WWE RAW Results – November 1, 2004

Ryan Clark

RAW Results – 11/1/04

Report by: PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Highlights are shown from last week where Evolution was taken down by the Raw locker room. Gene Snitsky then makes his way to the ring for a match up. Eugene is shown in the back as he will take on Gene Snitsky in a hardcore match. William Regal tells Eugene that since this is a hardcore match that Regal can come with him. Eugene says he wants to do it on his own.

Referee: Jack Doan

Hardcore Match

Gene Snitsky vs. Eugene

The start:

Eugene pulls the legs of Snitsky outside the ring but Snitsky gets up and pummels Eugene. Eugene slides back in the ring where he grabs a kendo stick and beats away on Snitsky taking him down with a shot to the cehst. Eugene goes to follow up but Snitsky grabs a chain and beats Eugene senseless with it. Snitsky tries to tie the legs of Eugene up but Eugene cracks him in the head with a road sign but Snitsky does not fall. Snitsky grabs a belt and starts to welt the back of Eugene with it.

Snitsky grabs a sign that has a “no babies” logo on top of it and he cracks it over the head of Kane. Gene Snitsky then bodyslams Eugene on a “Slow Children” sign!

Mid match notes:

Snitsky gets a chair from ringside and he tells Eugene he is going to crush his throat. Eugene gets a shot in and then cracks Snitsky with the chair in the gut! Eugene hammers away with a belt to the back of Snitsky and then he takes him down with a chair shot to the back of Snitsky. Eugene is pumped up and he runs at Snitsky but Snitsky gets a boot up to his face.

The Finish:

Gene Snitsky calls for his finisher as Eugene is getting up and he nails Eugene with the pump handle powerslam for the 3 count. Snitsky is not done though as he goes for the chair neck breaker on Eugene but William Regal comes to the ring with the brass knucks and he scares Snitsky off.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

HHH talks about attack:

HHH is backstage where he says last week he got attacked by a large number of superstars. He says all those involved did it our of jealousy. He says the people who did this need to ask themselves if they did the right thing. Did they do the right thing by attacking the man? The guy who puts the food on the other wrestler’s tables? HHH asks them to think it all over. He says he will not be on Raw this week, so lets see how Raw goes without him. He says next week he will come back and demand the respect he deserves. HHH says there is only one diamond in this business and you are looking at him. “Without me, Raw is nothing.”

Tajiri gets assaulted:

Some new hot announcer chick talks to Tajiri and asks him what the locker room thought of HHH’s statements. Tajiri said the wrestlers are mad as hell and they don’t care if they NEVER see HHH again! Flair shows up and asks the chick to leave them be. Flair says that there are no hard feelings even though Tajiri was one of the men who attacked HHH last week. Flair extends his hand to Tajiri but Batista comes from behind and grabs Tajiri by the head and slams him into a metal crate!

This leads to Flair and Batista heading to the ring. Flair says the people need to respect HHH and what happened last week was unacceptable. Flair tells Bischoff to restore order on Raw or else Flair and Batista will go back there and destroy the entire locker room!

Bischoff comes to the ring and starts things off by saying he will announce Raw’s matches for the Survivor Series pay per view. Christian vs. Shelton, Trish vs. Lita, and a classic Survivor Series match. Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Maven, and Orton vs. HHH, Batista, Edge…. and Gene Snitsky! Flair looks a little upset and he asks Bischoff why his name was left out of there by mistake. Bischoff said this brings him to the personal part. He says if he does not get matches he wants to see, then he will let the inmates run the Asylum. He says he is sick of Flair bossing him around and he has doen everything for Evolution. He asks what kissing Evolution’s ass for the last two years has gotten him? He says absolutely nothing! So from now on he does what he wants. He says after Survivor Series he is going to take a month long break and this is where the match comes into place. The winner of the classic Survivor Series match will have control of RAW for that time! Batista tries to tell Bischoff it’s a dumb idea. Bischoff asks if that is a threat. Bischoff says that HHH says that without HHH Raw is nothing but Bischoff says that without that world title, HHH is nothing!

Referee: Chris Kay

The Hurricane vs. Christian

The match:

Hurricane and Christian lock up but Edge’s music hits and he comes to the ramp and walks around all hyped up. He gets on the mic as the two guys are in a headlock and Edge says he has finally decided to come back to Raw. Christian catches an elbow from Hurricane and Edge is promoting his brand new book. He keeps talking about the damned book as the Hurricane hits a side headlock takedown on Christian. Christian hangs up Hurricane on the ropes and then he kicks him in the chest. Christian goes to the outside as Edge talks about spearing HBK as the match still goes on. Edge asks J.R if he’s mad at him for interfering with the match. Edge says J.R wants a signed copy of the book so Edge signs on for him, mocks the crowd, and leaves. Back in the ring hurricane hits a huge clothesline and a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Hurricane comes off the top rope with a cross body block for another two count. He goes for the big side kick but misses and Christian throws him into the belt buckle shoulder first and then hits the Unprettier to get the victory. As Christian celebrates Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring and chases Christian out!

