was in BS 2.0 himself as a heel. He's all babyface now though. Both guys went for their finishers, but neither could hit them. Moose caught Bellagio in a crippler crossface submission, but Bellagio somehow made it to the ropes. Moose then missed a Vader bomb, and Bellagio pinned him. In next for Davis was Trailer Park Trash, who had his left knee heavily bandaged up in a makeshift fashion, and it seemed to be bothering him legit. TPT with a sloppy DDT on Bellagio. TPT missed on his top rope legdrop finisher. Bellagio then ran TPT headfirst into the cage and pinned him. Bellagio looked impressive here peeling off three wins in a row. In next however for the Danny Davis side was TNA's "Monster" Abyss, who Davis shocked everyone when he announced Abyss as coming in as a ringer for his side this past Wednesday at TV. Abyss is a big dude in person. Abyss thru his warm up jacket over the cage, and it got stuck on a light fixture up there, and stayed there. Abyss beat Bellagio quickly with a sidewalk slam. In next for Jo-VW was Jason Wayne, wearing new trunks. Wayne went up top, and took Abyss down with an elbow to the jaw, but Abyss then beat Wayne after a big chokeslam. Rob Terry was the last member of Jo-VW to enter the gauntlet. Two big bulls squaring off here. After a struggle, Terry gave Abyss a powerslam. Terry then took control. Abyss with a chokeslam, but Terry kicked out. Terry then pinned Abyss after a chokeslam of his own. Terry and Abyss were really clunky in there together, and both were clearly not used to working with each other. It wasn't pretty. Abyss stayed in the ring and slammed Terry down after he lost, to cause "damage" as he promised in his promo on Wednesday. "Smooth" Johnny Spade was the last man in representing OVW, and so the whole ball of wax came down to Terry vs Spade here. Spade came right in and hit a Swanton, but Terry kicked out. Crowd was chanting for OVW. Bynum tried to climb the cage, which distracted Spade, allowing Terry to take command. Terry rubbed Spade's face into the cage. Several OVW babyfaces came to ringside to cheer on Johnny Spade, and the crowds chants got louder. Mohamad Ali Vaez came to the floor, wearing an OVW shirt. Yep, he's a face now. Terry with a powerslam, but Spade kicked out. Spade nailed Terry with two superkicks to win the match, regain the OVW heavyweight title for the second time in his long career, and win OVW back for Dabby Davis, all in one fell swoop. Spade works with Rob Terry way better than Abyss did, night and day difference really, but Spade has worked with him several times in the past too. Big pop for the finish. Josette Bynum was on her knees, crying. All the babyfaces went into the cage to celebrate with Spade and Davis, with some climbing in over the top of the cage to get there. Referee Chris Sharpe and Mohamad Ali Vaez were both in the cage making friends with the good guys. Dean Hill led the crowd in the "na na na goodbye" song to Bynum.

Final tally: OVW 4 Jo-VW 3

A good show overall, even with the overbearing temperature. I hope the booking, and things in general, can get back to normal here for awhile. Josette Bynum did a good job in the heel authority figure role, but it's a role I'm so beyond sick of in pro wrestling in general.

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