WWE House Show Results (7/6): Auckland, New Zealand

Nick Paglino

Thanks to Liam Brooky for sending in the following:

The show started with Justin Roberts announcing that CM Punk and the WWE had come to an agreement that Punk would fulfill his Live Non Televised events until the end of his contract. With that being said, Punk’s music hit and he came down and sat in the ring for his promo. Even though he agreed not to say anything about the WWE, he never said he wouldn’t talk about the people he worked with, going on to say things about all the babyface’s in the company before mentioning he would like to beat up Vince McMahon, which is when his mic got cut. Hit Rey’s music and we have our first match.

REY MYSTERIO def. CM PUNK via Pinfall
– Good first match with a decent amount of moves and wrestling, CM Punk really played up well to the crowd. After a few missed 619 attempts by Rey, he finally hit it and won with a splash of the top rope. CM Punk sold Rey’s moves very well, and to be honest I expected more from Rey but all in all a good match. Even though he lost, Punk was definitely the winner here in terms of being over and crowd reaction (Rey had the kids cheering but nothing more).

– A pretty good Divas match actually, more then I thought it would be. The Twins came out first to a decent pop, followed by Beth then Kelly Kelly (who had all the men and little girls going nuts). Kelly took a beating for most the match, then Beth came in to do all the big moves and kick some ass before Kelly got the victory.

EVAN BOURNE def. PRIMO via Pinfall
– Very short match, but at least we got to see the Air-Bourne, amazing move! No-one really knew who Primo was so he didn’t get much of a reaction, however Evan got the usual face pop.

JACK SWAGGER def. ZACK RYDER via Submission
– The Ryder Revolution was definitely in New Zealand last night! Huge pop for Ryder and even had the crowd chanting WOO! WOO! WOO!. Not a long match, but a decent one. Ryder hit some good moves, Swagger was smooth and botch free as usual, and both men on the mic and hyped the crowd up during the match. Swagger finally caught the Ankle Lock on Ryder and he tapped.

United States Championship Match
DOLPH ZIGGLER def. KOFI KINGSTON via Pinfall to retain the US Championship.
– One of the best matches of the night. Both men got good pops on their entrance, with Kofi’s being bigger due to all the kids going nuts. A good match with some good wrestling, seeing Dolph live I think he is gonna be a star. Great charisma and the crowd get into him well, not to mention very good ring ability. Even though we all know the title is not going to change hands in New Zealand, heaps of near falls and even kick out’s from both superstar’s finishers had everyone believing it could just happen. Dolph got the cheap win after a roll up and using the ropes.

"AWWWWWESSOOOMMMEE" hit the sound system and out came the Most Must See WWE Superstar in history, a HUGE pop from the crowd. Almost a face reaction at first, but when he started talking he got the boo’s coming. Amazing promo delivered here by Miz, had the crowd in the palm of his hand the whole time and could do whatever he wanted. Ending with his catch phrase "Because I’m the Miz………" BOOM! Riley runs down to the ring and we have a fight. The Anonymous RAW GM mailed in and made a Street Fight.

Street Fight
ALEX RILEY def. THE MIZ via Pinfall
– The crowd was electric right from the start of the match chanting "We Want Tables" loud and right from the get go. Miz got on the mic and said he doesn’t care what we want because we just boo’d him, and that we wouldn’t get table tonight. Ironically, Riley put Miz through a table to get the pinfall and win. Great match, went into the crowd and up on stage, some decent back and forth action and good use of weapons too, including chair shots and a kendo stick. Best match of the night along with the Dolph/Kofi one.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
DAVID OTUNGA & MICHAEL McGILLICUTTY def. SANTINO MARELLA & VLADIMAR KOSLOV via Pinfall to retain the Tag Team Championships.
– Santino provided all the entertainment in this match. Kozlov got his share of chants, good match. Marella hit the Cobra on McGillicutty, who was not the legal man, then Otunga took advantage to get the pin and win on Santino.

R-Truth came down to the ring and cut a great promo. Telling New Zealand that we are infested with sheep and also little jimmys. He did he usual point out he Jimmy’s in the crowd and make comments about a fat man, or an ugly person (my favorite quote from the night – "Is that your face? Or did your neck just throw up". Cena’s music hit and the crowd erupted. Easily the biggest pop of the night.

WWE Championship Match
JOHN CENA def. R-TRUTH via Pinfall
– A pretty slow match overall. Not many good moves, and a horribly botched dropkick from Cena. But after the usual power-up, 5 knuckle shuffle from Cena, he missed with his first AA attempt and accidentally knocked the ref down. While the ref was down R-Truth tapped to the STFU. Cena hit the AA and won. Lots of back and forth chanting from the fans. Alot of "LITTLE JIMMY" chants started, and the "Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sux" erupted around the arena.

After the match, CM Punk attacked Cena and called out the rest of the heels, Cena took a beating until the faces came down and trapped Punk in the ring by himself. Everyone hit their finishers (apart from Riley, Punk spat a green mist in his face), Evan Bourne finishing it off with Air-Bourne then all the faces standing in the ring acknowledging the fans.

All in all, a great show. The crowd was small but VERY vocal and loud.

1. Cena
2. Rey Mysterio
3. Kofi Kingston

1. The Miz
2. CM Punk
3. R Truth

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