WWE RAW Results – November 8, 2004

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Date: Monday, November 8th, 2004

Location: The Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas

Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

Start of the show:

HHH is in the ring already as the show hits the air. HHH goes on ranting and raving about last week. He says Flair is not here this night and Batista was attacked and he is very angry. HHH says that it all happened under the match of Eric “Bischoff” – Bischoff finishes the sentence and comes to the ramp. Bischoff comes to the ring and starts talking about the match at Survivor Series and HHH grabs him by the throat. Eric still has a mic in hand and he asks HHH not to do this because he would be forced to stip HHH of the world heavyweight title and that would do neither of them any good. Bischoff then goes and pumps up the Survivor Series match between Evolution and the good guys. HHH says that if he were HHH he’d be a bit worried about losing his title after losing the match at Survivor Series. HHH butts in and says that Bischoff is NOT him.

Eric Bischoff then says they need to get down to business and this is Raw so they need to get to the action. He says to ring the bell! Lilian Garcia introduces Batista who is already in the ring. She then introduces Randy Orton!

Referee: Chris Kay

Randy Orton vs. Batista

The start:

When we come back from commercial Randy Orton has Batista in a wrist lock, it is reversed and Batista works knees to the face of Batista. Batista runs into an elbow and Orton tries an RKO but Batista shoves him away. Batista goes outside to regroup with Triple H as RKO chants start. Batista comes back in the ring, Greg chews like a mongaloid, right hands by Randy Orton reversed by Batista who clubs Orton down to one knee in the corner followed up by a choke. Orton works his way back and he beats Batista with a few right hands until Batista rolls out of the ring, this time Orton goes with him bashing Batista’s head off the security rail.

Batista rolls back in and grabs control with a kick to Orton’s gut. Batista wears him down in the corner with rights, lefts, and elbows. Orton fires back out of the corner coming off the ropes with two shoulder blocks that don’t take Batista down. Thumb to the eye by Orton and Batista is sent to the outside with a shoulder block.

Mid match notes:

Batista again comes back into the ring to take control in the corner with shoulder charges followed by a snapmare takeover into a headlock that eventually drives Orton down to the mat. Orton wiggles like a worm to try and get out of this hold as HHH looks on screaming at Orton to tap. The crowd gets behind Orton who slowly gets to one knee and eventually to two feet where he elbows away on the gut of Batista. Orton goes back to rights and lefts but Batista fights back. Batista ducks for a back body drop but Orton kicks him in the chest and shoulder blocks him down. Orton calls for the RKO but HHH trips him up by the feet. This allows Batista to stick a hard clothesline to the jaw of Randy Orton. However, Mike Chioda tosses HHH!

Batista stomps away at Orton who is sent to the outside as WWE go to another commercial break.

Batista stomps away at Orton who is sent to the outside as WWE go to another commercial break. When we come back Batista gives Orton a nasty neckbreaker in the middle of the ring for two. We see that during the break that Batista chucked Orton into the steps outside the ring. Orton gets whipped from buckle to buckle falling down in pain every time. Batista then slams Orton with a vertical suplex for a two count. Batista then reverts back to the strong headlock choke. Orton fights back with rights and lefts but Batista clocks him in the gut and then he chucks him into the ringpost. Orton nails the ringpost and then falls out of the ring cracking his mouth on the steps. “A DOUBLE WHAMMY.” – J.R. Batista brings him back into the ring for a two count. Headlock again. Orton fights out again but Batista fights back and whips Orton into the buckle, Batista makes a run but Orton double dropkicks Batista in the knees forcing Batista face first into the turnbuckle. Back and forth action, Batista tries a bodyslam, Orton evades, hits a dropkick and then clotheslines Batista to the outside where both men spill hard. They come up brawling and Orton delivers a DDT right into the outside mat. Orton rolls in and out to break the 10 count where he tosses Batista back into the ring. Orton climbs the top rope but Batista fights back hard. Batista climbs up there with him and the two men battle, Orton bites Batista in the face and then tosses Batista off the ropes. Orton comes down hard with a high cross body for two!

Batista is busted open from Orton’s bite as Orton decks away at his face followed by that inverted neckbreaker. Orton calls for the RKO! Batista shoves him off and hits a sick spinebuster. Batista shakes off some cob webs before picking Orton up and going for the powerbomb. Orton rolls out into a sunset flip for two.

End of the match:

Orton again goes for the RKO but he gets tossed in the corner. Batista goes at him, Orton gets an elbow up. Batista makes another run but Batista does an over the back cradle pin, Batista can’t get out and Orton gets the 3 for victory!

Winner: Randy Orton

Batista strikes back, I think..

Orton is in the back getting high fives from his team at Survivor Series. Randy says a win is a win but they have to keep their eyes on the prize. They all agree. At this point Batista comes and tries to fight all four Survivor Series team members! Not much happens, a few shots were thrown, nothing serious.

