WWE Smackdown Results (1/13) – The Funkasaurus Hits Fridays, Unexpected Ending To World Championship Match

Bill Pritchard

Drew McIntyre vs Ted DiBiase

Hunico and Camacho ride out as the match begins and the distraction allows Drew to kick Ted in the face, but Ted rebounds and tosses him over the top rope. Ted dives on him at ringside and looks at Hunico, but Drew throws him into the side of the ring then rolls him in and gets a two count. Drew chokes him on the ropes then tries to bodyslam him but Ted floats over then kicks him in the face and drops him with a diving clothesline. Ted climbs the turnbuckle and dives off but Drew clotheslines him on the way down then sets him up on the top turnbuckle and repeatedly clubs him in the back. Drew sets up for a superplex but Ted shoves him away and crotches him on the ropes, then pulls him in the middle of the ring and hits Dream Street for the win.

Winner – Ted DiBiase

Jinder Mahal vs Sheamus

Sheamus clubs Jinder then beats the hell out of him in the corner and hits a clothesline and a running forearm shot, then avoids a hiptoss by Jinder and clotheslines him. He sets up for the Celtic Cross but Jinder slides out of the ring and runs away, but Sheamus clotheslines him then rolls him back in and tries to punch him on the apron. Jinder hits him back a few times and connects with a neckbreaker for a two count, then applies a headlock but Sheamus makes it to his feet. Jinder knees him a few times and reapplies the hold then switches to a front facelock, but Sheamus backdrops him to the apron then ties him up and clubs him in the chest a few times. Sheamus suplexes him back in the ring then hits a Battering Ram from the top rope, and backs up and hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner – Sheamus

Big Show is shown warming up and talking to a referee and says he has been in a bunch of these matches but all the ref has to do is count to three. AJ comes up to Big Show and says she knows Show will do what he needs to do because it is a competition and it's for the title, but Bryan means alot to her. He says he knows what she means, but Bryan walks over and get pissed at Show and says he's after his title and his girl. Bryan tells him to leave and Show says the title has changed him for the worse, but he has no problem taking the title off his shoulders and leaves while Bryan asks if AJ is OK then says they should go talk somewhere.

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