Complete 2011 Ring of Honor Final Battle iPPV Results: 12/23/11

Nick Paglino

No DQ Match

Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino

When the lights come back on, Steen is up in the balcony and the fan are going nuts.  Steen shoves some fans out of his way as he makes his way over the the stairs, and down to the first floor, then through the crowd and over the barricade into the ringside area.  Kevin Steen makes his way into the ring, and most captivating man in all of independent professional wrestling has returned to Ring of Honor.

Bobby Cruise reiterates that if Steen wins this match, he will be reinstated.  He introduces Cornette and Silken, as well as special guest referee Jimmy Jacobs.  Surprisingly, even though this isn’t a title match, we get formal ring introductions for both men.

The crowd seems solidly behind Steen as Jacobs talks to both men briefly before ringing the bell.

Both men stare at each other across the ring.  Steen and Corino charge each other and begin trading right hands immediately.  Steen rakes the eyes before being sent into the ropes and caught with a big back heel kick.  Steen rolls to the outside and Corino follows, only to be slammed right into the barricade.  Steen takes Corino to the ring post and drives him into it headfirst before seating Corino on the ring apron, and charging into him with a cannonball against the ring post.

Corino is back up quickly as he charges Steen, leaping from the apron with a diving forearm, crashing into Steen and sailing to the floor.  Corino whips Steen into the guardrail, dropping him to the floor.  Corino picks up Steen, and whips him into the barricade again before ripping away at Steen’s nose and eyes.  Corino sends Steen back into the ring before grabbing a chair and tossing it in.  Corino grabs another chair and tosses it in, and a third.

Corino heads back into the ring and picks up a chair, charging Steen in the corner and hitting him in the top of the head.  Corino picks up the chair again, but Steen catches Corino with a superkick, driving the chair into Corino’s face and chest.  Corino heads to the outside and Steen follows, picking Corino up and powerbombing him hard into the ring apron.  Steen goes up to the apron and hits a frog splash out to the floor, crashing down hard into Corino.

Steen Makes his way toward the entrance way, grabbing one of the barricades and bringing it back toward the ring, slamming it into Corino’s head on the way.  Steen gets the barricade into the ring, then turns back to Corino.  Corino is able to catch Steen with a chop before sending Steen into the barricade.  Corino grabs another chair, laying it across the corner of the barricade.  Steen blocks Corino and powerbombs him into the propped up chair and Corino crumples to the arena floor.

Steen makes his way over to the commentary table and tells Nigel it’s good to see him before asking him where he’s been.  Steen makes his way over toward the ring and looks underneath to find a table.  Steen takes the table out from under the ring and props it up between the barricade and ring apron.  Corino is able to pull himself back into the ring.  Steen makes his way into the ring as well and he goes over to Cornette, who flips Steen the bird.  Steen goes for another powerbomb, but Corino fights it off.  Steen hits Corino with a kick to the chest and Corino comes back with a big lariat.

Corino goes to the outside and grabs a garbage can, that he throws into the ring.  Corino also throws in another chair, then another.  Corino brings in the trash can lid with him, but he misses when he swings at Steen.  Steen kicks Corino in the gut, and grabs the lid, using it to bash Corino in the head.  Steen lays the lid across Corino’s head and hits the front flip leg drop.  Steen crawl over to Cornette and talks with him for a bit, Cornette seething the whole time.  Steve Corino is busted open on his ear, and Steen bites it.

Steen picks up the garbage can and goes to use it, but Corino hits Steen with a low blow.  Corino blasts Steen with the garbage can, hitting him once, the twice.  Corino winds up and hits Steen a third time with the garbage can before laying it on the mat and suplexing Steen on the can.  Corino grabs a bunch of chairs and lays them on top of each other in the ring, slamming Steen down on the pile.  Corino goes to the top and leaps off with a flying cross body.  Corino goes for the pin, but Steen kicks out.  Corino sets up four chair in the ring, two by two, then lays the barricade down across the chairs.

Corino heads over toward Steen and catches him with a couple of rights.  Steen takes him to the mat but is kicked out to the apron.  Steen goes for the top, but Corino stops him.  Corino goes up after Steen and goes for the superplex, sending Steen crashing down into the barricade and the chairs.  Corino goes for the cover, but Steen kicks out!