Post Raw Special:

Chris Benoit is shown after last week’s Raw with the cut on his head from Edge. He says that his wife and kids will not be watching Raw this week because Chris Benoit is going to do something unthinkable to Edge. He says he has been doing this for 18 years, has no cool catch phrases, nothing cool to end this interview with, but Edge… sleep tight.

Referee: Chris Kay

Tyson Tomko vs. Shelton Benjamin

The start:

Shelton Benjamin and Tomko go at it early on with rights and lefts. Benjamin turns his back on Tyson after a pin cover and Tyson takes advantage with a blow to Shelton’s head followed by a military press into fallaway slam. Tyson tosses Shelton to the outside of the ring where Christian beats on him a few times. Tyson knocks Benjamin down but Benjamin gets right back up and fires with kicks and punches. Shelton ducks a blow to hit a Russian leg sweep for two.

Mid match notes:

Shelton has his foot grabbed by Tomko, he is thinking about using his heel kick but Tyson pulls him into a strong side slam. The two battle back and forth for quite some time, Shelton Bejamin goes for his splash in the corner but Christian pulls Tyson out of the way.

The finish:

Tyson Tomko is in control a bit until ge goes for a gutwrench powerbomb but Shelton evades and runs off the ropes where he cracks christian in the jaw with a superkick! Tyson comes off the ropes only to run into a T-Bone suplex! Shelton makes the cover and gets the win!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

The Highlight Reel: Trish Stratus and Lita

Chris Jericho is in the ring where he hypes his match a little bit for Survivor Series. Jericho knocks on the ref in the ring a little bit for fun, calling him a cowboy and saying that he would like to party with him some time. Trish is introduced and then Lita is. The two girls almost get into it a bit until Jericho tells the referee to keep them apart.

Trish gets on the mic first with her “oh my gods” and so on and so forth. Trish says that Lita is the walking kiss of death and now that she is on Jericho’s show it is going to get cancelled. Jericho says the only thing that is going to get cancelled is his subscription to “Better Sluts and Gardens” because he is near the real deal. Trish talks about how Lita was making babies and getting fat while she was making history. Lita grabs the mic and says she has been dreaming for the past seven months about getting her hands on Trish Stratus. She says all her pain and suffering over the past months will be taken out on Trish Stratus. Lita says she is the walking kiss of death so at Survivor Series Trish better pucker up.

Gene Snitsky’s music hits and he gets to the ring carrying a fake baby that is crying. He tells the thing to shut up and asks what it’s name is. He asks Lita if her baby ever had a name. Gene asks Lita if she wants to hold the baby, he then pulls away saying the baby is HIS and he can do whatever he wants to do with it. Snitsky removes the fake baby and punts it into the crowd! HAHAH

Snitsky gets in the face of Lita shoving Jericho out of the way. Jericho strikes Snitsky in the face several times before knocking him out of the ring and giving him a baseball slide kick to the chest. Jericho goes outside the ring but is met with a clothesline from Snitsky right to his jaw followed by a spine rush into the ring post.

The Simon System:

Simon comes to the ring as “WWE’s new sponsor!” He gets into it with a few crowd members, again classic stuff. He picks on a fat ugly girl and a balding man. He asks the balding man what it’s like not being able to clean after moving his bowels. He says the Simon System can rectify his rectum! The whole thing was about giving someone a free sample of his Simon System. He pikcs a REALLY fat chick from the side of the ring and takes her into the ring. He mocks her a bit and says that thing are bigger in Texas. The crowd calls him an asshole. He asks her when the last time she had sexual relations was. She said it was none of his business but he said probably not in a looooong time. He asks if she wants to try the Simon System and she abides. He pours her some orange drink and she actually likes it. Then Simon says a woman of her size would take over 20 gallons of Simon System just to see her feet again. She throws the drink in his face and goes back to her seat. However, before she sits Simon dumps a gallon of the stuff on her head and he says “only 19 more gallons to go!”

Referee: Jack Doan

Tajiri vs. HHH

The start:

Tajiri is coming to the ring but Gene Snitsky nails him in the back with a club to the neck, Snitsky beats Tajiri’s ass and then gives him a big boot to the face. HHH says “Gene Snitsky everyone!” HHH tells him that if he brings that game to Survivor Series then theire team has big chances. He goes to shake the hand of Snitsky but Gene Snitsky grabs the mic instead and tells HHH that they need to get one thing straight and that is that Gene Snitsky is NOT a team player. He says when they win at Survivor Series it will be all because of him. He says when it’s his week to run Raw, he is going after HHH’s title! Gene leaves.

Another Muhammed Hassan promo is shown where he in a neighborhood saying that he grew up here just like the rest of the world and was never treated differently. Until 9/11. He asks that people do not look at him for his skin color but for his talent.

