Interview With Steve Austin’s Ex-Wife Tess Broussard: Alleged Stabbing

Chris Walters

Thanks to Anthony DeBlasi for sending in the following:

Many are aware of the ongoing court cases between Tess Broussard and former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, not many have been able to hear it from the individuals themselves. In a rare interview with Anthony DeBlasi of, Tess Broussard (AustinĂ¢<80><99>s ex-girlfriend) speaks out on a number of incidents involving herself and Steve Austin. We highly recommend you listen to the interview.

If you would like to listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.

(Please note that some topics could not be

covered due to the legal proceedings going on between both parties


The two open up speaking about The Tess

Broussard Foundation.
The foundation which is currently in development,

because of the physical and emotional abuse she received from Austin. She is

channeling the abuse into experience for helping others. “I want to be able

to at least help some other women in my situation who are not so fortunate to

get out,”
Broussard says as she describes the creation of The Tess

Broussard Foundation.
The foundation’s focus is a new support group for

women in bad relationships. “If I could just help one person, that would

mean a lot to me.”
If successful, she wants to create housing for women

that may have no place to go. At least one incident of abuse from Austin forced

Broussard to turn to a shelter for abused women. (For information on Tess

Broussard, visit

Tess is also currently designing her own women’s

and pet accessory line where she makes custom charms for necklaces, collars,

etc. Most of the proceeds will benefit the Tess Broussard Foundation.

In addition to the foundation, she currently volunteers at animal shelters, in

the process of completing her real estate license, and working on restoring her

modeling career.



The talk quickly turns to Steve Austin and

discusses the many incidents that have been reported. She first announces that

the District Attorney in Los Angeles has dropped all charges against her from

August. This was the incident where Austin claimed Broussard stabbed his

manager, George Vrabeck, with a steak knife. According to Broussard, the

charges have been dropped against her. “The charges were frivolous,” said

Broussard, “I’m a hundred and five pound woman. They are three big men who are

athletic and in the profession of wrestling, and fighting…..”
It’s not

hard to picture that scenario and realize how difficult it could be for her to

attack these 3 men. The DA also agreed as the charges are now dropped.


There has been some confusion recently regarding

the automobile accident that Broussard and Austin were in and the incident where

Broussard was pushed out of a moving vehicle. The Internet has somehow

intertwined both incidents together. However Tess explains that they were

separate incidents. She first notes an accident involving alcohol where Austin

was alone in his vehicle. She describes in this accident, he totaled a 2003

Porsche by slamming it into a building. When Tess became aware of the accident,

all parties agreed to handle the accident privately, so it wouldn’t hurt

Austin’s career. The incident occurred early in their relationship, and she was

promised by Austin he wouldn’t drink and drive again. Unfortunately, the

drinking continued, which led to the accident where Tess was seriously injured.

“We were riding around in the neighborhood

one night and he [Austin] hit a tree,” she said, “I don’t really remember it

because I was knocked out unconscious”.
The accident report revealed that

Austin had hit a tree and totaled a 2003 Chevy Truck. Austin sustained a broken

nose, black eye, and several bruises. (Wrestling fans may remember back in 2003

when Austin showed up on Raw with visible bruises and a black eye which was

never explained. The injuries were a result of this accident).

The injuries to Tess were much more severe.

Broussard received permanent injuries to her foot which involved several

surgeries, and a dozen screws. She spent the next three months in a wheelchair

and has problems walking today. Austin had been drinking and taking

painkillers prior to this accident as well.

Austin’s drinking by now had become a problem

according to Broussard and when asked about it, she said she did confront him

about it. “I said that he should slow down and I think that he has a drinking

problem”. Her attempt, however, was not successful as she explained how he

responded. “What do people say when they’re in denial?” she asked Deblasi, “he

said ‘I can handle it'”. Broussard claimed that Austin’s mood swings became more

frequent. Soon it became apparent to Tess that there was a problem.


She does mention that there were no problems or

abuse in the first month of their relationship. “In the beginning of the

relationship, “It was awesome meeting him in the beginning,”
she explained,

“Because he was just like a charmer. He wooed me, adored me with flowers,

cards, and telephone calls – he’d bombard me with them. I kind of like that

kind of a guy who chases after a woman”.
Broussard credits that to her

southern, traditional way of thinking and admits that Austin did a real good job

of that at first, but once the pattern started to develop, she was unable to

help him. “I thought I could change him a little bit”.

They also bring up that when the two first met in

CA, Austin already had housing in CA. (This confronts the rumor that Austin

moved to CA and obtained an apartment when the two first broke up)



As the drinking continued, the mental abuse came.

Broussard notes that Austin refused to bring her on tours with WWE. At home, she

notes that Austin would not allow her to watch certain programming.

She notes of incidents where Austin would get

angry at certain shows she watched on TV. Even though she has appeared in music

videos during her career, Austin would not allow her to watch MTV & BET.

There were even incidents where Austin called her

a N***** Lover when she tried to watch BET (Black Entertainment Television).

“I thought that was a bit odd myself,” she remembered, “I

allowed to watch BET because he called me an ‘N***** Lover’
. He didn’t

want me to watch anything that had to do with HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime”. Tess

also said that part of the reason she was forbidden to watch those channels were

due to her prior career appearing in late night Cinemax / Showtime

movies. (Note: Broussard had appeared in adult / romantic movies but have all

been rated by the industries as ‘R’ only.)

