6/15 WWE House Show Results – Punk vs Bryan for the Title

Mike Killam

CM PunkThanks to Wrestlezone reader Matt Boutwell for sending in the following results for the 6/15 WWE House Show in Augusta, Maine. 


Broadus Clay vs. JTG 
JTG looks for help from the Funkadactyls, but gets none (Broadus and official do, though). Typical squash match until David Otunga interferes, giving JTG a little offense. Crowd gets Clay back into it. Big splash for 3. 
Winner- Broadus Clay via pinfall
Post match three kids dance in ring.
Dean Ambrose vs. Alex Riley
Ambrose comes out with a mic and gives a Raven-like speech. Riley comes out to a huge pop. They exchange arm bars, Ambrose gets the upper hand with chokes. Missed spot in sunset flip, Riley gets 2 count. Riley clothesline from top rope gets 2 count. Ambrose wins with DDT. Good heat on Ambrose, good sign. 
Winner- Dean Ambrose via pin.
IC Title: Christian vs. Cody Rhodes
Loud "Cody Sucks" chant breaks out.  Both took bumps off ring apron. Cody spent much of match working on Christian's left arm and was the aggressor throughout. Christian hit a Dropkick from rope top, cross body and spinning DDT. Cody gets advantage again, Christian hits spear for 2, then kicks out of the Cody kick in the corner. Christian hits his finisher for the pin. 
Winner and still champion- Christian via pinfall.
Crowd gets opportunity to pick Punk/Bryan title match stipulation, either street fight or 2 out of 3.
Tag Team Title match: Kofi & Ryder vs. Epico & Primo
Kofi comes out with both titles, informs crowd R-Truth is out but "Woo woo woo" Zack Ryder will be his partner. Kofi mocks Rosa's dancing, then Otunga comes out states the match will be for tag team titles. Ryder v Epico starts it off. Kofi and Ryder in control until gets trapped in corner. Primo in control until hot tag to Kofi. Free for all until Kofi gets pinned with Rosa pushing his foot off ropes. Ref counts three, but Pat Patterson comes out from the back, throws Epico into ring, match restarts, Kofi and Ryder hit their finishers and get the three count to retain.
Winners: Kofi and Ryder
2 on 1 Handicap John Cena vs. Otunga & Big Show.
Cena comes out to big pop. Otunga does ridiculous pose dance to music. Show out to heat and " you sold out" chants. Show no-sells Cena to start, dominates, then tags to Otunga who kicks and poses for awhile before a tag to Show, who beats on Cena some more. Cena gets upperhand, throws Otunga outside into rails before Show attacks Cena. Show misses bonzai drop, tags Otunga. 5 knuckle shuffle on Otunga, Show hits WMD on Otunga Accidentally, AA to Show, Cena pin on Otunga for win. 
Winner-Cena via pinfall
Divas Title- Layla vs. Beth Phoenix
Beth "gets into it" with fan at ringside. Beth looks to make way to back before Layla chases her down and throws her into the ring. Layla on offense early, including Dropkick to Phoenix's chest while Phoenix was sitting. Layla knocked outside and BP takes over with surfboard stretch and a clothesline. Layla gets roll-up for 2, then Phoenix chokes the Divas champ on outside, only to get Kicked to floor. Phoenix holds up Layla for gorilla press slam, but Layla reverses into DDT and wins with reverse neck-breaker.
Winner(and champ) Layla
WWE Title: Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk ( street fight)
Crowd pro-Punk (Bryan draws a lot of heat and "No" chants). Bryan gets a couple of arm drags and celebrates. Punk responds with knife edge chops to draw the "Whoo" chants. Bryan takes over on offense with chest kicks to the rhythm of "yes" chants. Bryan gets knocked outside and gets the Kendo stick. Swings and misses from Bryan before Punk gets the Kendo stick. Bryan arms himself with a chair. Punk takes control on outside, but gets thrown into ring steps. When they get back into the ring, Bryan gets on mic imploring Punk to quit. Punk replies no into the mic and gets blasted with chair shots to back. Bryan goes for piledriver on chair, but back flip allows Punk to get up. He sets up chair between turnbuckles, then starts taking shots to back via Kendo stick. Side duplex by Punk puts both on ground. Bryan throws Punk to corner, but Punk puts brakes and Bryan crashes through chair. Punk gets running  knee in corner and power slam for two. Bryan with two count via Kendo stick. Bryan continues with Kendo stick. Punk gains advantage and gets his Kendo shots in. Punk goes to top rope and gets crotched, but returns favor and hits side duplex from the top rope for 2. Punk misses elbow/chair from top rope. Bryan locks in yes lock. Reverses to slingshot and follows up with big kick for two. Punk hits GTS for win. 
Winner: CM Punk via pinfall.
World Heavyweight Title: Sheamus vs. Kane in steel cage:
Kane and Sheamus have a good, fast paced steel cage match. Sheamus kicked out after chokeslam, Kane kicked out after  Brogue kick. Punches on top rope lead to both getting crotched on top rope. Sheamus escapes over top to  retain.
Winner and still champion: Sheamus.
Good show. Packed house. 

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