(Spoilers) OVW TV Taping Results (4/25): Louisville, Kentucky


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Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for April 25th, 2012, which saw The Family, led by “Talent Arbitrator” Josette Bynum, continue to make life miserable for the babyfaces of OVW, though there were hints at some dissension within The Family too.

Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The attendance was again in the 125 range.

OVW Homecoming 7 will take place at the Davis Arena this Sunday, April 29th. Paul Birchill will be on the show.

Both Mohamad Ali Vaez and Jason Wayne will be competing in a fitness competition this Saturday, April 28th, at the historic Galt House hotel in Louisville.

There are a lot of new graphics, color schemes, and commercials on the TV show now since Josette Bynum has “taken over” the OVW TV show, and especially since Bynum “fired” long time OVW production team member Martin Richardson on TV a few weeks ago.

1. James “Moose” Thomas & Michael Hayes w/Mickey beat Jay Donaldson & ??? Virus

Dark match. My first time seeing Donaldson and Virus. Sorry, didn’t get his full name. Virus wore green and black gear, and blew green mist out of his mouth. Donaldson gave Hayes a stiff kick to the chest at one point. Virus didn’t seem to want to stay down long when he was selling. The finish saw Moose drop Virus down in a wheelbarrow like fashion onto Hayes’ code breaker. That was the idea anyhow, the execution, eh, not so much. No matter though, Moose and Hayes got the duke.

2. Ted McNaler beat Fabiano Rolento

Dark match. A sombrero poked thru the babyface curtain while Mexican music played, and out came Fabiano Rolento, who is the artist formerly known here as Omar Akbar of the Insurgency. Rolento danced around, and then cut a funny promo, using a funny accent. I can’t even call it a babyface, or a heel, promo, though he was super cocky, it was more just funny. Rolento is very proud of his sublime buttocks, and has a picture of his face on his trunks. This was a far cry from the dark, angry, and brooding Omar Akbar, and I thought Rolento showed some personality here, though nobody in the arena, including me, and the OVW staff, knew what to make of it. The character is Colombian. I think it’s funny that there are fake Mexicans in pro wrestling, since there are so many real Mexicans everywhere, but I guess a real Colombian may be harder to come by. heh.

Finally Ted McNaler came out, his still barely girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, gave McNaler a crusty introduction, and then went backstage. McNaler beat Rolento in about 20 seconds with a spear, and then went backstage after DeVore.

Only two dark matches before the TV taping tonight, but there were both quite different than the usual fare.

Out came Chris Silvio, along with Mo Green, Mary Jane the hula hoop girl, and a midget, to start the TV taping. Green and the midget were wearing camouflage jackets. Silvio was wearing silver pants.

Green said he and the midget were dressed for war. Silvio said he was the greatest OVW TV champion ever, and it took the whole Family to get that title away from him last week, and that he’s getting a rematch this weekend. Silvio called Josette Bynum “Ho-Sette”.

Out came Bynum with Family members, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Rudy Switchblade, and Jessie Godderz. Bynum said last weekend she entered the OVW TV title in a prestigious tournament in Rio De Janeiro(heh), and that after five grueling rounds, Mohamad Ali Vaez lost the title. Bynum then brought out the “new” OVW TV champion, Rob Terry, leading to….

3. Rob Terry beat Chris Silvio w/Mo Green, Mary Jane & The Midget to “retain” the OVW TV title

This was the first match of the TV taping. None of The Family stayed at ringside for this one. Silvio kicked Terry low early. Silvio’s entourage interfered liberally here to help him gain advantages, and he was the babyface. At one point Rob Terry booted the midget. Huge size difference here, and Terry kept catching Silvio on dive attempts. Terry finally hit Silvio’s with his own “Rocket punch” finisher to win the match. What a strange and weird match this was, totally screwed up psychology to the point it made my head hurt. There was no way to suspend disbelief with the size difference, and they seemed to know it, but yet they wanted both guys to look strong. Yeesh.

After the match Josette Bynum said to make things interesting, let’s give the former OVW TV champion a rematch right now, leading to….

4. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Rob Terry to “win” the OVW TV title

Terry reluctantly laid down, and let Vaez pin him, so Vaez “regained” the OVW TV title. Not really though, this was all obviously a ruse, and obviously either Vaez, and/or Josette Bynum, didn’t want Vaez to defend against Chris Silvio, so they threw the huge Rob Terry in the mix as a ringer. Terry didn’t look the least bit happy to have to lay down for Vaez.

Jamin Olivenica had seen enough, and ran out from backstage and attacked Vaez, but all of The Family beat him down. Several OVW babyfaces ran out to save Olivencia, but Josette Bynum held them at bay from the ring apron by telling them if they got in the ring, they would be fired. Bynum then said from now on, if anyone runs out to the ring during “Family business”, they will be automatically fired.

