WWE House Show Results (2/26): Eugene, Oregon


Report by Mr. Ooh La La and F4WOnline.com

Brodus Clay d David Otunga. Brodus came out in green and one of his ladies danced down the ramp. David Otunga came out and cut a short promo about how he was the assistant for Ace. Otunga posed while Brodus did his shimmy/shake. Match went about 4 minutes which was long enough. Clay only called his C-plex. He finished Otunga with a splash.

Ryback d JTG. In 6 minutes Ryback AKA Skip Sheffield looked super jacked up. JTG got a little offense. Match didn’t do any favors for anyone. Seemed like no one knew who Ryback was. He wore a black singlet, boots, and knee pads. Ryback over with a Samoan/angle slam looking move. Never seen it before but it was fancy.

Beth Phoenix vs. Nikki Bella for the Diva Championship. In 6 minutes. Should have went to the bathroom here. Very basic match, the Bella’s look good but beth had to carry Nikki. The only impressive part about this match was when Nikki went to the top and Beth took her off the top and military pressed her. Bree got on the apron to distract. Beth pushed Nikki into Bree then hooked the Glam slam for the win.

Justin Roberts acknowledges the National Guard and the crowd this the military on hand a USA chant.

Epico & Primo d Alex Riley & Mason Ryan to retain the Tag Team Championship in 16 minutes. Mason Ryan is as big in live as he looks on TV. Neither Epico or Primo wanted to work Ryan and I don’t blame them at all. A-Ry opened with some basic work. Eventually tagged Ryan in. Mason hit a double suplex on the cousins which got a huge pop. Believe it or not the crowd started a Mason Ryan chant. After that it was pretty much them working Masons left leg the whole match. And Mason got the hot tag (yes hot tag!) on Alex and he worked it a bit. Till Epico hit a terrible looking Lung Blower for the win on A-Ry.

Eve came out to cut a great heel promo. She talks about how she should be respected and that people shouldn’t call her names. Then she turns her promo and says that “yes she did play Ryder and Cena.” Decent promo that helped put her over as a heel in the storyline. She has more heat in her promo than any of the heels that worked before her. She got a “you’re a slut” chant.

Miz comes out and cuts a promo about how the reason that he isn’t the main event at wrestlemania is because of R Truth. He talks how Eugene is home of the Oregon Ducks. But where he is from they don’t cheer ducks they shoot them. Easy way to get heat in the house that Phil Knight built. The crowd gives him the “what” chant. When the crowd says “what” Miz says “really.” It went on till Miz says “really” several times fast and it shuts the crowd up.

R-Truth comes out to a big pop. Not because he is over because he comes out with the University of Oregon mascot. The Duck comes down to the ring with him dancing around and they both slap hands. Miz spent about 2 minutes taking his shirt off to keep the crowd boo’ing. During the match the duck gets on the apron and the Miz feeds towards him and the Duck punches Miz. Ace comes out and does his senior VP shtick. Then tells the Duck that he has to go back to the back or R-Truth will be disqualified. Truth over Miz in 14 minutes with his Finish. The match was pretty good, nothing I want to see more of though.


Jack Swagger d Santino to retain the US title. This was another slow match. 12 minutes that felt like 30. Swagger is no Bryan. He didn’t do Santino any favors to hide his weak points. Swagger worked the knee and won with the ankle lock. Cobra by Santino afterwards.

Jericho comes out and cuts a short promo, his jacket is amazing. It’s the “best in the world promo” and that no one in the arena will ever do what he has done. And he keeps mispronouncing Oregon. Jericho gets a “you suck” chant. Jericho singled out a kid in the front row and told the kid that he would wrestle him. He got out of the ring and yelled at the kid and his dad next to him. Jericho gets back in the ring and someone threw something at his. Jericho get out of the ring and goes over towards where the object came from and points at a guy and he gets ejected.

Chris Jericho d Kofi Kingston. After a lock up and Kofi’s “boom boom” Jericho powders and goes to the floor and rips up the kids sign. This match was a perfect example to the young guys in the back how to get the most out of very little. Match has gone one for 5 minutes and we have seen a lock up and that’s about it. Jericho does the typical work and powder gimmick. Eventually Kofi comes out to get him and work him around the ring. The match was very good and I hope that Kofi is learning a lot from his time working Jericho. Jericho used the same old false finishes he always done. Jericho goes for the Walls, Kofi reverses into a small package. Near fall. Kofi hits the Trouble in paridise and goes for the cover, Jericho’s foot was on the ropes. Jericho uses the new WWE go to finish. Thumb to the eye, Code Breaker. I noticed after the match that someone has a flashing Jericho jacket sign.

CM Punk d Dolph Ziggler & Kane in triple threat match. Ace comes out with Otunga and announces Jericho as “enforcer” before the match. Punk got on the mic and told Ace he was happy for him then to kiss his ass. Crowd popped. This was a very by the book triple threat match. Ziggler is a bump machine. And should get more of a push than he is. Punk is over because he is him and Kane is kinda just there. Ref bumped out of the ring. CM punk gives Ziggler the Anacona Vice. Ziggler taps but the ref is down and Jericho see’s it but doesn’t count. Kane comes in and goes for the choke slam on punk. I missed a few seconds of this. Kane somehow gets bumped to the outside. Ziggler is still down. Jericho hits Punk with the Code Breaker. Jericho rolls Ziggler on Punk. Jericho counts but Punk Kicks out. Jericho goes to get a chair. Kane is still outside. Ziggler goes for a hurracurana looking move and Punk turns it into the GTS and hits it. Ref get back up. Punk over with the GTS.

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