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Chris Cash

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I tweeted during Raw this week and posted my thoughts during the show below.  Follow me on Twitter (@wzchriscash) and tweet me your thoughts about the "Power to the People" edition of Monday Night Raw!  You can also email me at wzchriscash@yahoo.com.

As I Watched Monday Night Raw…

– Someone "please" tell me why Booker T is announcing tonight?  I hate Raw already! 

Thank GOD for CM Punk!  You can’t go wrong with a CM Punk promo to start the show he proved it again tonight.  He is simply great in every way and I am amped up for the triple threat match between him, Del Rio and Rey Mysterio tonight on Raw, courtesy of the Anonymous General Manager.  I still don’t know what the "monumental" thing is that he talked about last night on the pay per view. I guess we’ll find out.  Great way to start Raw.  Not too long, not too short – just right.

– Of course, Kelly Kelly won the fan vote to challenge Brie Bella for the Diva’s Championship.  But she actually won too!  I have no problem with that…mainly because I don’t care, BUT…Kelly Kelly is the hottest thing on WWE TV, in my opinion so if her being Champion means I get to see her more, it can’t be a bad thing, can it?  I could have done without the fake crying during the post-match interview though. 

– Maybe this whole voting thing is legit.  Mason Ryan beat out Jack Swagger "and" Sin Cara to face Evan Bourne.  Of course, it could be argued that it’s rigged because of that.  I would have rather seen Sin Cara and Bourne, but oh well.  The match was lackluster, but it’s Mason Ryan, so what do you expect?  Ryan gets the win as expected and we’re debating whether the voting is rigged on my Twitter.  A LOT of people think Sin Cara would have won if it was legit.  What do you think>>>

Mark Henry’s rare promo was pretty good, actually.  Henry is better as a heel, plain and simple.  I don’t want to see him win a World Title anytime soon, but he’s good in the right program. Fans choose an arm wrestling match for Henry and Kane and the live crowd chants "This is stupid!"  Got to love the WWE Universe, eh?  Henry takes the typical heel route backing out everytime the ref is about to start the match and it continues when he punches Kane during his big comeback.  That’s fine – a loss in an arm wrestling match makes anyone look bad.  Let him throw out the arm wrestling and get into a fight.  Going back to the announce table like he did with Show last night at the pay per view was a good touch.  I didn’t have any problem with this segment. 

R-Truth comes out and starts a great promo that probably has the quote of the century in it, "I got okie-doked by Little Jimmy".  Absolutely loving me some R-Truth.  Christian comes out and I smell a tag! Make it a six-man tag as the Miz comes and gets in on the action. BREAKING: I think that back-and-forth between Miz, Christian and Truth was the funniest 3 minutes I have seen in wrestling in a LONG time.  It was absolutely hilarious!  Teddy Long makes the match between the three of them against Alex Riley, John Cena and Randy Orton.  I’m fine with it, but can’t believe Alex Riley is getting this big of a push so quickly.  Is he ready?  Tell me on Twitter.

– New Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, is up next against Kofi Kingston in a Championship rematch.  These guys had an excellent match last night and have absolutely no problem seeing it again.  Didn’t like the finish as I think Ziggler should have won clean, but I guess it depends on the plans WWE has for Kofi and the continuation of their feud.  I like Kofi, but I feel like his time has passed.  I don’t mind DQ finishes sometimes, but they have to followed up properly.  I’m also fine with more Kofi and Dolph, but there has to be more to their feud than just matches.  Give them a "real" story to build on and people will get invested more.  Good, personal feuds do NOT have to be limited to the main event guys. 

– Reading Sean Waltman’s new blog during the commercial.  He talks about Warrior and Hogan.  Great read.

– It’s time for the number one contendership match to the WWE Championship between CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.  Fans choose a "Falls Count Anywhere" match and I’m definitely not arguing with that.  This match was great.  I get a little nervous with triple-threat matches sometimes because they can be botchy, but these guys are serious pro’s and it was excellent.  Post-match promo, CM Punk says his WWE contract ends on July 17th and that "just so happens" to be the night of the MITB pay per view (so what if that’s "too" convenient for your taste).  Punk reveals that the whole "honest" thing he was talking about last night is that he’ll be leaving the WWE after the pay per view.  Even more, he’ll be leaving with the WWE Championship after he defeats John Cena.  I hate "vs. Career" matches, but that’s not what Punk said.  He simply stated that his contract is up and he’s leaving.  I love this.  It adds that much more to Punk’s match with Cena.  But ONLY IF he is staying with the company and there have been contradicting reports all over the place.  I have a gut feeling (and have from the beginning) that Punk would stay with the company and this just solidifies that thought.  If that’s the case, I won’t be surprised in the least if Punk ends up winning the title on July 17th.  Great angle and I’m looking forward to it!

– I said on my Twitter that I think Daniel Bryan is overrated.  I may get heat for it (I’m sure I will), but he is.  There’s a lot more to being "good" than good wrestling ability.  He’s boring, plain and simple.  And don’t tell me that’s just how he is either.  If it is, than that’s worse.  On the flip side, I love Cody Rhodes and "never" thought I would say that.  I also like Ted DiBiase and think he is vastly underrated.  The match between Bryan and Rhodes was good though.  That’s never the issue with Daniel and never has been.  But tell me you’re going to pay $55 to watch him "wrestle".  If you do, I call bullshit.

– Sorry to those of you who wanted to read my comments on the "dance competition".  I was taking a dump.

– Six-man tag match will be an elimination match and who didn’t see that coming? Who also didn’t see A-Ry being the first man eliminated?  The Miz gets eliminated second and again, no surprise.   Got to protect the main event Champions and challengers.  Truth is eliminated by Orton, but Christian immediately pins Orton to eliminate him.  RKO on Christian and the STF by Cena eliminating him.  The match was fine technically for what it was, but why couldn’t R-Truth get the win tonight?  Let your number one contender (well, I guess he’s not anymore) get the win.  I really hope R-Truth stays challenging for the WWE Championship, despite Punk’s win tonight.  I love Punk, but he has plenty of opportunities in the future..if he doesn’t leave.  R-Truth needs everything he can get right now if they are actually going to take him seriously.  And they should.  He has been great in recent weeks – give him a shot.

– Overall, the show was so-so and there wasn’t much to it outside of Punk’s proclamation.  Was the voting rigged?  Who knows, but who really cares?  It’s supposed to add entertainment, yet allow WWE to continue their storylines.  It did that for the most part.  Was this an amazing Raw?  Not at all, but it wasn’t the worst.  There was a lot of wrestling for you wrestling enthusiasts and the entertainment value was there as well with the "fan" voting.

The main story coming out of all this is still whether Punk is going to re-sign with the company.  My gut says that he will and if that’s the case, my pick is that he wins the title at Money In The Bank.  There’s plenty of time for Cena to regain the Championship before his match with Rock at next year’s WrestleMania.  Let Punk run with it for a while as promised in his new contract.  However, I beg of you – don’t lose the momentum you’ve built with R-Truth.  He’s money right now and one of (if not) the best things on WWE television right now.

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