Maria is in the back with Edge:

Maria says that Edge has a match coming up with Chris Benoit next, how does he feel? Edge says he gets things done in Austin Texas since this is where he made his first ever WWE TV debut but that will be nothing compared to tonight. He says last week he made Chris Benoit bleed and tonight he is going to get that good old feeling back at the hands of Chris Benoit. He talks about Benoit’s threat and he says it’s a good idea because he doesn’t want Benoit’s kids and wife to see what he is going to do to him. HHH shows up and drinks some water saying that there is nothing like ice cold water after a hard fought match. HHH says he wants to thank Edge for finally seeing the light and he wants to introduce him to the team. He says they have to keepo an eye on one of their partners in Snitsky. Edge says Snitsky had it all wrong because they are going to win at Survivor Series because of HIM and when it’s his week to control Raw, HE will be gunning for HHH as well! Nobody on Evolution’s team can be trusted!!!!!

Is Batista out for gold too?

HHH is in the back bitching about the guys he calls “ingrates” saying he let them in the Survivor Series main event. He tells Batista that he needs to have a word with them before he snaps. HHH leaves the room and Batista thinks things over. He picks up the title belt and looks at it….

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

The Start:

Benoit wastes no time chopping the hell out of Edge outside the ring before throwing him in the ring and taking him down several times with clotheslines and shoulder knocks before hitting a snap suplex. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but Edge crawls out of the ring. The two brawl out there and then while back in the ring Benoit goes for the crossface but Edge again slips out of the ring where he pulls Benoit by the legs to the outside of the ring. Chops and blows back and forth! Benoit works Edge into the corner where he beatsd his head off the turnbuckle before chopping away at his chest several times. Benoit beats Edge until he can’t walk straight. Edge gets the upper hand though when he pulls Benoit by the tights throwing him outside the ring. From here Edge hits a baseball slide, he follows up by coming outside with rights, lefts, and kicks. He brings Benoit back in the ring to cover him for a two count.

Edge waits for Benoit to get up when he hits him with a side forearm clothesline. Benoit fights back out of the corner with hard right hands and Edge leaves the ring luring Benoit after him. He turns around at the top of the ramp to nail Benoit in the mouth. He then rams his lower back into the edge of the ring as Edge smiles on.

Mid match notes:

Edge rolls Benoit back in the ring where he slams away at the forehead of Benoit with right hands. WWE take their final commercial break as Benoit is in some pain!

When we come back from commercial break we see Edge placing Chris Benoit in a body scissor. He tosses Benoit off the ropes and gets a knee up to his ribs. At this point the music of Evolution hits and they come to the ring! Edge picks Benoit up and gives him a back suplex for a two count. Benoit gets a boot to the chest of Edge as Benoit’s whole team comes down to Randy Orton’s music! Stare downs outside the ring as Edge is still in control inside the ring. Benoit gets a boot to Edge in the corner but he runs into a bear hug, Benoit headbutts his way out but Edge uses his weight to fall on top of Benoit. Edge then wears Benoit down a bit before hitting him with a vertical suplex. Edge climbs the top rope but Benoit gets up and fires away on Edge. Headbutts back and forth until Benoit gets the upper hand superplexing Edge to the mat!

Chad Patton starts his 10 count and both men are up at 8. Back and forth right hands between both men, Edge gets the advantage but Benoit reverses an irish whip knocking down Edge several times with the forearms. Benoit sends Edge to the outside where he rams him off the security rail twice and steel steps once. What a BRAWL! Edge is crawling around outside the ring hurting badly as Evolution closes in on both men, both teams stand and watch as Benoit slingshots Edge into the steps face first!

Benoit grabs Edge by the hair and slams his face off the steps once more. Edge is busted WIDe open as Benoit beats on the kidneys of Edge. Benoit goes for the german suplexes but Edge wiggles out only to get caught in the sharpshooter! Edge gets to the ropes though and thumbs Benoit in the eye. Edge goes to counter but Benoit slaps on the hat trick of german suplexes! He calls for the headbutt and heads to the top rope where he comes crashing down a top Edge! He covers Edge but only for two! Benoit then slaps Edge in the crossface! Edge crawls for the ropes.

End of the match:

Edge is NEARLY about to tap but Evolution grabs the foot of Chad Patton and pulls him out of the ring! A brawl ensues outside of the ring but Snitsky comes to the ring and tosses both Maven and Benoit to the outside. HHH and Batista take care of the other two and HHH rolls into the ring and backs into Snitsky. Snitsky motions to him about the belt, Edge does the same. Batista stands by HHH and the 4 men argue. This allows Orton’s team to hit the ring and kick total ass! The ring is cleared and every time a member of HHH’s team tries to get back in the ring they are knocked back down!

No Contest

End of Show

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