The Swingometer: Scoring Monday Night Raw

Bob Bamber

WWE RawSwingometer: Scoring Monday Night Raw

As always, scoring each segment on a +5 to -5 scale, add up the numbers and get an overall score for Raw. Read last weeks Swingometer by clicking here (

Segment 1: The Michael Cole Challenge Score: 0

I must've been in a really good mood, because I was really enjoying Cole's stuff at the top of the show. As annoying as he is as an announcer, he could be a great manager. That being said, this was still an painful segment, Punk saved it – like he always does.

Running Score: 0

Side Note: I'm knocking off 3 points for the barrage of Twitter references throughout the show. I like Twitter, sure, but this is overkill.

Running Score: -3 (0,-3)

Segment 2: Cody Rhodes & Hunico def. Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara. Score: +1

Decent action, nothing special by any means. Hunico's character is beyond awful, but the guy can wrestle, which is a start. Standard filler match for a three hour Raw.

Running Score: -2 (0,-3,+1)

Segment 3: Dolph Ziggler promo, match with Mason Ryan Score: +1

Ziggler's promo style is unique, and it could really define his character. I'll give that two points, and I'll even refrain from knocking off a point for him losing, as I think it's going somewhere. A point comes off for him being in the 5 on 5 match, he's better than following Barrett (not that there's anything wrong with Barrett).

Running Score: -1 (0,-3,+1,+1)

Segment 4: This is your life Score: -3

Yeah this was HORRIBLE. I was happy to go along with if there was a pay off at the end, but there just wasn't. I'd give it -4, but I have to add one point on for John Cena Sr's “John Cena doesn't suck… you suck” line. It was delivered to perfection. They blew the big Rock pop at the end of the night too. Mick Foley was not on form here.

Running Score: -4 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3)

Segment 5: Sheamus vs Jack Swagger Score: +1

Not a great match, but solid. And Sheamus won – what isn't to like?

Running Score: -3 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1)

Segment 6: Divas Match Score: -1

Painless, but still awful. Did this serve any purpose? Bring back LayCool!

Running Score: -4 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1,-1)

Segment 7: Alberto Del Rio & Mark Henry vs CM Punk & The Big Show Score: +3

Did they actually put a bit of heat on Del Rio? Do my eyes deceive me? Simple stuff, sure. But it never happens any more. My only worry is that given that it's so rare Del Rio might lose Sunday.

Running Score: -1 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1,-1,+3)

Segment 8: Santino & Kevin Nash Score: +1

Meh, you'll have forgotten this segment happened by tomorrow, but kept things ticking over. Triple H wasn't ever likely to return here – his and Nash's egos are too big to be second on the card to The Rock.

Running Score: 0 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1,-1,+3,+1)

Segment 9: Team Orton & Team Barrett Score: +1

Squeezed in to let the Raw audience know about the match. They'll need Smackdown to sell that match fully.

Running Score: +1 (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1,-1,+3,+1,+1)

Segment  10: The Rock, Cena, Awesome Truth Score: -3

This was bad, this was really bad. The Rock is great on the mic, sure. But once you start listening to what he's saying you realise it's all nonsense. All of the Twitter stuff, the Boots to Asses stuff. I can't believe how badly they've booked this storyline.

End Score: -2  (0,-3,+1,+1,-3,+1,-1,+3,+1,+1,-3)

Overall thoughts: Wow, that was an awful Survivor Series go home show. Foley and Rock were both having off nights. Awesome Truth couldn't be more insignificant if they tried. The Twitter stuff was waaay too much. Other than Del Rio nobody came off good here.

If it wasn't my job to get this show, I'm genuinely not sure I'd be buying it. It takes something special to make The Rock's in ring return feel unimportant – but they've managed it. And for that, they deserve huge congratulations.

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