WWE House Show Results (5/23): Poughkeepsie, NY

Nick Paglino

WWE SmackdownThanks to Joshua Eldridge for sending this in:

The crowd was VERY young so it was dominated by little kids chanting for the faces. Tons of Cena merch and lots of signs for Randy Orton and Sheamus (no surprise there).

Lilian Garcia came out to sing the national anthem and got a huge USA chant started. Very funny to me because none of the superstars in the first match were American.

Here we go:

1 – Sin Cara & Tyson Kidd defeated Hunico and Camacho

The crowd got excited when Sin Cara came out but the ramp wasn't set up in a space to allow him to enter with his big jump so they didn't stay hot for him. Tyson Kidd was BEYOND over… it was very strange to here everyone chanting for him instead of Sin Cara. Match was very long but had some good spots. Sin Cara gets the win by pinfall on Hunico after his finisher.

2 – Jinder Mahal defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Jinder got HUGE heat for his pre-match speech. Match was boring, Yoshi didn't look good (Jinder carried this one). Mahal wins with the camel clutch.

3 – United States Champion Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger

Santino got a major pop the second his entrance hit. Jack Swagger gets HUGE boos too. Crowd loved every second of this one. Pretty comical match but it had some great spots. Swagger was really into the crowd interactions and put on a great heel show for the young crowd. Santino rolls out of the ankle lock, hits the cobra, 1 – 2 – 3.

4 – Ezekiel Jackson defeated Drew Mcintyre

The crowd was completely dead for both guys. Short match. No finishers. Ezekiel gets the pin.

5 – Big Show defeated The Great Kahli

Big Show came out to a HUGE pop, followed by lots of boos when the kids remembered that he turned on Sunday. Gave a speech saying that being fired was a big deal for him and he wanted to get his job back, unlike the fans in attendance who probably had terrible jobs and got fired all the time. Show attacks Kahli before the bell. Kahli gets one big slap in, then Show hits the WMD and gets the pin. Total squash match. It lasted maybe 45 seconds.

6 – Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No Holds Barred Match

By far the biggest pop of the night for Orton. Even adults were standing on their chairs to see his entrance over the rest of the crowd on the floor. Kane looked really sloppy in this one but Orton was on point. Lots of back and forth. Both took turns using kendo sticks and chairs on one another. Orton took a chokeslam but kicked out Kane went to do it again but it's reversed into an RKO. Orton picks up the pin.

7 – Divas Champion Layla defeated Natalya

Felt bad for the divas with this one. Entrances and first 5-minutes of the match were still in house lights and seats were about 30% full while everyone was still away for intermission. Layla looked great in person and was very athletic in this match. Natalya went for a Glam Slam type move and Layla rolled over her head, hit her finisher and got the pin. Very catty back and forth between Lilian Garcia and Natalya.

8 – Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated Cody Rhodes

Very mixed reaction for Cody. Boos from the kids and cheers from the adults. Cut a great promo saying that fans shouldn't be cheering Christian unless they're cheering because he's wrestled two whole matches and not re-injured himself. Out comes Christian who starts the biggest chant of the night: "Cody Sucks". As far as actual wrestling ability, this was the match of the night. Both superstars looked incredible and had great back and forth. After reversing each others finishers three times, Christian throws Cody into the corner, hits the Killswitch and gets the victory. GREAT Match.

9 – World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio

(Mick Foley is special guest enforcer)

Mick Foley is out first to a massive "Foley" chant. He pays no attention to anything or anyone on his way out and just talks to the referee. He was advertised as the special referee but then became the special enforcer and just stood outside the ring for the entire match.

Del Rio out first. Huge heat on Ricardo, more so than Del Rio. Big "Ricardo Sucks" chant breaks out. Out next is Daniel Bryan who got a huge reaction (lots of YES! chants). Sheamus out last to the second biggest pop of the night. The match was complete chaos. Bodies flying everywhere. It was fun but definitely difficult to keep up with. Slowed down towards the middle with your typical Bryan/ADR beatdown on the champ until he makes his triumphant comeback. The only spot Foley had came when Sheamus had Del Rio in the Texas Cloverleaf. Ricardo jumps in the ring, Foley comes up to the apron and pulls out Mr. Socko. Sheamus hit Brogue Kicks on both heels and gets the pin.

Sheamus stayed at ringside for upwards of 10 minutes greeting fans. Foley gave a quick speech about this being only the second time he's ever been to Poughkeepsie and the crowd goes home happy.

Biggest Pops:

1. Randy Orton
2. Sheamus
3. Christian
4. Tyson Kidd
5. Santino Marella

Biggest Heat:

1. Cody Rhodes
2. Jack Swagger
3. Ricardo Rodriguez
4. Daniel Bryan
5. Alberto Del Rio

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