Brittany DeVore was backstage with Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver. DeVore asked them both to stop fighting for her. McNaler challenged Revolver to a street fight at the May 12th Saturday Night Special, but Revolver said he’d prefer more of a catch as catch can affair. Josette Bynum came into the room and said McNaler vs Revolver would be a “Gentleman’s rules” match. Brittany DeVore got upset, and stormed away saying nobody listens to, or cares about her. The phony snake Adam Revolver followed after DeVore saying “I care”….Heh.

Bynum walked into another room, where she was met by Brandon Espinosa and “Chris”. Espinosa told Bynum that was not him in the incriminating video Paredyse showed a few weeks ago, and he wanted to know what Bynum was going to do about it. Bynum told Espinosa to handle his own business himself.

OVW Womens champion Taeler Hendrix, with her whipped puppy of a boyfriend Dylan Bostic in tow, then confronted Bynum backstage, saying there’s a womens title match scheduled for tonight, and that Bynum was supposed to protect her from such things. Bynum said if Hendrix is a “strong leading lady” as she claims, she’ll find a way to hold on to the title, and there will be a title match tonight.

5. Alex Silva & Shiloh Jonze beat X2C(Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine) w/Four ladies

The four ladies with X2C tonight were dressed as naughty nurses. At one point one of the ladies, Bobbie Bardot, aka Al Snow’s wife, shoved Shiloh Jonze off the top rope. Silva and Jonze didn’t work together as a team much here, but Silva pinned Raphael Constantine after giving him his “Silva Surfer” running knee finisher. Jonze offered Silva a high five after the match, but Silva walked away from Jonze and left. Bobbie Bardot carried the diminutive Constantine out of the arena after the match.

Shiloh Jonze talked to Alex Silva backstage after the match, with Jonze telling Silva he proved himself out there. Silva though displayed a very sour attitude, and said he doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone, and walked away. Well, I guess Silva does have to prove himself to the “judges” on TNA Impact tonight.

A few weeks ago Silva did not side with Josette Bynum or the OVW babyfaces, and he is still an island in OVW, all alone on “Planet Silva”.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Michael Hayes was talking to James “Moose” Thomas and Mickey. Hayes said he wanted another match against Bolin Services 2.0, but Moose said he thought it was time to move on from that. Then, as if on cue, in walked Bolin Services 2.0. Prince Bolin produced some paperwork, and said the simple Mickey was still contractually obligated to be with BS 2.0, so Rocco Bellagio handed Mickey the FIJI water bottles, and Mickey went back to his slave labor, while Moose and Hayes looked disgusted.

Josette Bynum, along with The Family, came back out and got in the ring. Bynum mentioned how clean the bathrooms were here lately, and brought out the man currently cleaning them, Frank Miller, AKA Trailer Park Trash. Bynum told Miller his buddy, OVW Heavyweight champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade, has a hardcore match against Flash Flanagan tonight, and that Spade has to defend the OVW title against Rob Terry on May 12th. Flash Flanagan snuck out with a chair, hit TPT from behind with it, and then gave TPT a DDT on the chair, knocking him cold yet again. Shouldn’t they be doing a multiple concussions gimmick with TPT at this point? Seems like he gets knocked out cold real often lately. Of course, Flash and TPT had a huge rivalry here years ago.

6. Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Epiphany to retain the OVW Womens title

The match started with a weird botch, and then Epiphany totally dominated Hendrix, until Dylan Bostic grabbed Epiphany’s foot on a suplex attempt from the apron, giving Hendrix the tainted victory. They desperately need some new girl wrestlers here to challenge Hendrix with. Randy Royal came out in street clothes and stood with Epiphany after the match.

Tony Gunn was trying to sell Paredyse some of his “Happy pills” backstage, but Paredyse said he was happy enough already. Brandon Espinosa then attacked Paredyse from behind, and Espinosa’s “friend” Chris barricaded the door shut with a chair, while Espinosa threw Paredyse hard into a locker. A lot of intensity from Espinosa here, and this looked like it sucked for Paredyse. Tony Gunn tended to Paredyse when the attack was over.

7. “Smooth” Johnny Spade beat Flash Flanagan in a hardcore match

TV main event time. Great to see Flash Flanagan again, who is one of my longtime favorites. Spade came out with a garbage can full of plunder. Both guys exchanged hard chops. Flash gave Spade snap suplex on the floor. The crowd wasn’t loud for a lot of this fairly long match, but they didn’t seem bored with it either. Flash gave Spade a top rope superplex. Flash was dominating this one, but Spade finally answered back, giving Flash a drop toehold onto a chair. Spade then missed a Swanton though. Flash gave Spade a wicked DDT on a chair. The finish saw Spade, after taking a horrific beating from Flash, duck a chair shot, and then roll Flanagan up for the win.

Josette Bynum and The Family came out after the match. Bynum sarcastically congratulated Spade for beating Flash, while Rob Terry beat on the groggy Spade in the ring. Bynum told Spade, though I don’t think he heard it, that next week he will have a dog collar match. This is all part of Bynum’s plan to wear Spade down for his May 12th OVW title defense against Rob Terry.

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