WWE RAW Results (6/27) – Punk Shoots on WWE!

Bill Pritchard

CM Punk vs Kane

Kane throws Punk outside and drops him on the barricade, then lays him on the apron and chops him across the chest. He kicks and punches Punk in the corner then dropkicks him off the ropes for a two count. He continues the offense with a sidewalk slam and goes to catch Punk near the ropes but Punk drops him throat first on the top rope. He goes up top and Kane catches him with one hand, but Punk kicks him low and attacks him in the corner. He kicks Kane in the head then attacks the knees, and sets up a superplex but Kane blocks it and shoves him backwards. Kane sets up for a top rope move but Punk rolls away to the floor and starts walking to the back, and the ref counts him out. 

Winner (by Count Out) – Kane  

Sin Cara vs Evan Bourne
No Count Out Match

They start with some armdrag takeovers and some armlocks, then Cara bounces off the top rope and hits a bulldog and a backflip armdrag takeover. Bourne goes outside and Cara meets him, then they run back inside and they trade kicks until Bourne stomps Cara in the head. Cara catches him with a headscissors then jumps outside with a suicide dive, then he picks up Bourne on his shoulders but Bourne flips out with a hurricanrana of his own. They get back in the ring and trade roll up pin attempts until Cara hits a splash off the top and kicks Bourne. Bourne hits a standing moonsault for two then goes up top for Air Bourne, but lands on his feet when Cara moves out of the way. Cara jumps at him and hits La Mistica then makes the cover to win. 

(This was a very entertaining match and my commentary doesn’t do it justice. It was fast paced but wasn’t a total spotfest, and it is a reason why they should bring back the cruiserweights.)

Winner – Sin Cara

Kofi Kingston is in the back and gets ready to spin the roulette wheel, but Vickie Guerrero comes and interrupts them. She spins the wheel after being told not to, and it lands on "Player’s Choice." Booker laughs and says that means Kofi gets to pick the match he wants, and Kofi says he is going to get the match he wanted last week. He tells Vickie she is banned from ringside during his one on one match with Dolph, and she yells at Booker to do something about it and Kofi leaves.

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