Winner: Christian

One night problem solver:

Christian gets on the mic and says asks if Shelton wants to go right now! Christian says Shelton stole his votes at Taboo Tuesday but if Shelton wants action tonight he can get it. He says he knows Tyson is hurt but he has hired a one night problem solver. Viscera comes to the ring and Christian attacks Benjamin from behind and Viscera splashes Shelton in the corner. Viscera then lifts him up and does his powerslam landing on the chest of Benjamin. Christian stands over Benjamin as does Viscera as the Intercontinental champion is hurt!

Edge takes his half of the titles:

Edge finds Benoit in the back and says “I’ll be taking one of these.” Benoit asks who the hell Edge thinks he is. Edge says he thinks he is a guy who has an autobiography coming out tomorrow and if Benoit does not watch himself then he will have to defend those titles on his own tonight. Benoit says that is fine by him and walks away.

Maven is shown walking around. He takes a deep breath and enters the Evolution locker room. He talks dirt on Flair and Batista asking them if they know what is going to happen to Evolution at Survivor Series. Batista says he doesn’t know but he knows what is going to happen to Maven right now. Batista takes off his glasses and is about to get it on with Maven but Orton and Jericho appear behind Flair and Batista. Maven motions for them to turn around and when the do Jericho and Orton lay some harsh words on them telling them that after Survivor Series Evolution may not have a future.

Simon Debuts!

Simon is in the ring as Lilian announces him as a new sponsor for the WWE. Simon says for months now people have seen his infomercials but today he is going to introduce himself live! He is Simon Dean and he is going to do his first ever live infomercial! He looks at a fat dude in the crowd and asks the guy if he sits down or stands up to urinate. He says either way he has probably never seen his own penis. With the Simon System he can see his own penis within weeks. He then mocks a chick telling her that her that her armpit fat is so bad that she can’t even shave herself. She flips Simon off and the crowd pops a bit.

Simon then picks on some guy with HORRIBLE teeth. The guy tries to come to the ring but security stops him but Simon asks to let him through! the guy comes to the ring and before he enters Simon tells him that he has a background in amatuer wrestling so the guy better not try anything. Simon asks who the guy is and he says his name is Matt. Matt says he is from right here in Peoria, IL. Simon asks Matt if he has ever used the Simon System and the guy says no. He asks Matt if he would like to use it and the guy says no. Simon asks the guy to take off his shirt and the guy tells Simon to take off his. Simon says he will after Matt does. Matt takes off his shirt and he is god awfully out of shape. He has huge boobs and bad skin. Simon says that with the Simon System he can help Matt rid of those man boobs! He starts to jiggle the guy’s boobs but the guy knocks Simon on his ass. Simon gets up and takes the guy down to the mat and places him in an armbar/neck hold. He then slams the guys head off the mat and leaves the ring!

Referee: Mike Chioda

Tag Title Match

Benoit and Edge (c) vs. La Resistance

The start:

The two La Resistance members attack Benoit early as Edge is nowhere in sight. Benoit hits a back suplex on Conway but they two men overpower him and double team him down to the mat. One of them misses a clothesline and Benoit gives both men a german suplex. Finally Edge’s music hits as he is a little bit late. Edge is dancing around the top of the ramp as La Resistance stomps away on Chris Benoit.

Benoit is getting the crap beat out of him and when he goes to tag Edge Edge leaves Benoit alone as the WWE cut to a commercial break!

Mid match notes:

When we come back Edge is sitting at the announce position as Benoit is getting his ass handed to him. Benoit gets nailed by Rob Conway with a forearm for a two count as Edge promotes his book even more. Benoit starts to fight back as he hits an inzeguiri to the back of Rob Conway’s head. Conway makes the tag to Grenier but Benoit has nobody to tag. Benoit hits a clothesline on Grenier followed by two huge forearms. Benoit snap suplexes Grenier and then snap suplexes Conway on top of Grenier! He chucks Grenier out of the ring and gives Rob Conway two german suplexes. Benoit climbs to the top and delivers a diving headbutt to Rob Conway! Edge says Benoit needs help and he runs to the ring.

The Finish:

Edge comes to the ring and Benoit asks him what the hell he is doing here. Conway runs at Benoit but Benoit ducks and gets the crossface on Conway! However Edge distracts the referee and Grenier comes and breaks the hold and this allows La Resistance to hit the ArVuar to pin Benoit for the 3 count!

Winners and NEW tag team champions: La Resistance

After the match:

Edge beats the holy hell out of Benoit and he clocks him with the belt and bloodies Benoit’s face. Benoit gets up as Edge is about to leave so Edge beats him more hitting a spear! Benoit gets up yet AGAIN after about 30 seconds so Edge comes to the ring again and beats away at Benoit’s face. Edge puts Benoit in the crippler as Benoit’s forehead gushes with blood. Benoit taps away as Edge screams at him!