Being an animal lover, she notes other incidents

where he would literally tried to hurt her pets in order to hurt her. She notes

an incident where Austin (while she was out of town) locked her cats in a

closet, then left to travel. A neighbor who was watching the house at the time

discovered the pets a few days later malnourished, sick, and covered with feces.

Luckily they are now well.


Broussard also clarified Austin’s recent charges

noted in a $125 Million lawsuit filed by Steve Austin against her. She

first confronts the accusation that she misrepresented herself by using “Brenda”

as her first name instead of “Tess” “My first name is Brenda, my middle

name is Tess,”
she said, “I go by Tess. All accounts, mail, bills etc

all say Tess Broussard”.
Austin always introduced Broussard as “Tess”

anytime he introduced her to others (Triple H / Stephanie McMahon wedding for

example. Regarding other claims by Austin and his attorneys that stated

Broussard had lied about her 51-year-old age, she confessed that she’s only in

her late thirties. “I’m not fifty-one” “But when I do turn 51, I hope to

look and feel the way I am now!!”

(Note: Tess denies also stealing Austin’s

eight championship belts, putting a gun to Austin’s mouth, and carving up his

house with a knife. Personally, I found it amazing that Austin never called the

Police or his insurance company to report the thefts and damage to his home.

Also I noted on the hotline that if my fiance’ put a gun in my mouth, I’d be

very afraid. I’d think twice ever getting her angry, let alone raise my hands to

her. Yet Austin repeatedly abused Broussard after he claims she put a gun in his


Another one of Austin’s traits according to

Broussard was his insecurity. “I can be a little insecure also, but he was

very possessive, very insecure and jealous as a person,”
Austin never a

problem introducing her to women (who he approved of), but always tried to keep

her away from talking to anyone male. An example of this was when the two went

to the wedding of Triple H (wrestler and friend of Austin’s) and Stephanie

McMahon (daughter of WWE Owner, Vince McMahon). “There were guys there,

some of his friends, and I wasn’t introduced, but when a female came up, there

was no problem”.
Broussard says that he had nothing to worry about because

she would never cheat on the guy she’s dating. “I just don’t believe in




Speaking of cheating, Broussard reveals details

about the very explicit sexual emails Austin received from a girl under the age

of 16 overseas. (This confrontation led to the incident where she was thrown

from a vehicle).

When asked why she didn’t leave Austin as soon as

she became aware of the alleged cheating, she admits she was extremely hurt.

She didn’t leave him right then because she loved

him so much. “I’m the kind of person that wants to understand what’s going

on,” she continued, “and maybe he had some reason and maybe I couldn’t

understand the issues, but I guess was maybe part in denial and I didn’t want to

figure out that he would even come close to cheating on me because that would

hurt so much. Then I realized that gosh, that’s an underage girl, he needs


She goes on to discuss how the emails were not

only sexual in content, but apparently Austin had shared a hotel room with an

underage girl while touring overseas with WWE. Although admitting sharing the

room with the teenage girl, Austin claims that “Nothing happened”. But

he never explained why she shared the room with her in the first place.

The confrontation took place in his vehicle after

both had been drinking a bit. For Tess, maybe drinking a bit gave her the

strength to confront Austin. When confronted further about the girl, he became

very threatening; especially when Tess make comments about this being sick,

illegal, disgusting. She reminds the listening audience that Austin has two

teenage girls. “As a parent, how would you feel that your 13 year old child is

with a 40 year old man? That’s sick”.

The confrontation peaked when Broussard told

Austin she was going to call the Police Dept. It was then that he grabbed her

phone and smashed it. It was then where she was taken from the vehicle and the

assault ensued. Shortly after this incident, the relationship was over.

The interview ends with Broussard speaking on

coping with life now post Austin and doing what is necessary to get over it.

She notes how she is focused on helping other abused women who aren’t lucky

enough to get out of the relationship.

Closing comments from A.DeBlasi: As I

stated earlier, some topics were not covered due to the current court cases

pending. This interview was given to Tess Broussard to allow her to voice her


After reviewing certain details and using

simple common sense, I felt that her claims seem to be credible. This is just my


For example, after Austin had assault charges

filed against him by former wife Debra, she appeared in court asking that

charges be dropped, stating that “the two were getting back together”.) Shortly

after that statement, divorce papers are filed. After assault charges were filed

in Texas against Austin towards Tess Broussard, he originally tries to persuade

her to get back together. When that is unsuccessful, hush money is offered in CA

which leads to the “stabbing” claim. Charges were dropped against Broussard in

the stabbing incident.

After both attempts were unsuccessful,

questionable articles are published in tabloids about Broussard, which notes a

recent lawsuit filed by Austin. I can only think these are repeated attempts to

not only get Broussard to drop her suit, but have charges in TX dropped. If I am

correct, since the incident in TX against Broussard is Austin’s second, it could

lead to a felony charge. I am not 100% certain about that and I will further

look into it.

Additional details on certain incidents and

claims will ultimately come out in court. Personally I was always entertained by

Steve Austin. He is without question, the biggest reason WWE surged in the late

90’s. This interview is not meant to smear anything he has done for wrestling.

However this situation is not a storyline and is very real. The objective was to

allow at least one side to voice their story. Anyone interested in this

situation can come to their own conclusion.

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