Steen rolls out to the apron, then out to the table that he propped up between the apron and barricade earlier.  Corino heads to the outside and begins looking under the ring.  Corino heads back into the ring, then out to the apron, going up to the top.  Steen pops up and he stops Corino, punching him and sending him falling back down to the apron.  Steen goes to grab a couple of chairs and he takes them to the outside, laying one on the propped up table, and using the other to blast Corino across the back.  Steen sets up two chairs laying on the table, then two open chairs facing each other, with another chair draped across it for good measure.

Steen sends Corino crashing face first into the ring post before taking him up to the apron and going for a superplex to the outside.  Corino fights it off, but Steen just goes to bite his ear.  Corino goes into the ring and grabs the trash can lid, hitting Steen in the side of the face and sending him crashing to the outside through the tables and chairs.  Corino heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing chair after chair and throwing it into the ring.  The crowd is chanting for fire Corino rolls Steen into the ring and tries for the three count, but he still can’t get it.

Corino grabs one of the destroyed chairs and tosses it down, grabs another and lays it across Steen’s chest.  Steen sits up, and Cornette uses another chair to blast Steen in the face.  Corino goes for the cover and only gets two and Cornette and Silken are upset at Jacobs.  Corino sets up a chair in the ring and tries to suplex Steen on the chair, but Steen reverses it and hits a sleeper suplex, before hitting a trap-door exploder, dropping Corino head first on the chair.  Steen goes for the pin but he only gets two.

Steen grabs a chair and looks down at Corino.  Corino spits in Steen’s face, and Steen blasts Corino with a shot to the head.  Steen goes for the pin, but Corino is still able to kick out at two.  Steen is angry, and he grabs a chair.  He jaws with Cornette, saying it’s his fault.  Steen goes to use the chair again, but it’s pulled out of his hands by Jacobs.  Corino hits Steen with something, breaking it in his hand, and Corino goes for the pin, but it’s still not enough.

Corino sets up two chairs next to each other, then another two right across.  Corino takes another chair and simply throws it at Steen.  Corino picks Steen up to his feet and brings him up on top of the chairs.  Corino goes for a suplex, but Steen fights it off and hits a package piledriver through all the chairs.  Steen goes for the pin, and Jacobs is conflicted, but he eventually counts to three, and this one is in the books.  What an absolute WAR.

Winner and Reinstated in ROH: Kevin Steen

Following the match, Steen tries to get Jacobs to raise his hand, but Jimmy refuses.  Cornette is in the ring and he looks angry.  Steen has a mic and he says Merry Christmas, the devil is back.  Steen calls out the Jimmy Boy’s in the ring.  He says he came here to do three things.  One was to destroy Corino and get his job back.  Number two:  Steen drops the mic and hits Jacobs with the package piledriver.

Cornette checks on Jacobs immediately, asking him if he’s ok.  Steen looks at Cornette and holds up three fingers.  Cornette begs off, but Steen catches him.  Generico is in the ring and Steen stops in his tracks as Cornette escapes to the outside.  Generico and Steen begin trading punches!

Generico backs Steen into the corner and blasts him with the yakuza kick.  Generico seats Steen on the corner and goes for the top rope brain bustah, but Steen fights it off, sending Generico to the ring apron, and hitting a package pile driver off the apron and down to the floor, crashing through a table.  Steen is smiling!

Steen is back in the ring, and he’s getting welcome back chants from the crowd!

Steen makes his way to the back as Nigel and Jim Cornette check on Generico who is laid out on the arena floor.  Kevin Kelly is calling for medical personnel, and Bobby Cruise gets on the mic to call for help.  Doctors come to the back to put Generico on a stretcher, and Kelly says they’ll be taking this time to head into intermission.


Back from intermission for the second half of Final Battle 2011, and it looks like the Tag Team Gauntlet match will be kicking things off.  This is for a guaranteed shot at the ROH World Tag Team titles in 2012.

ROH Tag Team Gauntlet

The All Night Express vs. Future Shock vs. The Bravados vs. The Young Bucks vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The Bravado Brothers are the first team to make their way out to the ring for the match.  They don’t get the warmest reception from the crowd.  Team number two out for the match is Caprice Coleman and Cederic Alexander.

The Bravado’s jump Coleman and Alexander before the bell, knocking them out to the floor, where they follow and continue the assault.  The Bravado’s send Alexander back into the ring, but they’re surprised by Coleman, and that allows Alexander to leap over the top rope with a plancha taking out both brothers.  Coleman and Alexander send one of the Bravado’s back into the ring and go to work on him, getting a two count out of their work.  Lance is able to fight back and Harlem low bridges Coleman, sending him to the outside.  Alexander and Lance fight on the inside while Harlem catches Coleman with a boot on the outside.  Back in the ring, the Bravado’s pancake Alexander for a two count before Lance sends him crashing into the corner.

