More WZ Readers Offer Their Opinion of Andy Winning TE

Nick Paglino

The following are WZ readers emails, offering opinions on WWE naming Andy Leavine the winner of Tough Enough season one. You can check out our earlier post with more reader emails if you CLICK HERE.

Thanks to David Vera for sending this in:

When Martin went down due to an injury, I automatically thought that everyone’s chances went up – especially for Luke. Martin, to me, was the biggest threat toward everyone. He just seemed to be "ready" and was very well-liked by the WWE trainers. However, if I had to pick Andy or Luke – I would have gone with Andy. I know there are those out there saying that he does not have the mic skills as Luke or the attitude, but he has the look and his work ethic was a hell of a lot better than Luke. Also, Andy seemed to be in better shape. I think down the road Luke will get a contract and become a WWE superstar, while Andy, with much needed development, can become a legit star in the company.

Thanks to Anothony Romero for sending this in:

I think Andy deserved to win the show. I’m glad Luke didn’t win because I hated his cocky attitude and he reminds me of The Miz. I do however think Martin would have won if he didn’t suffer the foot injury. I believe Andy will be the next big man in the wwe and he will not be a puder.

Thanks Shawn D Winkler…AKA WINK0075 for sending this in:

My thoughts on him going back to FCW. Understand it and it makes sense, but I really think its just the safest thing and ITS just that on their part. I think the best/most entertaining and profitable way to approach him is, to still have him on tv every other week, have him do dark matches or even his own matches while learning and getting better, that can be his gimmick…..everyone knows hes not up to par with the main roster, but it would keep people interested in him and that can be his gimmick/story line for the time being. People would buy in to it and would not expect top tier matches from him, so when he does fuck up and mess up, its ok. And then most of all the public gets to see him develop, which is the most entertaining and original thing they could have had in years.

Thanks to Kevin J. Chuff for sending this in:

"Benjamin Ansin sent in the following:

I was very surprised to see him [Andy] in the final two over Jeremiah (who should have won TE), and pretty much dumb struck to see him win it. Unlike Booker T, who claims Andy has the "it"-factor, I thought he came across as bland and rather douchy on the show. He never stood out. They always show him running out of the corner with a big kick. That seems to be the one thing he can do well. On the stick he wasn’t convincing at all. And his whole holier-than-thou "no party, I’m here to work"-attitude was annoying as well. Larger-than-life-personality that ain’t."

This is in respons to Benjamin Ansin reasoning for why Andy should not have won Tough Enough. First of all Andy is really green promo wise. I think his silent rage gimmick could work in the WWE. He could be all quiet in his promos and snap at the last minute when someone gets under his skin. Your opinion is one thing Benjamin, but your really going against the opinion of someone whose been in the buisness for as long as 15 plus years. You might one of the 10 percenters of the IWC that Eric Bischoff is commenting on. Your opinion is one thing, but you should not go against a guy whose worked his way up from literally to the bottom to the top. What gives you the right to say Andy doesn’t have the it factor. First of all it was a reality show that is only 45 minutes long without commercials. They only showed some of what Andy could do. Secondly he is just starting out just as the rest of them was. Andy could of have something more to offer than what luke can. All I am saying in Conclusion is think before you write and make sure everything you say is with fact.

Thanks to Adam Anderson for sending this in:

I was glad to see Big Andy, I think WWE needed a big man that can move around. Put him in training with a big man like Kevin Nash for awhile and he’ll learn the ways. A big man that has power and speed is just what WWE needs. I hope he has a bright future and I wish him well. Maybe an idea if any WWE brass happens to read this stick big Andy with Nash on TV as a manager roll when you guys think Andy is ready that would be awesome to see him side by side and help a new big man out it would help Andy get over even more.
I am happy to see WWE not pick the pretty boy Luke, although he has the look but I just don’t think WWE needs another pretty boy with a cocky attitude right now. Plus he is all about having fun and in this business with the way he likes to party I could see him dying young (I know that is a horrible thing to say but lets face it we all can see his lifestyle would get him first on the road).
Luke’s lifestyle is life fast die young. Andy is all about hard word a dedication. Which would be the better long term investment?

Thanks to Gene Letoile for sending this in:

I like Andy I am glad he won. I have been around wrestling for years . Andy reminds me of a young Kevin Nash in alot of ways His Mind set and attude. With the strong work eithic behind him. Like not drinking the whole time he was on tough enough. stuff like that is why he won. He has a good head on his shoulders much like Nash.

Thanks to Tyler Stamberger for sending this in:

My name is Tyler. And the following are my thoughts on Andy winning Tough Enough:

To be completely honest, I don’t believe Andy was the best choice to win Tough Enough. They should have got rid of him long ago on that show. He was obviously not at the same level in-ring as Luke or anyone else. He just had a size advantage, something WWE takes strongly into consideration which is why they chose him over Luke. His in-ring performance, among other things, was lacking. Luke, although he was in the best shape and really had it all, was too similar to Randy Orton. The heel character he tried to make himself be, his looks, his everything just screamed Randy Orton. His cockiness was extremely annoying too. Really Luke? Find your own personality. You aren’t as GREAT as you think. To be honest, I really think Martin or Jeremiah should have won. Martin was really cut short with an injury and it really ruined his chances. It should have been Martin and Jeremiah as the final two. Really, either one of them winning I wouldn’t have minded, but Andy.. come on! Let’s hope Tough Enough is similar to the "Raw Diva Search" where it doesn’t really matter who won, they just give everyone contracts anyway.

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