WWE SummerSlam Results – August 14, 2011


Backstage: CM Punk, Stephanie McMahon, John Lauranitis

Backstage we see John Lauranitis complaining to CM Punk about the kick he hit him with last week. Lauranitis demands Punk apologize publicly right now. CM Punk gives him a very corny, cheesey apology. He follows that up with a cheesey smile, so Lauranitis walks away. From there, Punk goes to leave and he is stopped by Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie says she’s just came to wish him luck tonight. Punk says he finds that hard to believe. He tells her to go wish her husband, the C.O.O. good luck. Or her daddy, the chairman good luck. Stephanie says she spoke to both of them already and they both wish him luck. And they wish Cena luck. Stephanie says but what would she know, she’s just idiotic. Punk agrees. Stephanie extends her hand and says good luck, Punk says he would [shake her hand] but he knows where that hand has been. Ouch. Punk walks off as Stephanie smirks a bit.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry comes out first, followed by Sheamus. The bell rings and they immediately lock up. The obvious happens, as Henry out-powers Sheamus with his superior strength early on in this contest. Sheamus is fighting back now with running elbows and kicks to the legs of Henry. Sheamus throws several big forearms to the back of Henry which brings Henry to his knees. Sheamus tries to continue his attack but in one-quick motion, Henry manhandles Sheamus right out of the ring and onto the floor. Henry goes outside to the floor after him. Henry military presses Sheamus back into the ring from the floor. He follows him in and hits a big running clothesline, followed by a big splash. Henry with a pin attempt, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Henry hits a running splash on Sheamus while Sheamus was draped across the middle rope, 6-1-9-setup style. Henry rolls back in to an immediate pin attempt but Sheamus’ leg is under the ropes. Henry moves his leg and tries his pin anyways, but Sheamus kicks out. “Let’s go Sheamus” chant breaks out from the crowd as Sheamus starts fighting back with punches. Again, he is out-powered by Henry and backbroken back down to the canvas. Henry’s slow, methodical pace continues as the crowd boo’s him vehemently. Henry picks Sheamus up in a powerbomb position for a standing backbreaker. Sheamus suffers in the hold for a while before powering out and returning to his feet. Henry slams him into the corner for his troubles. Henry in clear control of this entire match so far. Henry going up on the middle rope for the Vader-splash, but Sheamus rolls out of the way. Henry and Sheamus are both down now as the ref starts his double-count. Both guys get up and Sheamus is hammering away with axe-handle smashes to Henry. He finally knocks him off his feet. Sheamus dropping knees on the head of Henry now as he has his first offensive spurt in the contest. Sheamus smashes Henry in the chest about 20 times with big forearms shots. Both guys collide off the ropes and now both men are down again. Sheamus goes up to the top rope and comes off with a flying shoulder-block which knocks Henry directly on his ass. Sheamus with a pin attempt, but Henry kicks out at two. Sheamus goes for his finisher but Henry avoids it. Henry knocks Sheamus down. Henry goes for the World’s Strongest Slam but Sheamus escapes and hits his big kick finisher on Henry. Henry is knocked clean the hell out of the ring and is laid out on the outside. Sheamus goes out after him as replays of the big kick are shown. Henry picks Sheamus up and smashes him back-first into the steel pole. From there he turns around, still holding Sheamus in bodyslam motion, and slams him THROUGH the guard-rail area. Completely destroyed the guardrails in the process. Wow. Henry rolls back in the ring while Sheamus remains out on the floor. The referee does his count in the ring and Sheamus starts crawling to the ring. He doesn’t make it, as the ref reaches 10. Henry wins as a result of a count out.

Winner via Count Out: Mark Henry

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