Batista and Flair show up in Bischoff’s office and bitch about the Survivor Series match. Bischoff tells them that he is trying to place power back in the hands of the wrestlers and that he wants to see a match tonight between Jericho, Orton and Maven against Batista, HHH, and Flair. Flair and Batista say that HHH is not here tonight! Bischoff says he does not believe that for one second and if HHH does not show up then they have a handi-capped match tonight!

Muhammed Hasaan shows up in the back and he says that he is an Arab American. He says he grew up right here in America but since 9/11 people treat him oddly. He has some guy with him and this guy translates everything into Arabic. Hasaan says he just wants a fair chance in the WWE. He says “praise Allah” and so on. The guy is ripped.

Referee: Jack Doan

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera

The match:

Shelton starts off by firing away at Viscera with rights and lefts. Viscera takes Shelton down with a clothesline and he removes him rib tape and stomps away on him. Viscera gets Shelton in the corner where he thumbs away with his size. Viscera throws Shelton off the ropes and gives him a belly to belly suplex. Viscera is in control in this match that Benjamin demanded from Viscera. Viscera chops away in the corner but Benjamin fights back with right hands and he works his way out only to get hit in the chest with the firsts of Viscera. Viscera drops a hard body on Benjamin and picks him up. Benjamin fires back with hands until Viscera is stuck against the ropes. Viscera knees him in the ribs though and takes control again. Viscera chucks Benjamin to the corner and he makes a run at Benjamin who nails a drop toe hold.

Mid match notes:

Benjamin comes off the ropes and nails Viscera with his splash! He goes for the T-Bone suplex but Viscera lands on top of him for a two count. Christian comes to the ring and tells Viscera to finish it off.

The Finish:

Viscera picks Shelton Benjamin up by the neck but Shelton pounds away at the face of Viscera before digging his fingers into Viscera’s eyes! Shelton goes for a kick but Viscera catches his leg but Shelton hits his whip kick and quickly pins Viscera to pick up the win!

Winner: Shelton Bejamin

The AfterMath:

Christian attacks Shelton Benjamin from behind but Benjamin fights back and as christian comes off the robes Shelton Benjamin hits him with the T-Bone suplex!

Trish talks trash on Lita:

Trish shows a video of Lita and how she screwed up a ton of people’s careers. It’s weird since everyone Lita was with is either gone from the company, or hurt in some way. Lita comes to the ring and tackles Trish but Gail Kim comes to the ring and her and Trish take Lita down hard.

Referee: Chris Kay

Jericho, Maven, and Orton vs. Evolution

The start:

Batista and Orton start it off as there is no HHH right now. Orton and Batista go at it and Orton gets a quick roll up for two. Orton is on fire hammering Batista out of the ring and all over the outside of the ring. Back in the ring Batista gains control with an irish whip and a shoulder block. Flair is tagged in and he works Flair right in the corner. Orton fights back with a back body drop and a powerslam before tagging Chris Jericho who chops away hardcore at Flair in the corner. Flair falls down and Jericho throws rights and lefts all over him. Jericho gets the Walls on Flair but Batista comes in the ring but he is met by Maven and Orton. Orton is tagged back in and he suplexes Flair back into the ring vertically.

Maven is tagged in and he nails a dropkick off the top rope onto Flair. Maven motions for Batista to come in but the ref holds him back. Jericho is tagged back in and he chops the hell out of Flair in the corner. Maven chokes Flair in the corner with the tag rope. Flair flops and Jericho nails Flair in the nuts and takes him down with a shuffle and a punch. Batista gets a shot in and pulls Flair close enough to tag him.

Mid match notes:

Batista is fired up as he starts to beat on Y2J whipping him from corner to corner. Flair is tagged back in and Jericho is in trouble until he hits a running inzeguiri. Flair and Jericho are down. Both men tag and Orton and Batista go at it. Orton hits a few european uppercuts to Batista and Flair comes in to catch a back body drop yet again. Orton then powerslams Batista for two. Maven and Jericho hit the ring and double dropkick Batista to the outside! Batista and Flair meet up outside and they start to leave the arena but when they are about to get up the music of HHH hits and Flair and Batista smile all excited. However, it’s only Tajiri dressed up as the game! Tajiri spits green mist in the air as he has fooled Evolution!

Back in the ring Evolution gets what is coming to them as Maven hits a top rope bulldog on Maven followed by a lionsault by Chris Jericho!

The Finish:

Flair gets tossed out of there somewhere in the mix. Maven and Jericho sit on the apron as they call for the RKO from Orton. Orton waits for Batista to get up and he nails the RKO on Batista to pin him for the victory!

Winners: Maven, Randy Orton, and Chris Jericho

The three men along with Tajiri celebrate as HHH never showed and he really was not there!

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