*Spoilers:* Complete 2/4 Ring of Honor TV Tapings

Nick Paglino

Ring of HonorResults Courtesy of ProWrestling.net:

ROH TV Taping
Baltimore, Md. at Du Burns Arena
Report by Dot Net reader Dustin Diaz

First Show Taping

The announcers hyped future future events. Charlie Haas interrupted to challenge The Briscoes. They came out and Haas wanted to wrestle one Briscoe with the other handcuffed to the ring post. Jim Cornette entered and said he spoke to the suspended Shelton Benjamin (for not paying his $5,000 chair fine) on Skype and knew he was not in Baltimore for this show. All parties agree to the match.

1. Mr. Wrestling Kevin Steen defeated Andy Ridge with the F5. Extended squash. Ridge got almost no offense and what he got was barely sold. Steen was very over. The highlights included a fallaway slam into the guard rail, a powerbomb on the apron and many stiff chops. Steen went for the package piledriver after. Todd Sinclair broke it up. He went for it again, but Steve Corino came out, then. Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs and Steen were pulled apart and Jacobs challenged Steen to a match.

2. Team Ambition (Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole) beat Mike Mondo and his partner. None of us knew who Cole's partner was. Decent match. They told the story of Team Ambition clicking, which is a cheesy story I don't care about. Mondo laid out his partner with a double-arm DDT afterwards.

3. Mark Briscoe beat Charlie Haas with a rollup. Jay Briscoe was handcuffed to the ring post. Okay match. Since Haas was unhurt, he calmly snuck up on Mark and hit an Angle Slam. Then another. Then hit a chairshot right in front of Jay. He took the mic and boasted he had planned this all along and that he didn't care about the fines. Jay was released and the Briscoes stomped angrily about the ring.

Second Show Taping

1. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander with More Bang For Your Buck. Best match so far. The Bucks were obnoxious heels. It was essentially a spot-fest but a good one.

2. Davey Richards defeated Jay Lethal to retain the ROH Title. The match was half-speed much of the way. Tomasso Ciampa came out and sat down to watch.  Davey got in his face, but Davey's fluffer told him to calm down. The match resumed. Then the House of Truth came out, followed by Team Ambition came out. Go to goddamn couple's counseling already! Everyone started brawling at ringside.

Lethal accidentally collided with one of the fluffers (the long-haired one). This led to his doom, as Davey hit a simple kick, then covered (after the match finally got hot, it ended THAT way). End this angle please (I'm sorry. That is the last time I will say it). Lethal and Davey shook hands and showed respect after the match. Everybody else had left by this point aside from Ciampa, who ran his mouth at both men, but wouldn't enter the ring.

Third Show Taping

The Briscoes are defending the tag titles against the Young Bucks on March 4 in New York on iPPV. Mark promised to make the Bucks their personal bitches. Apparently, the House of Truth's check for $5,000 bounced. He then threatened to murder Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team in Florida during WrestleMania weekend. Then he started a "Man Up" chant and left.

1. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett (w/Brutal Bob, Maria) defeated T.J. Perkins. Maria might have looked better than last month. Very good back and forth action here. I will say again Bennett would fit right in in WWE tomorrow. Bennett hit a TKO with some distraction for the win.

2. Tomasso Ciampa defeated Guy Alexander. Ciampa beat the piss out of him in and out of the ring. He then hit repeated knees with Alexander down in the corner until the referee stopped the match. The Embassy was loving every second of this and it made it extremely fun to watch. Totally effective segment.

3. Roderick Strong fought Eddie Edwards to a disputed finish in a match to earn an ROH Title shot. Edwards was very over. Long match, easily best of the night so far. Old-school ROH in length, build and intensity. Truth interfered and Eddie kicked him to the ground. Eddie's sidekick came out to stop him, then Michael Elgin took him out. Strong then hit a loaded Sick Kick for the win…oops, spoke too soon. Another ref came out to contest the decision. Edwards then hit the 2K1 Bomb for the win. The two refs argued.

Kevin Kelly out with a mic, followed by Jim Cornette. It was decided there will be a triple threat match for the belt with elimination rules. Davey Richards then walked out from behind the curtain to wear his belt and stand there while his music played. Miraculously, Davey's little buddy did not make an appearance.

Fourth Show Taping

1. Jay Lethal defeated Kenny King. I have no idea why we didn't get the advertised title match between Lethal and Ciampa. Lethal beat King by reversing a rollup. Truth and Strong watched from ringside and goofed around with the fans. Total nothing match.

Things were getting strange at this point. Everyone was restless and chanting for members of the ring crew. People were leaving. The production needs to be tightened up.

2. Kevin Steen defeated Adam Cole in a Blind Destiny qualifying match. They didn't tell us what Blind Destiny is other than it involves a world title shot. Probably just a f—ing tournament. The crowd was loving Steen. They know just when to bring him out. I was hoping for a squash, but it was a competitive match, which Steen won with the F5. He attempted to give the Fluffer the package piledriver, but eddie came down to rescue Cole. Please end this angle (I lied).

3. Michael Elgin defeated Kyle O'Reilly. Davey was on commentary to watch his betrothed in battle. The match highlight was a back superplex by O'Reilly on Elgin. It turned into a very fun big man vs. little man match by the end. Elgin won with a spinning powerbomb. I guess there was interference. I missed it.

Davey Richards cut a promo to end the show. He told Elgin he didn't need the House of Truth, but that the reverse was true. Then he started talking about fighting with honor (don't talk about it, just do it). The rest of his promo was off the air, except I will point out that he pointed at his fluffer and said: "Cheer for them. They will give you everything in their bodies."

Notes: The next iPPV features Team Ambition vs. Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly. This is the most boring direction possible. The Richards vs. Edwards feud was excellent, and it should now be over. Make the promotion about the World Title, Ring of Honor. You know better.

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