WWE House Show Results (7/5): Brisbane, Australia

Nick Paglino

Thanks to Anthony Phung for sending this in:

I went to the WWE Brisbane show tonight and thought you’d like a report.

The night started with Justin Roberts us the lowdown on the CM Punk situation. He’s agreed to non-televised commitments. Etc etc.

Punk comes out. Does his usual spiel. Gets cut off.

1. Battle Royal for the "Brisbane Cup". Winner also faced John Cena for the WWE Title later in the night. Participants: Primo, Zack Ryder, McGillicutty, Otunga, Kozlov, Santino, Kofi, Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, The Miz, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger R Truth, Ziggler, Kofi Kingston CM Punk. CM Punk wins after eliminating Rey Mysterio.

2. The Bella Twins vs Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly. Pretty straight forward. Beth Phoenix kept reving the crowd up. Beth comes in after the hot tag, dominates, gives tag back to Kelly Kelly. Crowd were into the match.

3. Evan Bourne vs Jack Swagger. A nice, solid match. The crowd were really into Bourne. Bourne won with Air Bourne.

Cool promo by the Miz, calling us all puppets. His usual spiel.

4. Rey Mysterio vs The Miz. Fair straight forward match. Rey won with the 619 and splash off the top.

Dance off and Intermission

5. Nexus vs Santino & Kozlov. Crowd were pretty dead for this match, to be honest. They liked the antics of Santino, but the mood was really flat.

6. Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston for the United States Title. Dolph retained, and decided to try and attack Kofi after the match. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise. Good reaction for Kofi.

7. John Cena vs CM Punk for the WWE Title. Solid match. Back and forth. Punk undid the corner turnbuckle, ref took a bump, and Punk used the trophy he won earlier to his advantage. A series of nearfalls, Cena hits Attitude Adjustment.

Interesting post match promo by both guys. Punk gave a tweener promo. Said that whilst he said he’s leaving he never necessarily said he was leaving forever. He said that he hears a lot of negative comments about Cena and that despite all of that Cena at least comes out night after night doing what he loves for the fans. He says Dwayne doesn’t do that and that whilst tonight Cena beat him, come July 17th Punk will be champion. He then ended it with saying that Cena has his respect. Punk left after that.

Cena then replied praising Punk, saying he’s the best wrestler (yes, used those words) the WWE has, says that he’s (Punk) passionate about "pro-wrestling". Says that tonight they punk on a damn good match for everyone and that this is the last time anyone will get to see it before Money in the Bank. Cena then ended it by saying that no offence to the Rock, but Cena vs Punk will blow Wrestlemania away. Thanked everyone and then left.

Cena, at the end of the show during his promo, talked about how Mr McMahon was trying to make him the scapegoat if he lost the WWE Championship to Punk. Cena spoiled RAW for everyone in the arena without realising. In Australia RAW doesn’t broadcast until Wednesday afternoon. No one in the arena, from my understanding, would have understood what Cena meant if they didn’t read spoilers or streamed RAW today over the net.

1. My friends and I were disappointed not to see R-Truth or Zack Ryder compete in non-battle royal matches. Likewise no Alex Riley in a match either.

2. Everyone was into the Divas match.

3. The crowd was dead for the tag match.

4. Wasn’t sold out, but most seats taken. A few empty seats at the top tier, other than that it was a good crowd.

Biggest Pop:
1. Cena, by far. The reception he received was incredible.
2. I would say Rey Mysterio just ahead of Kofi.
3. Kofi Kingston.
4. Evan Bourne and Kelly Kelly.

Biggest Heat:
1. Cm Punk
2. The Miz
3. Dolph Ziggler
4. Jack Swagger

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