Lance catches Alexander with a corner clothesline and a big suplex for another near fall before tagging Harlem.  They hit a double back elbow and a double elbow drop that’s good for a one count.  Harlem hits Alexander with a boot to the chest and draws the ire of Coleman, sending him to the outside.  The ref is distracted, but Alexader still hits Lance with an enzugiri that sends him to the outside.  Coleman dives in on Harlem and moonsaults out onto Lance, and Alexander puts Harlem down for another two count.

Harlem catches Alexander with a big boot, so he responds with an enzugiri.  Alexander tries for a suplex, but it’s countered into a small package for two.  Alexander is able to roll up Harlem for the three count.

The Bravado’s have been eliminated.

Future Shock, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Rielly are team number three.

Kyle looks to start things off with Alexander.  They trade forearms in the middle of the ring and Kyle gets the upper hand.  Kyle hits a big leaping knee, and follows it off with a kick to the chest for a two count.  Kyle tags out to Cole who comes in and hits a low drop kick after Kyle hits a knee to the gut.  Cole goes for the pin on Alexander but he can’t keep him down for three.  Cole hits a snap suplex and floats over for another two count.  Cole tags out to Kyle, and Alexader fights off the double team, only to end up being hit with a face buster that’s good for another near fall.  Coleman is able to make the blind tag, and he comes in, hitting a Hart attack style leg drop that’s good for a two count.  Coleman hits a beautiful dropkick that’s good for yet another near fall.

Cole makes the blind tag and comes in to hit an assisted Northern lights suplex.  Cole lays in with a couple of knees to Coleman’s back and a quick dropkick that’s good for another two count.  Cole sends Coleman into the corner and tags in Kyle who comes in and takes Coleman down with a backbreaker and a knee drop to the back of the head, then another.  Kyle goes for the pin and gets a two count.  Quick tags as he tags back out to Cole who slams Coleman to the mat, pins him for two, then tags back out.  Coleman surprises both men with a double dropkick and he tags out to Alexander, who comes in with clotheslines for both men.  He and Kyle hit simultaneous clotheslines, and both hit big kicks, with Alexander coming out on top.  Coleman shoulders Cole, and Alexander hits a double stomp to the back before Coleman dumps Cole on Alexander’s knees.  Coleman hits a nice rana from the top rope to Kyle and Alexander dives from the top with a splash for another two count.  Cole catches Coleman with a kick to the face and Alexander finds himself in a tree of woe, eating a double dropkick to the face.  Kyle shoulders Alexander and they hit a dual clothesline and leg sweet, pinning Alexander for three.

Caprice Coleman and Cederic Alexander have been eliminated.

The Young Bucks are team number 4.

The Bucks shake each other’s hands, but eat baseball slides from Cole and Kyle.  They catch a diving Kyle, but Cole comes in and helps his partner takes down the Bucks.  The Bucks team up on Cole, hitting him with a sliced bread on the apron before Nick springboard splashes Cole in the ring for a two count.

Nick takes off his shirt and tosses it in Cole’s face before tagging out to Matt.  The Bucks hit a double back elbow before slamming Cole face first into the mat after a superkick to the gut.  Matt pins Cole arrogantly, before taking him to the corner and tagging out to Nick who comes in with a senton over the top rope.

Nick makes the tag to mat who comes in with a double axe handle smash to the arm.  Cole slaps Matt and Matt comes back with a slap of his own before pulling Cole’s hair.  Matt lays in with a big right hand, and Cole fights back, fighting off both Bucks in the corner, but it’s too much as Matt hits a jawbreaker, then chokes Cole in the corner with his boot.

Matt hits a suplex that’s good for another two count, then locks in a rear chin lock.  Cole is able to fight  up to his feet and out of the hold, but Matt knocks Kyle off the apron, catches Cole with a clothesline, and holds him for a double stomp from Nick.  Matt goes for the pin as Nick dives to the outside on Kyle, but Matt can only get two.  Nick tags back in and continues the assault, tagging back out to mat, whipping his brother into Cole.  Cole fights off a couple of suplexes and tags out to Kyle.  Kyle comes in and kicks both Nick and Matt.  The Bucks end up crashing into each other and fall victim to a double dragon leg whip.  Nick catches Kyle off guard, but he comes right back, suplexing Matt, and countering a splash from Nick by putting his knees up.  Kyle hits eight rolling butterfly suplexes in a row before tagging out to Cole and hitting an assisted DDT, German suplex combo that’s good for two before the pin is broken up by Nick.

