TNA “Hardcore Justice” PPV Results – August 7, 2011


Jeremy Borash Interviews Brian Kendrick

Borash asks Kendrick about retaining his title earlier. Austin Aries walks up and shush’s Kendrick several times. Aries complains of being double-teamed the entire match. Aries tells Kendrick he still can’t beat him. Aries says until he beats him one-on-one he can’t be the real champion. Kendrick laughs and says he is the X-Division champion.

Bound For Glory Series Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Crimson

Crimson is out first, followed by RVD who is accompanied by Jerry Lynn. Our second “Bound For Glory Series Match” of the evening is now officially underway! Taz and Tenay talk about how Crimson is still undefeated. Also, how RVD could move to the number one spot in the Bound For Glory Series with a win here. RVD and Crimson battle back and forth for the first few minutes. RVD has already gotten a lot of his spots in, rolling thunder, etc. Several nearfall attempts by Crimson, followed by some more offense from the undefeated prospect. Crimson in firm control of the match now. Crimson is throwing RVD around like a rag doll with various suplexes. RVD finally hits a jumping kick off the apron onto Crimson on the floor. It doesn’t do him much good, however, as Crimson drops RVD with a huge clothesline on the floor. He rolls him back into the ring to continue the onslaught. “RVD” chant breaks out as Crimson continues his attack. Jerry Lynn is shown looking on from the outside. RVD hits a Five Star Frogsplash for a nearfall, but Crimson kicks out at two. Crimson hits a big spear on RVD to slow him down. Crimson hits a big slam on RVD and tries a pin but Jerry Lynn interferes and breaks it up. The referee calls for the bell. Ref raises Crimson’s hand and Christy Hemme announces Crimson the winner by disqualification. RVD looks pissed at Lynn. Crimson remains undefeated.

Winner: Crimson

Jeremy Borash Interviews Mr. Anderson

Borash interviews the new member of Immortal, Mr. Anderson. Anderson talks about how one member of Immortal has a problem with him. Anderson says Immortal has legends and future legends but they were missing one thing. A grade-A geniune, authentic asshole. He says that’s where he comes in. Anderson talks about asshole’s that “shits on everyone” – he actually said the word. He makes fart sounds with his hands. Good lord, what is this?

Fortune vs. Immortal

Scott Steiner, Gunner and Abyss – Immortal, come out first. Up next is Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and AJ Styles – Fortune, are out next. Our six-man tag match is now underway. Kazarian and Gunner start things off for each team. Kazarian is in control for the most part early on. Gunner tags out and now Scott Steiner is in with Kazarian. AJ Styles tags in and continues to go to work on Steiner. Steiner is now getting the better of Styles. The action is back and forth now, with neither team being in control for any considerable amount of time. Daniels tags in now and goes to work on Steiner. Steiner tags in Abyss. Abyss is working over Daniels at the moment. All six guys end up in the ring doing spots. In the end, only Fortune stands. Crowd is behind them as well. Daniels and Abyss end up back in the ring, the legal men, and continue the match with Daniels in control. Abyss knocks Daniels outside the ring and Steiner goes to work on him behind the ref’s back. Gunner tags in and goes to work on Daniels. He quickly tags Steiner back in. Steiner goes to work on Daniels. Steiner tags Abyss in. Abyss goes to work on Daniels. Daniels finally tags out and in comes Kazarian to no reaction from the crowd. Kazarian cleans house of Immortal by himself. Gunner breaks up a pin attempt from Kazarian to Abyss. Kazarian hits a big DDT to Abyss. Kazarian hits a big dive onto the floor on Abyss. All six guys battle on the floor. Steiner and Gunner set up a table on the floor. Abyss goes to work on Kazarian in the ring, both guys being the legal men in the match right now. Steiner tags back in. Gunner ends up tackling Daniels off the apron through the table on the floor. “Holy shit” chant breaks out from the crowd. Styles hits a flying Pele kick onto Abyss back in the ring for a clean pinfall.

Winners: Fortune

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