Complete TNA Impact 7/28 Results

Justin LaBar

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In the back Morgan shows a NASTY bruise on his arm and he says he tore his right pectoral muscle (which is the same injury that Alabama's Safety Mark Barron had last year, takes about 6 months to rehab). A very somber sounding Morgan says he has no choice but to pull out of the tournament and he's gone 9 years without an injury and now when the BFG Series comes up and this happens. Morgan says his whole world ended when the doctor told him that he tore the muscle and he says the World Title is his world and he doesn't want it, he NEEDS it.

Tenay and Taz discuss the injury and they wish him a speedy recovery and then discuss Hardcore Justice.

They take a look at the BFG Series Matches from last week's live shows where Bobby Roode (2 wins), Bully Ray, Scott Steiner, Gunner, and James Storm earned points in the Tournament. They really focused on the fact that Samoa Joe lost 3 times in matches and put emphasis on how he was dominating the matches yet still fell. Crimson remains on top with 31 points while Gunner & RVD have 28 points to be in second.

In the back Bully Ray is playing angry birds and says he isn't worried about Crimson. He says he's a freaking legend while Crimson has been in the business for a cup of coffee and he'll beat Crimson when he wants to. Ray turns his attention to AJ Styles and says he'll beat AJ this Saturday night in their BFG Series Match at a Live Event in Houston. He says AJ better not have forgotten him because he's the one that beat his ass.

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BFG Series Match
Crimson vs. Bully Ray

As Crimson climbs in the ring Ray attacks him and beats him down. Ray slams Crimson into the corner and then rips his shirt off and starts slamming into him with shoulder blocks and a NASTY chop. Ray hits an elbow and then covers for a nearfall. He covers again and gets another nearfall and then he does it for a third time. Ray chokes Crimson with his shirt and then argues with the referee. Crimson tries a come back but Ray cuts him off and then slams him into the corner. Ray kicks Crimson's legs out from under him and then starts slamming his knee into the mat. Ray slams the knee into the mat again and then stomps on the knee repeatedly. He pulls the brace off of Crimson's knee and flings it away. He continues to slam the knee into the mat and then he elbow drops it. Ray locks in a Knee Bar and then he starts punching away at it. Ray chokes Crimson in the corner now and then he punches Crimson in the ribs and chops away at him. Ray lets Crimson get to his feet and then goes for the Bully Bomb but Crimson blocks it and catches him with the Red Sky out of nowhere! 1…2…3!

Winner: Crimson via pinfall (Red Sky)

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Bischoff is attempting to get the Network on the phone but is having no success, whoever he's talking to tells Bischoff that they'll "try" to get back to him.

In the back Madison says she's going to sit front row for Tara's match but Sting approaches her with his box or cage or whatever. He says he has something far worse than Tara's spider and if she goes anywhere near the ring tonight he'll let her see it.

Winter w/Angelina Love vs. Tara w/Ms. Tessmacher

Tara and Tessmacher are doing an entrance similar to the one Tara and Madison used to do. Before the match Hebner kicks Angelina & Tessmacher from ringside! Tara attacks Winter and starts pulling her hair and screaming at her. Tara slams Winter into the mat hard and then tosses her into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Tara then rolls her up and bridges for a nearfall. Tara then locks in a side headlock but Winter grabs her by the hair and slams her into the corner. Winter then charges at Tara but Tara lifts herself up into the air and locks Winter in the Tarantula! Tara then goes to grab Winter but Winter catches her with a Jawbreaker onto the top rope. Tara comes back by slamming Winter into the turnbuckle and then she goes for her Slingshot Somersault Leg Drop, but Winter rolls out of the way. Tara rolls onto the apron but Winter grabs her and then hangs her up in the ropes and slams her into the mat for a nearfall. Winter puts the boots to Tara and then starts working on Tara's back slamming her knees into it. She then locks in a modified Surfboard but Tara fights out with back elbows. Winter cuts her off with an elbow of her own and then goes for a Scoop Slam but Tara counters with a knee and then she whips Winter towards the corner. Winter slides down under the turnbuckles before she hits them and then catches Tara with a clothesline! 1…2…NO Tara kicks out! Winter picks Tara up and hits a Backbreaker for another nearfall. Winter mounts Tara and reigns down right hands and then she starts stomping on her. Tara and Winter exchange right hands with Tara getting the advantage. Tara whips Winter into the ropes and hits a clothesline and then another one. Tara follows up with a Back Elbow and then she hits a Scoop Slam followed by her Standing Moonsault! Tara grabs Winter and sets up for the Widow's Peak but Winter runs her into the corner and the connects with a Front Kick. Winter then picks Tara up and goes for her Swinging Backbreaker, but Tara blocks it. Tara then goes for the Widow's Peak again, but as she picked Winter up Winter's leg hit Hebner knocking him back. Winter blocked it and then low blowed Tara and hit her Swinging Backbreaker! 1…2…3!

Winner: Winter via pinfall (Swinging Neckbreaker)

Highlights from the Kendrick-Abyss X-Division Title at Destination X are shown to hype up the Ultimate X about to go down.

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