Nick is able to catch Kyle with a facebuster, but when he goes to the apron, Cole pulls him down into a wheelbarrow and slams the back of his head into the apron.  Kyle goes for a diving dropkick in the corner but misses and crashes to the floor.  Cole kicks out of a roll up by Matt, but falls victim to a double superkick, and more bang for your buck, being pinned by Matt for the three count.

Future Shock has been eliminated.

The All Night Express is the final team.

Matt tries to catch them off guard with a dive over the top, but the ANX just move, then pepper Matt with right hands before whipping him into the barricade.  Nick tries to piledrive Titus, but Titus back body drops him on the floor.  King hits a front flip splash on Matt, then follows it up with a moonsault, both from the barricade, before sending things back into the ring.  King splashes Matt in the corner, but Titus is caught from behind by Nick, who wraps his leg around the ring post.

King hits a spinebuster on Matt for two as Titus rolls to the floor.  Nick pulls King to the outside, but he fights him off, going to the apron only to be hit with a dropkick to send him out to the floor.  Nick sends King back into the ring where he’s kicked at by Matt.  Matt taunts King before beating on him in the corner.  Nick attacks Titus on the outside, leaving him laying.  Nick chokes King from the outside while Matt distracts the ref.  Matt picks King up and King tries to fight back but Matt slams him down to the mat and hits a couple of elbow drops instead.

Matt goes for another cocky pin, but he doesn’t get anything from it.  Matt makes the tag to Nick who comes in and works over King in the corner.  King tries to fight out of the corner, but Nick makes the tag, hits a chest breaker, then follows it up with a neck breaker from Matt.  Titus is shown still writhing in pain on the floor.

Matt chokes King in the corner, wearing him down and jawing with the crowd.  Matt makes the tag to Nick and Titus is finally crawling back toward his corner.  Nick catches King with a kick to the stomach, but King responds right back with a exploder suplex.

Titus is able to crawl up to his corner and he makes the tag, coming in and hitting both Bucks with repeated right hands.  Titus sends Nick across the ring into the corner and slams him down to the mat by the back of his head.  Matt breaks up a pin attempt and hits Titus with a kick to the chest, but Titus comes right back with a sit-out powerbomb, only for it to be broken up by Nick.  Nick catches King with a kick to the top of the head, and the Bucks look to double team Titus.  King catches a springboarding Nick and plants him with the coronation, but Matt sends him to the ring apron and plants him with a big DDT that sends both men crashing to the floor.

Back in the ring, Nick hits Titus with a kick to the leg, but Titus responds with a big clothesline.  Titus is caught from behind by Matt with a chop block and Matt begins kicking viciously at Titus’ leg before stretching it with a step-over toe hold.

Nick goes to the top and dives down on Titus’ knee, during the submission, and Paul Turner calls for the bell.

Winner by referee stoppage: The Young Bucks

Paul Turner apparently decided that Rhett Titus was no longer able to continue, due to the condition of his leg, and that’s what led to his stopping this match.

The Young Bucks continue the assault after the match, hitting Titus with a 450 splash, before King throws a chair into the ring and the Bucks bail, making their way back up toward the entrance.

Titus is helped to the back by King and officials, complaining the entire way, and not looking too happy about the results of the match.

Nigel and Kelly begin talking about the next matchup with Roderick Strong featuring an invitational challenge.  Kelly asks about the rumor that Nigel was asked to participate in the match, but Nigel says obviously Truth Martini didn’t want Roderick facing off with Nigel.

Speak of the devil, Truth Martini is out leading Roderick Strong out to the ring.  Roderick gets a pretty favorable reaction.

Roderick’s got a mic, and he says that it’s sad that it’s Final Battle and he doesn’t have an opponent.  He says he put out the challenge to prove that he’s exactly what he says he is, and that’s the best in the world.  He says the list of talent that ROH sent him was sad.  He says they sent him a list of has-beens.  He says what he wants right now, is for the person ringing the bell to just go ahead and ring it so Strong can go party with some broads.  Truth Martini says he’s going to count to ten, and if the crowd can count with him they can.  Truth begins counting, saying stupid rhymes the whole time, biting Joel Gertner.

Martini makes it to nine, but before he’s able to make the ten count, the Kings of Wrestling’s music hits, and Chris Hero makes his way out to the ring to a HUGE pop from the crowd!  Chris Hero has returned to ROH!

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