OVW Saturday Night Special Results (7/7) – TNA Gut Check Contestant Wins Title, Abyss Makes An Appearance

Bill Pritchard

3. Tony Gunn beat Raphael Constantine w/Two ladies in a "Bear on a pole" match

Yes you read that right, a bear on a pole match. Ralphie the stuffed bear to be exact. He's been Tony Gunn's prized possession for a long time, but Raphael Constantine stole him awhile back for his ladies, and named the bear "Raffie", short for Raphael. Since then Gunn, and his sidekick Nick Dumyer, have chased Constantine and his ladies all over the Davis arena trying to get the bear back, with no luck, so Ken Wayne ordered this match tonight. Gee thanks Ken, Russo loves ya pally! Constantine's ladies came out tonight with large falsies over their boobs that had eyeballs all over them…Heh. Husky referee Josh Ashcraft had a harrowing time clipping the bear to the pole. Ashcraft looked as unsteady as man can possibly look on the top rope, but somehow managed not to fall. Both guys made attempts for the bear right away here. Gunn took control, and hit Constantine with his Alabama slam finisher. Gunn went for Raplhie, but Constantine's ladies caused Gunn to be crotched in the corner. Gunn's "dog" Nick Dumeyer came out, and forced the ladies to the back with his invisible shotgun. No really, he did. Constantine tied Gunn to the tree of woe, and went for the bear, but Gunn gave Constantine a German suplex off the top rope. Both guys back up in the turnbuckle fighting for the bear. Constantine got knocked off after being sent into the pole, and Gunn retrieved his precious Ralphie to win the match, and score a point for OVW. Constantine made another attempt to get Ralphie back again after the match, but Dumeyer tipped Gunn off to thwart it. Gunn then laid Constantine out by hitting him with Ralphie, who has been known to have a brick inside of him on a few occasions in the past, and maybe tonight too.

OVW 2 Jo-VW 1

4. Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Epiphany to win the OVW Women's title in an evening gown match

Ken Wayne stripped Epiphany of the OVW Women's title a few weeks ago for no good reason, and the winner of the vacant title tonight would be the lady that strips the other down to her bar and panties first. The evening gown dealio was added this past Wednesday at TV, with no explanation as to why. Taeler Hendrix came out wearing a multicolored mermaidish like evening gown, with purple high heels. Epiphany came out in a black evening gown and a red rose in her hair, wearing plaid high heels. Dylan Bostic was ejected by referee Chris Sharpe early on for interfering. Sharpe was knocked down when Epiphany had Hendrix in an airplane spin, so Bostic snuck back out and ripped Epiphany's dress off of her, so Sharpe declared Hendrix the winner when he saw Epiphany in her bra and panties. An angry Epiphany stripped Hendrix out of her dress after the match, and then pulled Dylan Bostic's pants off for good measure, but Hendrix is once again the ladies champ here, and this also scored another point for the Jo-VW side.

OVW 2 Jo-VW 2

They aired a funny video that played on the most recent TV show of Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver in their mobile home, with their mom, and McNaler's girlfriend Brittany DeVore, who are both trying to get the "boys" to make up, and be the "Mobile Homers" again. This is to be continued.

5. "The Best Team Ever" Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz beat "The Mascara Mafia" Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa in a ladder match to win the OVW Southern tag team titles

Godderz and Switchblade, who are now wearing matching "Best team ever" trunks, were stripped of the tag titles several weeks ago here by Ken Wayne, but since both are members of the Josette Bynum "Family", she selected them to represent her side in this match tonight. Danny Davis selected Paredyse & Espinosa, who after a long feud with each other, where Espinosa had to admit he was gay at the end of, then had a ceremony together to become "partners"….I guess Josh Ashcraft was paying dues tonight because again he was the one made to climb the ladder to attach the tag belts to the chain hanging from the ceiling, and again he looked far less then thrilled, and quite unsteady legit, up on a ladder. This match sold out the curtain, as several wrestlers were watching this one from upstairs. Paredyse came out here wearing a tutu. Both teams jockeying for position early, two ladders were on the floor so start this. Paredyse hit a dropkick to the floor, going thru the legs of Espinosa, to take out Godderz and Swithblade in front of the desk, who were both holding a ladder. Paredyse sent Godderz to a ladder face first, and Paredyse' rear end, a few times with his legs from behind. Godderz and Switchblade took out Paredyse with a teeter totter ladder spot on the ropes. Espinosa then was hiptossed onto that ladder. Switchblade hit himself in the head with a chair on after another teeter totter spot. Godderz pressed Paredyse over his head, and dropped him down on the ladder, which was still laying on the second rope. Paredyse was doing the splits between two ladders after knocking Godderz off one of them. Godderz and Switchblade then combined to knock Paredyse off the ladder, and both went up and grabbed the tag belts to win the match, the tag titles, and another all important point for Jo-VW.

Jo-VW 3 OVW 2

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