WWE House Show Results (4/15): Nottingham, England

Nick Paglino

WWE RawThanks to Max for sending in the following:

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth Vs Epico & Primo (Tag Team Title)

A video of Jonny Laurinaitis played stating that he had changed his mind and this match was going to be non title. Pretty good tag-team match with what you would expect, ended with R-Truth hitting his finisher for the win.

Kelly Kelly Vs Beth Phoenix (Divas Title) Eve as special guest referee

Hoski chants for Eve throughout this one.Weird match with Kelly Kelly booked as the aggressor with Beth playing a cowardly heel. After a while Kelly and Eve got into an argument. Beth goes the grand-slam and Kelly rolls through, Eve doesn't finish the count on purpose. Beth hits the grand-slam and a quick pin is the win. Nothing special here, but not as bad as the next match.

Alex Riley Vs Lord Tensai

Riley got a decent pop and about one punch in, just another squash which ended with a match stoppage and the iron claw afterwards. Crowd was pretty dead, some smarks were chanting Albert and that was about it, worst match of the night.

A video was played with Vicki challenging Cena and Ryder to a tag team match on behalf of ZigZag&Swag who both cut a small promo.

Santino Vs Miz Vs Otunga (US Title)

Miz cut a good promo claiming to be the man who put JL in power. He says he won't say his catch phrase until we are silent, more boo's. He keeps raising the microphone again and again to more boos, funny stuff. He points microphone at Justin Roberts and the Ref who both get cheers but when he points it back towards him we boo again, he calls us puppets and claims he is the puppet master. He then says the most drawn out and most awesome version of his catch phrase I have ever heard.

Otunga and Santino come out, match starts with a bit of comedy of Santino using rolls and stuff to avoid the two who naturally teamed up on him. Otungua gets knocked out the ring and stays there watching the match for a long time, by the time he gets back in he turns on Miz, eventually leading to Santino getting the win with a cobra.

JTG Vs Brodus Clay

Crowd popped big for Brodus. When he was making his entrance JTG was acting bored and was spinning around his necklace, got a laugh from the crowd. Normal squash, ending with Brodus splashing him to win the match.

John Cena & Zack Ryder Vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

The second best match of the night with Punk/Jericho later. Interesting to note that Zack and Cena were in full on bro mode again, fist bumping and everything – guess they are broski's again. Good to start to the match where Cena put his foot over the rope and leant in causing a very 50/50 reaction from the crowd. At one point  Ryder tags in Cena who puts on a headband and glasses and they both do the broski boot. Before the match ended with an AA Vikki got in the ring and was cornered by Cena who gave
her a snog. Great match.

CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho (WWE Title)

Big Johnny comes on the screen again and says that this match will also be NO DQ. Jericho comes out and cuts a promo telling us to stop cheering Punch, which got an obvious response, he then calls us Limey's and tells us to shut again when Punk comes out.

Fantastic match. Great start where Punk got a Kendo stick and started beating on Jericho, crowd starts cheering 'we want tables,' Punk shrugs his shoulders and looks under the ring, he picks up a microphone and says "There aren't any tables, is a chair ok?" MASSIVE pop from the crowd and a YES chant starts. What followed was a fantastic match which ended with Punk throwing Jericho into that chair he got at the start which he had wedged into the turnbuckle, Jericho turns around and gets hit with a GTS
for the win.

Ending Segment

Punk is celebrating when Vikki comes back down flanked by ZigZag&Swag, she tells Punk they aren't done and his night is about to get a lot worse, they corner Punk in the ring who picks up a chair, then throws it at one of them but they dodge it and the two man beatdown begins.

Crowd starts chanting 'we want Cena' and they are obliged, who along with Ryder clears the heels from the ring – the three faces then corner Vikki in the ring area.  Cena cut a promo about special moments, Punk looks bored and heads to the back. Cena tells us its Vikki's birthday and invites her back into the ring with him and Zack to celebrate. Punk sneaks back down to the ring with a cake which inevitably ends up in Vikki's face, despite that she breaks character and hugs Cena to end the show. Everyone leaves but Punk who's music hits as he has one last celebration.

Biggest Pops:

Biggest Heat:


Throughout the night about 6 YES chants were started, Cena seemed to look around at one of these.

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